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Compare/contrast 2 books referring to a third

DescriptionRelying on Charles Taylor’s exposition of authenticity in The Malaise of Modernity, compare and contrast the search for an authentic life as articulated in Between the World and Me, by Ta…
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How different cultures affect bilingual early years children in learning about cultures and languages.

DescriptionAn inquiry report.

Evidence based report that contextualises and develops a chosen area of practice in depth from the readings(1. symbolic representation – with reference to early numeric understanding and early literacy skills, 2. communication rich environments, 3. wellbeing, engagement and transition and 4. reasoning – cognitive development and relationships). This will demonstrate that the student has engaged with further study, reflection and inquiry to develop a robust discussion.

Consent letters are not a must but I STILL NEED MADE UP real life examples coming from a BILINGUAL(Chinese and English) kindergarten setting.

Knowledge and experience from previous modules can be used.
Ethical working, professional development and leadership should be embedded throughout.

Please choose the core and further readings on this website:

ask support


My professor only allows materials from this link because most of the google links are not legit.

I need 12 different resource ALL CAN BE FOUND IN THE LINK with my login and password (7 core readings listed below and 5 further readings ONLY from the link that I gave to you)

Core readings:
1. Flynn, E, (2016) Language Rich Early Childhood Classroom: Simple But Powerful Beginnings Portland State University
2. Trodd, L (2012) (Transitions in the Early Years: Working with Children and Families), SAGE, London
3. Petriwskyj, A (2010) Diversity and inclusion in the early years, International Journal of Inclusive Education
4. Fisher, R. (2013) Teaching Thinking: Philosophical Enquiry in the Classroom
5. Mark Making Matters. Young children making meaning in all areas of learning and development. (2008) DCSF
6. Worthington,M. Carruthers,E. (2009)  ‘Children Thinking Mathematically PSRN essential Knowledge for Early Years Practitioners’ DCSF
7. Letters and Sounds: Principles and Practice of High Quality Phonics Primary National Strategy (2007) DES

Please follow these steps before starting the reading and essay. Thanks!

1. Please watch the 3 videos from the professor about the essay before starting it. She clearly states how the assignment should be done.
2. Read the proposal form with the title of the essay that she already approved. It has the title and other main ideas that the essay should be about.
3. Read the picture of the email that the professor sent to me with her comments about the proposal form.

Reversal of toxic effects of fluoxetine on human Blood-Brain Barrier (BBB) endothelium via activation of Nrf2 antioxidant defences by dietary isothiocyanate sulforaphane (SFN)

Religion and Theology Assignment Help DescriptionDear writer,
This is a thesis for my undergraduate program, the topic is “Reversal of toxic effects of fluoxetine on human Blood-Brain Barrier (BBB) endothelium via activation of Nrf2 antioxidant defences by dietary isothiocyanate sulforaphane (…
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Capstone A- project B- A LITERATURE REVIEW

DescriptionThis is 4000 words. Part B of my capstone project. – A LITERATURE REVIEW.
*The writer is required to base this on pure literature review- needs to search articles on Pubmed, PsycINFO, CINAHL, ProQuest, Medline, and Cochrane which are recent or maximum 5 years ago.
*I have attached the file of my part A capstone project for your reference to see my topic (project title), my research question, aim and methodologies. THIS IS A LITERATURE REVIEW.

Business Ethics and Sustainability

DescriptionI have provided all the relevant documents in the additional materials section. Please refer to all those documents are they are really important. I would like high quality, jargon-free and well analysed and evaluated paper. I aim aiming to achieve minimum mark of 76. – Please keep in touch with me by Whatsapp if you can or email.

Linear Relationships

DescriptionHave you ever ridden a bike uphill? Have you ever skied down a mountain? If so, you know what slope is all about! “Rate of change” is just a way of asking for the slope in a real-world problem; that is the focus of this discussion.

For example, say your current cable bill is $100 plus $10 for every Pay-Per-View movie that you rent during the billing period. The model for your cable bill is as follows:?

y = 10x 100, where x = number of Pay-Per-View movies
What is the rate of change? The rate of change or slope is 10. The constant is 100, which is the initial amount that you have to pay even if no Pay-Per-View movies were rented.

For the initial post, address the following:

Create a linear relationship (equation) that you would use or rely on in your field or everyday life.
Explain what the linear equation is used for in context of the application.
Identify the initial condition, such as your initial bill, and the rate of change. For a linear equation, the rate of change (slope).

Assessment And Clinical Decision Making For A Mental Health Patient In Crisis.

DescriptionWhat is required to do in this assignment and guidelines for the assignment
You will identify a critical event from your mental health nursing practice at the crisis resolution and home treatment team (CRHT) that was necessary to make a team-bas…
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Research Project Revision

DescriptionIn preparation for this assignment, look ahead to the requirements for the HM598 Research Project. You should also review your instructor’s feedback based on your final submission of your Research Project in Unit 6 of CJ525.

Turn on Track Changes…
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Revising Your Problem Statement

DescriptionBriefly explain the topic you are studying for your Capstone Project to your classmates. Since initially identifying your topic in CJ525, you have spent time developing your problem statement, reviewing the literature, and drafting your research p…
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Ethics and Security in App Design for Elderly and MCI Users

DescriptionI have included my introduction, project poster and original spec sheet from the uni. I am designing an app to facilitate quick and easy authentication of a telephone caller to prevent phone phishing scams in vunerable elderly and mild cognitive i…
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Observation Paper

DescriptionThe purpose of this Observation Paper Assignment is for you to apply psychological theory to
better understand the client in each video session, consider how biblical worldview integration
might be of use in the sessions, and apply what you have…
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A study on the Service Quality: The impact of the Service quality on Customer satisfaction in Renaissance Hotels.

DescriptionDear Writer,

I would like your assistance, on a research paper.

I am attaching 2 documents, the words document to assist me with completing the work. and the following document contains guidelines how the paper should…
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