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Computer Security

25%) Assume an attacker has compromised a number of broadband connected
computers to use as zombie systems for a distributed denial of service (DOS) attack.
If the ISP provides a maximum uplink data rate of 768 Kbps in ADSL, what is the
maximum number of 128-byte IMP echo request (ping) packets a single zombie
computer can send per second? How many such zombie systems would the attacker
need to flood a target server connected in:
(a)A Fast Ethernet.
(b) A Gigabit Ethernet.
2. (15%) UNIX treats file directories in the same fashion as files; that is, both are defined by the
same type of data structure, called an inode. As with files, directories include a nine-bit
protection string. If care is not taken, this can create access control problems. For example
consider a file with protection mode 644 (octal) contained in a directory with protection mode
730. How might the file be compromised in this case? What can we do to stop this vulnerability
without changing the protection mode 730 for the directory?(20%) As part of a formal risk assessment of information systems in a small
accounting firm with limited IT support, you have identified the assets “integrity of
customer and financial data report files on desktop systems” and “database and its
backup systems” and the threat “corruption of these files due to import of a worm/virus
onto system” and “synchronization of database and its backup.” Suggest reasonable
values for the items in the risk register shown in Table 14.5 for this asset and threat.
and provide justifications for your choices.
2. (40%) Comparing with one-factor authentication, two-factor authentication provides
more protection to the user identity in online services. Please compare three different
types of currently available techniques for second factor with regarding to
(a) Men-in-the-Middle prevention
(b) Password cracking
(c) Eavesdropping
(d) Trojan horse or Key logging
(e) Loss of second factor

Ancient Sparta Assignment | College Homework Help common app essay help

Which words and phrases show that the passage is a reliable source?

Ancient Sparta

College Homework Help

Sparta was one of the most influential city-states of ancient Greece. It had the most powerful army in all of Greece. Warfare was the cornerstone of the Spartan economy. Young boys from the age of 7 were sent off to military schools to train.

According to a website maintained by the History Department at Oxford University, Sparta’s government was a monarchy ruled by two kings. Leonidas was one of the most influential rulers of Sparta. The British Museum states that Leonidas defeated the Persians with only a small army. A blog maintained by a history student says Leonidas fought the massive Persian armies with merely 300 soldiers.

Minimize the Cost Assignment | Assignment Help Services common app essay help

The cost, in millions of dollars, for a company to manufacture x thousand speed boats is given by the function

C(x) = 3×2 – 30x + 225.

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Find the number of speedboats that must be produced to minimize the cost.

To minimize the cost, the company must produce ____  thousand speedboats.

Wicked Problems Assignment | College Homework Help common app essay help

Writing Assignment Help

In 500 words, read the case study attached down below and answer the 5 questions below.

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  • How are “wicked problems” defined?
  • To what extent do you think this recycling discussion case represents a “wicked problem”? How so?
  • Some recent studies are questioning the ways in which recycling is managed- noting that less energy is used and costs are lower if all municipal waste is simply put into one trash receptacle for pickup and then sorted by machines at facilities. Which method do you support—more efficient trash waste collection or methods that engage the public in recycling?
  • Based on the reading of chapter two of the textbook and the case you just read, do you think wicked problems can be solved through good public policymaking and implementation? Why? Why not?
  • Can you think of a wicked problem in the past that has been solved through public policy?

Please include in-text citations and references in APA style.

Atmospheric Pressure Assignment | Assignment Help Services common app essay help

A formula involving atmospheric pressure and height above sea level is shown by d=500log(p-2) / 27, where d is the distance above sea level, in kilometres, and p is the atmospheric pressure, in kilopascals (kPa). If a balloon floats to a height of 10km above sea level, what is the atmospheric pressure, to the nearest hundredth of a kilopascal, at that height?

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Find both x-intercepts Assignment | Assignment Help Services common app essay help

A ball is projected upward from the top of a 144 feet building at a velocity of 64 feet per second. It’s path is described by the function h(t)= -16^2+64t+144, where t is the time after the ball is projected and h(t) is the height of the ball at any time t seconds.

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Find both x-intercepts and interpret what they mean in the context of the problem.

Radiation Detector Assignment | Assignment Help Services common app essay help

You go to the doctor and he gives you 11 milligrams of radioactive dye. After 20 minutes, 6 milligrams of dye remain in your system. To leave the doctor’s office, you must pass through a radiation detector without sounding the alarm. If the detector will sound the alarm if more than 2 milligrams of the dye are in your system, how long will your visit to the doctor take, assuming you were given the dye as soon as you arrived? Give your answer to the nearest minute.

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Polynomials Assignment | Assignment Help Services common app essay help

Can i get some help please

1. Add the polynomials and simplify. (9m4 + 8m3 – 7m) + (7m4 + 9m2 + 5m)

2. Q varies inversely as the square of p, and Q = 36 when p = 7. Find Q when p = 6.

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3. Find the product of (x – 2y)2

4. The square of a number is equal to 6 more than the number. Find all such numbers.

5. Subtract. 5/4t – t+4/10t square

Miranda Requirements Assignment | Assignment Help Services common app essay help

Failure to comply with Miranda requirements


conclusively establishes voluntariness of a subsequent confession.


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has no bearing on the voluntariness of a subsequent confession.


conclusively establishes involuntariness of a subsequent confession.


all of the above

British Promises & The War in the Middle East Assignment | College Homework Help common app essay help

British Promises & The War in the Middle East

Discuss and evaluate the multiple and contradictory pledges made by the British to its various allies and supporters in the Middle East.College Homework Help

When the Ottoman Empire sided with Germany against their common enemy Russia, the Ottomans also became an enemy of Britain and France. Both imperial powers had long held designs on the failing Ottoman Empire and were happy to see it break up, as smaller, divided states would be easier to manage.

Within the Ottoman Empire, multiple ethnic groups organized secret societies in an attempt to break free from Turkish rule. Britain tapped into this discontent, fueling the flames of revolt with promises of aid, training, weapons, and their assistance in creating a post-war Arab state: the Kingdom of Syria. Without these assurances, it is unlikely that Arab rebels would have committed to a war for independence at that time. However, France also had designs on the region, and the British swore that after the war the Arab states would be divided between them as colonies, directly contradicting the pledges they made to the Arabs.

Lastly, the British made a third pledge to the leaders of the international Zionist movement. Zionism was a political movement that emerged in the 1880s seeking to recreate a Jewish state in the territory defined as the historic Land of Israel.

The British pledged to Zionist leaders that they would support the creation of a Jewish sovereign nation in Palestine. However, Palestine was also part of the territory pledged to the incipient Kingdom of Syria. Although the constitution of the new kingdom promised broad legal protections for religious and ethnic minorities living within its borders, the Arabs were not keen to have a large population of European Jews immigrating into their territory for fear of creating civil strife and a potential civil war over Palestine.

These complex promises meant that when the war ended, all three groups—the French, Zionists, and Arabs—looked to Britain to keep their word. As we will see, one group was very disappointed and rightly accused the British of betrayal after the postwar settlement.

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Then, in an initial post of at least 250 words discuss the following:

·         Evaluate the ethical and practical problems that arose from Britain’s multiple contradictory pledges to the French, Zionists, and Arabs.  Was there a way to get everyone what they wanted?

·         In this situation, which of the agreements would you have honored and why? What are the potential problems for your choice?

·         Discuss the ethics of making pledges you do not intend to honor.  Are they worth it in order to win, or can the way in which you win affect the postwar world too?

Your initial post must use evidence from the assigned readings, including at least two full citations in proper APA or Chicago style.

Academic Probation Assignment | Assignment Help Services common app essay help

Really desperate. My grandpa passed away 2 weeks ago and i got behind in pre-cal. They are going to put me on academic probation for that class and i don’t want to let my mom down, so any thing you can help with would be amazing!

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