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Comparison between , Picasso vs. Ingres, Harem Paintings

Directions: First, watch the videos in the module covering the harem scenes painted by Ingres and Picasso. Then, using the comparison images, write a short essay comparing and contrasting the two works. Please consider the following questions as you craft your answer:
How is the viewer engaged differently in each work? Is there one that you feel is more “aggressive” than the other?
How do these two paintings present the concept of “femininity” differently in each painting? Do you feel like either painting trafficks in stereotypes of femininity?
How are the figures’ bodies portrayed differently in each painting, what effect does this have on your response to the painting?
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After watching the movie “Bitter Harvest”, express your thinking by writing an essay (4-5 pages long).
In your essay develop your ideas to address the following questions:
1- Write about natural famines in the world and compare them to the Holodomor in Ukraine.
2- Debate the claim that famines are caused more by human actions (or inactions) than by environmental forces.
3- Why is the Ukrainian Holodomor considered to be one of the worst tragedies of the 20th century?
4- Compare the Holodomor with other genocides in which “food was used as a weapon”.
In your essay provide argumentation, give examples and explain your position. Prepare your essay as an MS Word document. The following should be observed:
Font type – Times New Roman, font size – 12, line spacing – 1.5.
Write in your own words, not plagiarize.

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Writing Question

The third paper for the Cybernetics course (listed on the syllabus as Paper 3) is the paper accompanying your presentation. This should be a written version of your presentation, describing the object you chose to present in relation to the cybernetic themes and texts of the course. You’re welcome to incorporate any feedback that may have come up in discussion following your presentation.
This is my PPT Notes and write it as an accompanying essayMy topic is Georeg Orwell 1984 book how to drink Cybernetics.This course relate is Geroge Orwell’s 1948 and How It Relates to the Cybernetics Course
This is the summary of 1984:…

Writing Question

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Video Reaction: Please watch these videos and write up your response

Please watch these 3 videos and express your opinion about each one of them. There is no wrong or right answer, just write a paragraph about each one.
the total of three videos are 11 mins, very short?
Here are the videos,



Thank you

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nutrition discussion post

Discussion from the list that need to be completed are as following:
keep in mind when answering discussion post i would like them to be simple worded and not very big word used.

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