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Consultation Agreement

Refer to the bottom section of the Week 6 lesson for some examples. For this assignment, present a brief overview of what is needed in a consultation agreement. Why is one used? How would it be constructed and presented? Support your information with sources. Make sure to cite in-text where you use the sources. At least one academic source must be used; all others can be of your choosing. Use the school library, google scholar, etc., to support your claims. APA is required for the reference page. This paper has no length requirement; make sure to support your position thoroughly and present your form concisely yet completely. Remember, this has TWO parts. Part 1 is the write-up, and Part 2 is the consultation agreement (you create filled out- content).Consultation Agreements (This is an addendum to aid with the Week 6 Assignment)These are important tools that solidify and explain a working/ consultative relationship between a consultant and an organization. They serve a few purposes. Some are listed below:1. Define the relationship of the parties2. Describe the duties to be performed by each side3. Direct efforts to appropriate areas4. Discuss goals and timelines5. Establishes compensation6. Describes methods of addressing issues

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