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Contemporary World History Final Research Project

Think about including things like blog posts, public forums, writing, images, music, collection of materials. It is important that you organize your research material clearly with titles.This project will also have a written component where you have to reflect on your own research. For example, how do your research pieces speak to each other? How is this event and your research related to one or more of the main topics (Geography, Nationalism, Globalization, Art and Culture and Environment)? What is your critical analysis of the event and the research material that you found? What is your main thesis analyzing the event and the research material?The written component needs to be organized clearly with an introduction, supporting paragraphs, and a strong conclusion, as well as a bibliography. Your written response to this event should provide:-      A clear thesis-      Analysis that goes beyond re-stating what someone else concluded-      Support ideas with evidence –      A careful use of sources and quotations –      A clear structure –      Correct paper mechanics

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