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Computer Science Question

1. Answer the questions below based on the details found in the podcast.
2. You are to carefully read this paper in its entirety and formulate a response to it. Your response should be
between 300 and 500 words (approximately 1⁄2 to 3⁄4 page of text or about 2-3 paragraphs). You are expected

Agile software development and methodology

a. Create three child user stories from the following epic user story. “As a business traveler, I want to be alerted if weather is likely to delay my flight”. Choose one of the child user stories that you just created and write three acceptance criteria for it.
b. Create two personas to describe target clients that could be used in story writing
Use PowerPoint to make one slide for each persona
1. When starting a new discussion or replying, clicking the link Advanced displays the options for uploading attachments.
2. Include a picture as well
c. You are an IT Consultant, and you are asked to create a new system for a small real estate brokerage firm. You have no experience with O-O approach and you decide to try it.
How will you begin? How will the tasks differ from the structured analysis?

What are some of the requirements and techniques for virtualization?

Computer Science Assignment Help Choose a topic question that you would like to use for your discussion board:
What are some of the requirements and techniques for virtualization?
What are the four principles events of processes and threads advantages and disadvantages of each?

What are the essential requirements for long information storage?

Project 1B – Game Menu System

Project 1B: UI – Game Menu System
Due Date: Feb 26 at 12:50pm
Points: 100
Late Policy: 5% Deduction for Each Full Day
Background: Professor Price made you roll a character by hand, on paper. Then he made you do it as a scene in Unity. Now he wants you to create a menu system that will act as a scaffolding for the development of the rest of the semester. Show him that you can do this! Create a game with a menu system that includes your character generator UI that also satisfies the following requirements.
The assignment will be turned in on the class gitlab server at (Links to an external site.) . Your repo and unity project must be named F22_Proj_1B_Lastname_Firstname . Make sure to initialize your repository on with a Readme. Create a Unity project with the exact same name as the Rijeka project. Then link the two projects together via git commands – use the git fetch command. This will result in a merge conflict. For maximum points, resolve the merge conflict. You may copy the assets folder from your 1A project for this assignment.

Build a UI that should function as a ‘menu’ system to quit your game in editor mode and executable mode. You will need Five menu options (buttons): About, Settings, Roll Character, Play Game [2D and 3D], and Quit. Play Game button should be visible but not be available – until the player finishes Rolling a Character like Project 1A. When a user selects a menu option, your game will load a new unity scene using SceneManager.LoadScene.The UI should implement a Game Controller that implements the Singleton software design pattern that is recommended for Unity games.
The Play Game menu item should load a scene with a back button that sends the player back to the Main menu screen. You do not need to implement a game for this project.

You must build and code this UI all by yourself. No additional assets (Free or paid for (Especially the Unity Tutorials)) may be used.
You may not use external APIs to generate your character.
Must be coded in C# using Unity3d 2020.3.# LTS or higher
Original art will score highest. Documented borrowed art will result in a higher score than unattributed works. In general you should include a list of attributions in the form of a bibliography.txt.
Push your code to your Rijeka repository. When you are ready for grading, push you code with a commit message of “Ready for Grading”

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