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Computer Science Question

InstructionsFrom within the range of general cybersecurity topics discussed in this course, choose one narrow legal and/or ethical topic that adversely affects the general public in some way(s). Create a draft statute or regulation or policy that offers new ideas to better address the legal and/or ethical issues that currently hamper your selected topic by adversely affecting the general public. Within 10 – 12 pages, address all of the following:
Identification of the current statute or regulation or policy that underlies your selected topic;
Analysis of the legal and/or ethical challenges to your selected topic;
Presentation of your new proposed statute or regulation or policy that better addresses the legal and/or ethical challenges to your selected topic, along with an analysis that justifies your proposal (share both pros and cons for your proposal); and
Summary of all of the above for your conclusion.
1. All submissions must be DOUBLE-SPACED, in Microsoft Word, with one inch margins and 12 point font (Times New Roman).
2. When you submit your assignment, a Turnitin Originality Report will be automatically generated. This functionality has been set so that you can receive an Originality Report each time that you submit your assignment. [I strongly recommend that you submit it (perhaps several times, depending upon how you write) several times before this assignment is due. That way, you can use the Originality Reports for your earlier drafts as a tool to ensure that you will not have any potential plagiarism issues with your final draft, which will be graded.]
3. Ensure that you write formally and use proper grammar, spelling and citations (in footnotes, not endnotes).
4. You may use one quotation of less than 50 words in length to present the existing statute, regulation or policy that will form the basis for the rest of this assignment.
5. Proofread your paper several times to ensure that you have no errors and to ensure that your paper flows well and is well organized so that your thoughts flow neatly from one idea to the next.
Please let me know if you have any questions.

LSTD517 Wk6 DQ Cryptocurrencies

Assume that you are the chief legal administrator for a hypothetical law firm that is considering accepting cryptocurrencies from its clients for the legal services that it renders. The senior law firm partner has asked you to design and explain a proposed procedural checklist / outline that addresses how the law firm may be able to accept one or more cryptocurrencies. In keeping with the law firm’s standing internal practices, your proposal should include a discussion of whether the firm should accept cryptocurrencies.

need to answer the question in apa 350 to 400 words

Computer Science Assignment Help we focus on what non-executives need to know regarding technology. Especially in regard to innovation technology. Please note some key foundational factors that non-executives need to know and understand regarding technology. Also, note how non-IT departments interact with IT and how the change in the market will change how business is performed.

3 tasks. All the details are in the book. The book is attached below

Task 1 Complete the following assignment in one MS word document for Task 1:
Chapter 3 –discussion question #1-4

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