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Complete a 3-5 page assessment template analyzing the impacts of The Affordable Care Act on the health care ecosystem

Complete a 3-5 page assessment template analyzing the impacts of The Affordable Care Act on the health care ecosystem we inhabit today and the related significance of one other health care initiative enacted since 2010. I attached the coring guide and instructions plus a resource page provided. I also attached the template that provides a structure of the paper that needs to be used

Hsa 6100 healthcare operations management

Wesley Enterprises is a long-term care facility. The organization was recently cited for deficiencies including infectious disease planning and staffing deficiencies. The CEO has decided to hire a consulting firm to evaluate its current processes and make recommendations for improvement. Upon initial review, the consulting firm has determined that Wesley is utilizing operational processes that are not consistent with current industry practices. The consulting firm has deployed a team of operations management professionals to address the concerns. You are the leader of the team and your first task is to meet with the mid-level managers at Wesley.
Compile a multimedia presentation using speaker notes and/or voice narration that includes:
An introduction of the team and a comprehensive description of the roles of each operations team member;
A discussion of the goals of the team relative to process improvement;
A comparison of operations management in healthcare versus other industries; and
A detailed analysis of the operational issues that are unique to health organizations.

Does statin help to reduce recurrent stroke (If the writer has better idea for title I will be appreciate to change this)

Religion and Theology Assignment Help -Identify and describe the problem in clear and concise language. To help you think about what problem you might choose, keep in mind the health or nursing problems of the patient population(s) you currently serve, those you encountered in your clinical courses, or those you plan to work with in the future.
-Describe the clinical setting.
-Describe the service area for the clinic and population groups who attend the clinic services.
What kinds of problems do you see in the clinic? (Age group 60 to 90 years old/ The problem that I see is there are a lot of people who is on statin with their current health condition such as heart issue, high blood pressure, obesity.. but as I see patients who had stroke previously they take stroke and they get another stroke. I know statin reduces brain stroke risk but I don’t know why they have another stroke)
-Give a clear, explicit statement of the problem and target population, as well as the background of the specific problem relative to the clinical setting. (Targeting population is 60 to 90 years old who is on a statin and had stroke previously)
-Is it broad enough that you can analyze it from many theoretical and conceptual points of view and make suitable plans to address the problem from a number of perspectives?
-Is it of enough interest to you that you are willing to spend most of the semester thinking about it, assessing all its dimensions, planning in detail how to address it, and designing a detailed intervention and evaluation plan?
-Describe the significance of the evidence-based project that could be implemented in the selected setting to the nursing profession. Ask yourself why it is important to you. Consider your own clinical interest.
-Describe clinical observations that point out the knowledge gap, clinical gap, etc.
Describe the significant research in the area that has been done that delineates the gap in our knowledge.
this is PICOT paper.

The PICO acronym is broken down as follows:

P = Patient population of interest

I = Intervention of interest

C = Comparison of interest

O = Outcome of interest
T= time

HIM 486 Unit 1 Activity

The Significance of Historical Milestones for Health Care AdministrationIt is widely believed that in order to understand the present, you have to examine the past. Health care administrators must have a robust awareness of health care delivery and be able to use this knowledge to fulfill their professional responsibilities. Based on your reading and evaluation, identify the top three most important milestones since 1960, that have shaped the health care system into what we know today. Create an engaging presentation (5 slides, plus title and references for a total of 7 slides) in which you present your top three historical milestones and provide the rationale for your selections. Include 5 content slides, 1 title slide and 1 reference slide in one document. APA reference citations required.

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