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Consider a market demand function P=100-0.010. There are only two firms in the market

Question: Consider a market demand function P=100-0.010. There are only two firms in the market and each firm’s total cost function is 40g to produce identical products. Suppose Firm 1 is the first mover (leader) and Firm 2 is the follower. How much “more profits” can be achieved by the first mover compared to the Cournot model case (ie, no first-mover effects)? OShow transcribed image textstep-1 When there is no first-…View the full answerTranscribed image text: Consider a market demand function P=100-0.010. There are only two firms in the market and each firm’s total cost function is 40g to produce identical products. Suppose Firm 1 is the first mover (leader) and Firm 2 is the follower. How much “more profits” can be achieved by the first mover compared to the Cournot model case (ie, no first-mover effects)? O 1000 2000 O 3000 4000 O 5000

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Murder investigation Assignment | College Homework Help college essay help online free


The detective assigned this murder investigation has never handled a homicide. As she drives you to the scene, you begin to assess the things you already know, and you start to formulate a plan for the crime scene search.

Using the two crime scene sketches provided here for interior and here for the exterior, write a proposal for how the crime scene should be searched. Identify the areas that will be searched and what type of evidence you might expect to find in those areas. Create a set of instructions for all of the department personnel who will be available and assign them roles. Get Law homework help today

Accounting Assignment | Custom Assignment Help college essay help online free

Consider a market demand function P=100-0.010. There are only two firms in the market

Product T has revenue of $102,000, variable COGS of $52,250, variable selling expenses of $21,500, and fixed costs of $35,000, creating a loss from operations of $7,000. Should the product be discontinued?Get accounting  assignment homework help today

Pharmacy Practice And Therapeutics Assignment | Homework For You college essay help online free

Q1 Discuss digoxin and its place in therapy.  Include in your answer (but not limited to) aspects that relate to how it works, what it is used for, therapeutic drug monitoring and patient specific information.  Make use of published studies as well as reference books.

Q2. Choose one of the newer (novel) anticoagulant drugs (NOACS) and discuss its place in therapy.  Make particular note of recent studies for evidence of safety and efficacy.

Q3. Discuss long acting beta agonists (LABAs) and their use.  Include (but not limited to) aspects that relate to pharmaceutical care of patients that may be using these drugs as well as more specific information relating to the class of drug. Get Pharmacy homework help today


Pharmaceutical Or Biopharmaceutical Company Assignment | Homework For You college essay help online free

Overview of assignment You must prepare a detailed report on a specific product which is currently being marketed by either a major Pharmaceutical or Biopharmaceutical company. The report should contain the following sections:

• History of product (discovery, manufacturer(s), approval, clinical trials etc) ..Briefly!!

• Biology underlying condition being treated

• Production process (cells, media, bioreactor, type process etc) Cover it very well!!

• Purification/formulation process

• Economics of process (cost, market value, production costs)

• Waste and safety.(During the process)

Cover it very well!! Check the company websites, patent database, journals in library. European Medicines Agency (EMEA) is also very useful site check under EPARs (European Public Assessment Report). written report of the product(Insulin)- (~5 typed pages (1500 words). This should contain a bibliography (references) which provides full details of all the papers or books referred to in text. Get Pharmacy homework help today

Project Assignment | Homework For You college essay help online free

You are a member of a Validation team in a Multinational Pharmaceutical company manufacturing sterile products. Your company has recently developed 3 new sterile products, which are now approved for marketing in Europe and the USA, and your site has been chosen to manufacture these products. In order for the company to manufacture these products a new sterile facility will be built. Work on this project is due to commence in Q4 2017. The company has been filling product under aseptic conditions in grade A cleanrooms and now is considering a move to the use of Isolator Systems for the aseptic filling processes. As a result of this, you have been requested to carry out extensive research on Isolator Systems. This research should include a detailed review of the relevant regulations/guidelines (including ISPE Baseline Pharmaceutical Engineering Guide Sterile Manufacturing) and available literature. You will then be required to prepare a paper. The purpose of the paper is to educate your company in the design, integration and use of isolators in the facility. Your paper should consider (but is not limited) to the following, as appropriate:

• Design and operation of Isolator Systems

• Possible advantages/disadvantages of their use over existing non barrier systems

• Outline and review with recommendations of available sterilization processes

• Environmental monitoring and integrity testing requirements for the system in operation. Get Pharmacy homework help today

Setting Shelf-Life Period and Expiry Dates Assignment | Homework For You college essay help online free

In class assignment: Setting shelf-life period and expiry dates

Set an expiry date for Acetaminophen Oral suspension, given the following data:


•    6 months Accelerated Studies data are within spec. for all attributes tested.

•    Long Term Stability data have been summarized, below.

1.    Before enter the classroom, print the USP monograph & relevant General Chapters for Acetaminophen Oral Suspension and highlight all stability indicating tests and specifications                                2 Marks

2.    Evaluate the Stability Summary Report (below) and circle all significant changes (e.g., spec. failures); you must calculate the Limit of 4-aminophenol (degradant impurity) in order to assess that data                        2 Marks

3.    Calculate the Limit of 4-aminophenol from the information given below                         1 Mark

4.    Propose a shelf life period (e.g., 6 mths, 1 yr, 2 yrs, 3 yrs); justify your duration, based on the ICH guidelines    4 Marks

5.    Propose a Product Expiry Date, given that the initial time point data was acquired on Nov. 22, 2013        1 Mark. Get Pharmacy homework help today

Prognosis Assignment | Homework For You college essay help online free

In no more than 700 words, describe the likely health consequences (prognosis) for non-compliance or non-adherence to the prescribed medication for both:

1) yourself (individual-level consequences); and

2) the general population (population-level impacts). To answer this question, you will need to search for and review at least two peer-reviewed articles that describe the health consequences of medication non-compliance or non-adherence to anti-diabetic drug treatment. Your answer should also include a discussion of one social determinant that may impact upon population-level rates of diabetes and related complications. Note: The word count is a maximum (i.e., you will be penalised for any text over the stated word limit). A reference list formatted according to the Harvard (author-date) referencing system. You may choose to include more than 2 references but at least 2 references for this Question must be peer-reviewed. Get Pharmacy homework help today

Occupational Health Assignment | Homework For You college essay help online free

You are asked to consider an ‘occupational health’ topic (e.g. asbestos, dust, MSD, noise etc.). You should discuss the epidemiology (i.e. how the work activity causes ill health and how this can be controlled or mitigated) of the condition and evaluate how reasonable the control or mitigating actions are. You should stipulate the context and which country you are referring to with regards to your evaluation (e.g. what is seen as reasonable in one country may not be considered reasonable in another country) and recommend how any problems can be overcome.

Provide a post (entry) of 750 words, referenced using the HARVARD Style. Do not respond to my posting but start a new entry (Add Entry) for your posting with your own Title. You are also required to comment on posts (entries) by other students using the comments function at the bottom of their post. There is no restriction on how much you should write as a comment, but would advise that it covers more than 3-4 sentences. Comments on other peoples’ postings such as: “I agree” or “A good point” will be ignored. You are required to provide a minimum of two comments across the class, but feel free to add more. Marks will be deducted where material is simply copied into your postings.

You should post your blog by noon 24th Oct 2016 which allows other students a week to add comments. Class Blog will close after 2 weeks, noon on 31 Oct 2016. Get Pharmacy homework help today

Interview Techniques Assignment | College Homework Help college essay help online free

1: Interview Techniques

You are a police officer in Centervale. While on patrol, you are dispatched to investigate a theft from a local retail store where the loss prevention representative has made an apprehension of a suspect. You are also notified that there are several employee witnesses and the suspect has other people with him in the store. All of these people may or may not be involved in this crime. Additionally, they may be witnesses and have critical information needed for the successful prosecution of this case.

Click here to read the transcript of your interactions at the retail store. (ATTACHED)


Prepare a 9- to 10-page Microsoft Word document which accommodates the following:

Compare and contrast the fundamental concepts of communication in an investigatory interview and an interrogation. Analyze and explain whether the communication in this scenario would be classified as an interview or an interrogation. Apply the comparison and contrast information, the script, and external resources to support your position and rationale.
Analyze and discuss at least two different confession elicitation tactics that were used by Officer Stone in an effort to get Marty to confess. Contrast one of these tactics with a tactic that might have been less effective in this situation.
Evaluate the effectiveness of Officer Stone’s efforts. Analyze and discuss a key area of strength and weakness in his approach. Identify any fundamental legal issues that Officer Stone may encounter related to how he handled this situation and his choice of tactics.
Evaluate how you would have executed this communication in order to achieve the confession? Use empirical research in support of your evaluation; suggest how to improve an area of weakness and how to overcome any other obstacles you can identify in this situation.
Predict what would happen if Marty implicated his friend Joe? Identify the questions that should be asked to provide evidence to Marty’s claim?

LASA 1 Grading Criteria and Rubric

All LASAs in this course will be graded using a rubric. This assignment is worth 200 points. Download the rubric and carefully read it to understand the expectations. Get Law homework help today

Judicial Review Marbury v. Madison Assignment | College Homework Help college essay help online free

Extra Credit – Judicial ReviewMarbury v. Madison, 5 U.S. 127 (1803)1. What was basic disagreement? 2. Why did Marbury seek relief? 3. Why is the concept of judicial review central to our system of separation of powers and checks and balances? This is perhaps the most difficult case to understand (because it was written almost 250 years ago and it describes arcane legal processes).

Nevertheless, it is arguably the most important case in United States history. Factually, Marbury was appointed to be a judge (then called a justice of the Peace) in Washington DC by outgoing President Adams. His appointment was confirmed by the Senate. His commission (along with the commission of a few other judges) was properly signed and sealed but never delivered to him. Marbury sued the new Secretary of State, James Maddison, to make him deliver the commission so he could become a judge. The legal device to effect this action was called a writ of mandamus.

The tricky part of the case is its procedure. Marbury filed his case directly in the Supreme Court (not in a lower federal court) in accordance with the judiciary act (a law passed by Congress). This law expanded the original jurisdiction of the Supreme Court beyond what the Constitution defined its original jurisdiction to be. The importance of the case is it sets a process/precedent for what should happen when a law passed by a legislature and the language of the constitution is at odds. Read the case and watch the following program: to an external site. Madison. It is about an hour and a half in length. Your paper should be 5-7pages in length and answer the three questions included in the original assignment. Get Law homework help today

Uniform System of Citation Assignment | College Homework Help college essay help online free

I have a search I need someone to edit.

the work is:

– First: Read the bluebook a uniform system of citation ( 25 pages )

-second: Edit my search to add the footnote. Get Law homework help today

Pathophysiological and Pharmacological Assignment | Homework For You college essay help online free

In Part C you will describe mechanism of action of the drug (pharmacodynamics) to achieve a therapeutic result.

Outline the mechanism of action of the drug on the body. How does the drug achieve a therapeutic effect?

How is the therapeutic effect monitored?

What are the optimal value ranges for these measures?

Note: Part C: You will write and submit a report addressing the three questions outlined in the task description. This section assesses your ability to define common pathophysiological and pharmacological terms; describe the four pharmacokinetic processes (absorption, distribution, metabolism and elimination); outline key pharmacodynamic principles (eg agonist and antagonists, receptor-drug interactions); outline the major haematological pathologies and malignancies; and demonstrate an understanding of cellular adaptation to injury.

Part D.

In part D you will link the mechanism of action (your responses in Part C) to the adverse events and contraindications provided for the drug. Make sure you read the supplied synopsis of the role of vitamin K in the body.

Q 1.    There is a long list of drug interactions given for warfarin. What are the three main reasons for the length of this list?

Q 2.     A person known to have coeliac disease is noted to be vitamin K deficient. If prescribed warfarin, how would this influence the therapeutic effect of the drug?

Q 3.     How does liver disease impact the therapeutic effect of warfarin? Would the dose need to be increased or decreased?

Q 4.    The Full Product Information Sheet (PI) indicates elderly patients who have experienced falls should only be prescribed this drug with caution. What is the rationale for this warning?

Q 5.    Pregnancy is a contraindication for the prescribing of warfarin. Explain the rationale for this contraindication.

Q 6.    A person is prescribed an antimicrobial drug from the cephalosporin drug group. This person has been taking warfarin for the last 6 months. Why might this prove problematic?

Q 7.    A person who is heterozygous for the CYP2C9*2 allele is prescribed warfarin. Outline why knowing this piece of information may be helpful in this person’s care.

Q 8.    Warfarin is contraindicated in those with severe uncontrolled hypertension. Outline the rationale for this contraindication. Get Pharmacy homework help today

Impact on Domestic and Foreign Business Assignment | College Homework Help college essay help online free

Property Rights, Cybercrime, and Cyberpiracy’s Impact on Domestic and Foreign Business

Purpose of Assignment 

Business managers are confronted on a daily basis with decisions regarding the use of real, personal, and intellectual property, and the rights and duties existing with relation to these property rights while at work. Add cybercrime, cyberpiracy, and international business operations to this equation, and the manager is left with much to consider when evaluating the legal risks associated with the use of these properties as they engage in their business activities. It is the purpose of this assignment to promote the evaluation of all risks when using the company and personal property, particularly intellectual property, both domestically and internationally.

About Your Signature Assignment

This signature assignment is designed to align with specific program student learning outcome(s) in your program. Program Student Learning Outcomes are broad statements that describe what students should know and be able to do upon completion of their degree. The signature assignments may be graded with an automated rubric that allows the University to collect data that can be aggregated across a location or college/school and used for program improvements.

Assignment Steps 

Resources: Legal Environment of Business: Online Commerce, Business Ethics, and Global Issues: Ch. 5 (p. 96), Ch. 7 (pp. 154-155), Ch. 8, Ch. 25, and Ch. 26; sites such as: Public Library of Law, Law Library of Congress, and Justia Virtual Chase law database

Scenario:  Your company’s board of directors is exploring the expansion of your business and is looking to you to prepare an analysis (Part I) and presentation (Part II) regarding whether that expansion should be domestic or international.

Part I

Prepare an analysis of the property rights, risks, and benefits of each in a minimum of 1,050 words, excluding the title and reference page, including the following:

Decide what actions a manager in your business should take to identify and protect the tangible property rights of your domestic and international business.
Summarize the actions a manager in your business should take to identify and protect the intellectual property rights of your domestic and international business.
Explain what actions a manager in your business should take to identify and protect the organization from violating the intellectual property (IP) rights of others.
Analyze what special problems arise regarding property rights when your business decides to do business outside the United States.
Evaluate the legal risks associated with all property rights, domestically and internationally, for your business.
Apply the risk management process to mitigate the legal risks for your business.
Evaluate contract formation in your business as it relates to its Intellectual Property and recommend one contract method of contract dispute resolution for use in your business.

Cite a minimum of three scholarly references. One scholarly reference must be from the University Library.

Format your paper consistent with APA guidelines.

Click the Assignment Files tab to submit your assignment as a Microsoft® Word document.

Part II

Create a 5- to 7-slide (excluding title and reference page) Microsoft® PowerPoint®presentation summary to the company’s board of directors addressing the following:

List two reasons for domestic expansion.
List two reasons for international expansion.
Compare and contrast both domestic and international expansion.
Make your recommendation to the board of directors.

Cite a minimum of two scholarly references. One scholarly reference must be from the University Library.

Format your presentation consistent with APA guidelines. Get Law homework help today

Pathophysiology Assignment | Homework For You college essay help online free

Assignment 2: Exploration of Pathophysiology and Pharmacology Relating to a Case • The case study to be submitted by each student will be one of the four studied during the tutorial classes and will be randomly allocated to each student by their class tutor.

• Paper to be constructed in a logical format displaying an understanding & application of knowledge learnt.

• Please pay attention to the marking rubric and ensure your essay covers all areas. Assessment Preparation

• Read the assignment question and the marking rubric carefully.

• The marking rubric shows how marks are allocated. This helps to direct your efforts, word allocation & time.

• We are looking for you to demonstrate that you understand the disease and its effects on the human body.

• All cases are receiving pharmacological treatments and we are looking for you to demonstrate high level of knowledge and understanding about categories of medications that will be administered and why.

• The use of headings is accepted and encouraged in this topic. Please set out your assignment clearly as it makes it much easier for tutors to read and assess your work accurately. Assessment Criteria Detailed explanation of the pathophysiology/pathogenesis of the illness/disease of the case patient Weighting 40%

• Understanding of the pathophysiology and pharmacology presented in the case

• Clear and succinct explanation of illness/disease pathogenesis with linkage to the related case Explanation of 2 signs/symptoms the case presented with & why they manifested as part of the illness/disease Weighting 30%

• Accurate explanation of signs and/or symptoms

• Explanations display a clear, succinct understanding of the signs/symptoms demonstrated by the case

• Display a high level of linking of signs and/or symptoms to the specific case Critical Thinking and Rationale Weighting 20%

• Clearly links pathophysiology, pharmacology context and theory together.

• Provide clear rationales that support the links between pathophysiology, pharmacology context and theory together Writing Style Weighting 10%

• Introduction, body of essay, conclusion, and referencing is clear and correctly formatted.

• The essay flows well, it is easy to read and follow the sequence of ideas.

• No or very few spelling or grammatical errors throughout the essay. It has been carefully proof-read Referencing

• Referencing must be in line with the School’s referencing guidelines (Harvard referencing guide).

• Reference lists will not count towards the word total – but ‘in-text’ citation is included in the word count.

• References from consumer-based websites & Wikipedia WILL NOT be accepted, this includes but not limited to: o MyDR o Better Health Channel o Health Direct o WebMD • Minimum eight (8) credible references are EXPECTED to be used including a mix of textbooks, websites & evidence-based literature. – Jenny Coste Jenny’s father Henry is a second year student nurse. He tells you that he doesn’t understand the pathophysiology of Leukaemia and how it affects the haematopoietic system. Please explain to him the pathophysiology of Leukaemia and how it affects the haematopoietic system using the correct medical and nursing terminology. Get Pharmacy homework help today

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