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Component 1: Submission of your choice of presentation topic, intended grade, and activity For the term project, you will Essay

Component 1: Submission of your choice of presentation topic, intended grade, and activity
For the term project, you will need to chose a topic directly related to environmental or occupational health (EOH), While this leaves you a fairly big field to choose from, YOU MAY NOT choose any of the following as topics (i.e., think “appropriateness” when choosing a topic):

Handwashing (too easy- too common)
Politically-based Topics
Religious-based Topics
Drug or Addiction-related Topics
Alcohol-Related Topics
Sexual Activity or STD related Topics
Some topics that students have chosen in the past are:

Air pollution (Indoor, Outdoor)
Florida Red Tide
Marine Pollution
Water Pollution
Surface and Ground Water Quality
Water Safety and Importance of Conservation
Pollution and Coral Reefs
Water Quality
Once you have selected your topic, you must choose a grade to which you will present, and also think of a hands-on activity in which the students can participate. The hands-on activity should be something that the entire class can engage in. Worksheets, Kazoo quizzes, coloring sheets, and/or crossword puzzles are not considered “hands-on.” You want to choose an activity where the students interact with each other, get to handle or make something – or see something changing, and/or move around and is age-appropriate. You should also consider student safety and cleanup in selecting an activity – now is not the time to demonstrate setting off fire-extinguishers.

Your topic, intended age or grade, and planned activity should be submitted into Canvas

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Writing Question

Reflection 1.5 and 1.6 are together and 2.6 is different. Each answer should be 100- max120 words. Reflection 1.5 nd 1.6 should in one pdf. Nd 2.6 8n other pdf. the screenshot are the questions and the word document is the textbook to find answers.

The purpose of this assignment is to demonstrate knowledge of how the federal system of government works. Examine what

The purpose of this assignment is to demonstrate knowledge of how the federal system of government works. Examine what the different branches and layers of government do to address a policy using a current issue to illustrate it. It is NOT to give your personal opinions on the issue.

Complete a research essay on how the federal government creates healthcare policy.

The U.S. healthcare system has been a controversial topic for decades. Here are the aspects and questions to address for this essay:

Identify a current policy problem for the American healthcare system, and then state a preferred policy solution to it and why it’s preferred (This is your thesis statement).
Briefly explain two competing solutions to this problem while addressing the responsibilities of each level of government (federal, state, and local) and the three branches of the federal government (executive, legislative, and judicial).
Build the argument for why your chosen solution is preferable, what critics say about the solution, and finally why the critics are wrong.

750 word target length (about three pages), not including references listed at the end or footnotes if used.
Incorporation of concepts and terms from the required readings.
Inclusion of facts from a recent news article about the topic/solution.
Correct spelling, grammar, and formatting in APA
See the essay rubric for further details on grading.
Writing tips:

1) Write concisely! More is not necessarily better if the required points from the rubric are missed.

2) Essays should be written in the third person perspective. (Avoid using “I, me, my, mine, we, us, our, you, your”).

For your Capstone Assignment this week, you will develop a topic for the Capstone Project that will allow you

Writing Assignment Help For your Capstone Assignment this week, you will develop a topic for the Capstone Project that will allow you to synthesize and apply your Program Learning Outcomes. The topic for the project should be personally tailored to suit your unique perspective, interests, and career path. When selecting your topic, be sure to consult the Capstone Project Guide and the Capstone Project Template for your particular program of study. Your topic must be able to address each item in the Capstone Project Guide and the individual prompts within the Capstone Project Template. For example, if you choose “childhood obesity” as your topic, you will need to apply it to each Program Learning Outcomes. Please contact your Instructor with specific questions related to an appropriate topic.

To prepare for this Capstone Project Assignment:

Review the Program Learning Outcomes document (located in the Program of Study area) specific to your program (BS Health Studies, BS Public Health, or BS Healthcare Management).
Review the Capstone Project Template specific to your program.
Review the Capstone Project Guide (located in the Learning Resources).
Refer to this week’s Learning Resources for ideas for possible topics. The Healthy People, CDC, and WHO websites are great starting places for finding a topic.
Be sure to support your work with specific citations from supporting scholarly resources.
Write a 4– to 5–sentence summary of your topic. Be sure to include a title and a rationale for your project. Your topic must be a health or healthcare issue and must be able to address all aspects/content on the Capstone Project Guide and Capstone Project Template documents (found in the Learning Resources). The Instructor will provide guidance on and approval of your topic by Day 3 of Week 2.

Part 1: Describe Ethos, Logos, and Pathos and explain why these elements are important to presenting a successful persuasive

Part 1:

Describe Ethos, Logos, and Pathos and explain why these elements are important to presenting a successful persuasive argument.
Part 2:

Using the ECPI Online Library database “Opposing Viewpoints” or the online site “” – find a topic/issue of interest to you, read both sides of the argument and then summarize the elements of ethos, logos, and pathos presented.
Do you have to have all three elements (ethos, logos and pathos) in order for an argument to be persuasive? Why or why not?
Does a speaker need to change an audience’s members mind completely in order to be successful at persuasion? Why or why not?
*Make sure to format any source material you used in APA format.*

Developing Training- A 12- to 15-slide presentation with comprehensive presenter notes

Every company strives to have a competitive advantage over its competition. Training, as part of a company’s overall strategic plan, can provide that competitive advantage. The key is to provide the right training to the right audience at the right time. A well-trained employee base will enable a company to overcome common challenges in its journey to achieve and maintain a competitive advantage. In this project, you are the HR manager who will create a slide presentation for the executive board of a young company emphasizing that a competitive advantage requires developing and training employees. The company is growing fast and does not have any formal structure to training at this time. Deliverables · A 12- to 15-slide presentation with comprehensive presenter notes Activity Details Perform the following steps: Step 1: Create a slide presentation. Based on your learning from this lesson develop a 12- to 15-slide presentation that influences the executive board to support your efforts for training and demonstrates the contribution it provides for a competitive advantage. The slide presentation should cover the following areas: · Training needs assessment (purpose, function) · Training as a driver for a competitive advantage · Purpose and outcomes for training o Company (market share, meeting strategic goals, reputation, etc.) o Individual · Include the following trainings o Orientation/Socialization o Customer Service o Quality Control/Assurance o Leadership · Evaluation process for training Step 2: Write narrative for slides. Write a narrative for each slide in the Notes section of the slide presentation. Use these presentation guidelines: · Include a title slide. (Not included in your required slide count) · Use clear, concise bullet points (not overly wordy and typically not complete sentences). · Aim for a preferred font size of 24-point with a minimum size of 18-point. · Use white space to avoid crowded slides. · Use upper and lower case letters (not all caps). · Use images, tables, charts, etc. to add variety and interest as long as they also add value to your presentation. · In your presentation software’s notes section for each slide, document what you would actually say in a live delivery of this presentation. · At the end of the presentation, cite the sources you used to complete it.

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