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Comprehensive Movement Analysis

Movement AnalysisMust feature identifiable movements in the upper body, lower body, and head/thoraxBreak the movement down into three key phasesDescribe three joint movements in each phase using anatomical terminologyMust identify all movements that are occurring in three of the joints that are working in each phase (within the video) and the plane of motion in which the movements occur.Must identify at least five muscles involved in completing the movement, identify their origin and insertion, and how each muscle is working during the joint movement (eccentrically, concentrically, or isometrically).Identify a research article that discusses a dysfunction or dysfunctional pattern (i.e. knee collapse/valgus, upper cross syndrome, lower cross syndrome, etc…) Summarize the research articleWrite a conclusion as to how this dysfunction would affect the movement selected and analyzedExample format:Movement selected: picking up a box and putting it on a shelfPhase breakdown – phase 1: Bending over to pick up the box, phase 2: standing up tall with the box in hand, phase three lifting the box up onto the shelfJoint movement occurring in each joint described anatomicallyDescription of the plane of motion the joint action is occurringIdentify, in a chart or sentence form, five muscles that are involved in each joint movement as agonists or antagonists. list origin and insertion for each muscle and how they are working (eccentrically, concentrically, or isometrically)Article summary and thoughts on how the dysfunction could affect your movement (3-5 paragraphs)Follow APA formatUse 2 academic resources outside of the textbook

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