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Company profiting and Marketing plan

Company Profiling and Marketing PlanStudents will analyze the marketing activities of a company of their own company. This analysis should cover the major topics as discussed in the course. The paper should focus on the strategic marketing decisions of a particular product of service. Students will take the position of a marketing manager for the product or service being studied and make appropriate recommendations in their concluding remarks.  Paper has to be:• This paper should be 4-5 pages in length.• Microsoft Office (Word)• Use Times New Roman• Size: 12pt• Double spaced• Page layout: 1” margins Written analysis of product/service should include the following as appropriate: A. Market Environment• A short description of the company• The mission/goals of the company• Competitions• Prepare SWOT Analysis (Table)B. The Market• Segments served• Primary target market/ target customer group• Demand factor• Behavior aspects of buying processC. Current Strategy Description and Evaluation of The Following:• Product• Price strategy• Distribution channels• Promotion mix• Market positioning• Finance aspects/ financial position of the company• Market share and growthD. Recommendations• What are your recommendations for the company’s future?

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