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Contractor Commercial management

DescriptionReport 2000 word count. I will provide with a module handbook, examples of how the calculations can be done and a blank document where the calculations are to be placed I have called it “version 1 to be filled by me”.

Accounting Question

I am working on a Project Management discussion question and need an explanation and answer to help me learn.
No plagrisiam, I want original task.
You can find instructions inside the file.
Support your answer from the textbook.
Thank you.
Eldenburg, L. G.,

C Quick Memory Leakage Fix Code Review

Accounting Assignment Help Most of the functions that are required; as in the document, are written without any errors. I just want someone to just double-check their functionality by testing them in the main method. Although there are some extra functions, provided in the .cpp file, do not worry about them, unless they have memory leakage. I want someone to review the functions for me, and if there are any functions that require modification, please do modify them. The program should be without any memory leakage. The code is done 98% as I am trying to learn. I am a student, who is looking for a long-term tutor too.

Business Question

I’m working on a business assignment (International Business), and need guidance to help me learn. The attachment is regarding the final assignment for MGT321 subject contains some questions. I need it on Monday 11th of April 2022. The assignment must be Microsoft word.
(Please follow the guidelines for this assignment).

Explain how job costing is used in service sectors and manufacturing sectors?

Assignment Question(s): (Marks 10)
Q1. Explain how job costing is used in service sectors and manufacturing sectors? Provide examples by citing one job costing example of the service sector and one example of the manufacturing sector of a Saudi company to support your answers. (CH 5, 2 Marks)

Q2. Axel Ltd. uses a process costing system for its sole processing department. There were 24,000 units in beginning WIP inventory for March and 216,000 units were started in March. The beginning WIP units were 75% complete and the 19,500 units in ending WIP were 60% complete. All materials are added at the start of processing.
(CH 6, 3 Marks)
a) Compute the no. of units started

Probability and statistics: R-program

Pertinent topics: Sections 2-4, Chapter II,
Continuous Random Variables, on pp. 67, 79-80, 83-84, Section 2, Chapter III, Jointly Distributed
R.V.’s, pp. 95-98. There are two files inside the zip file one is pictures of the examples the other for what is needed

EXSC 510 Advanced Exercise Physiology

Instructions You must choose 1 of the case study essay questions and answer the question thoroughly in no less than two full pages and no more than four full pages. Be very specific in your answer. You may utilize the course presentations, lectures, and the textbook as resources, but you do not need to incorporate outside sources. At least one citation must be included in your assignment based upon the resource that you choose to use. The are no maximum citations for this assignment, yet if you utilize any additional references from outside the course resources, they must only come from human performance oriented textbooks or scholarly journals from the sports science and human performance field. Current APA style is required and your response must be in paragraph form and double spaced with 12-point, Times New Roman font.

Case Study Essay Question
1) Why does a cardiovascular athlete, such as former Tour de France Champion Chris Froome, have to be aware of the concept of cardiovascular drift? Explain in great detail to this athlete what cardiovascular drift is and also identify the factors that will affect his cardiovascular drift during a long cycling training ride (160pts).

parent education programs

DescriptionDefine- Provide a definition of a parent education program.
You may use someone else’s. You may write your own based upon research of several others.
(provide support for these decisions through research and cite where you borrowed ideas from) (c…
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review your readings for Unit 8 and read the following instructions carefully. Feel free to do research outside the

review your readings for Unit 8 and read the following instructions carefully. Feel free to do research outside the course if you’d like other points of view.

(Hi, so for this unit, can you skim through Chapter 22: The New Era here: ( ) to kind of get an idea of how to write the paper. ) 🙂

Then form groups that represent:
• Ellen Welles Page
• A Harlem Renaissance artist
• A female member of the KKK

All have their own opinions regarding the flapper lifestyle. Each group will answer the following questions:
How would your character describe the flapper lifestyle?
Do their opinions represent that they advocate for progressive change or the preservation of traditional American values?

To form groups, students will take the role of the male jazz artist

Be sure to put yourself in the shoes of the person you are speaking for — try to imagine how that person felt, what their ideals were, what they thought was good or right or appropriate at the time.

(Hi so for this paper, can you speak from like a 1st person point of view from the male jazz artist?)

Marketing Question

Here you will find an example of students conducting an in-depth interview with one of The Nonprofit Center’s clients. In this particular case, the focus of the interview was about the classes they took through.
please watch the interview and briefly respond to the following prompts [One or two sentences per prompt should be sufficient].
1) What went well in the interview? [Your response should focus on
the interview process, how questions were phrased, the flow of the
interview, etc.
2) What improvements could the students leading the interview have made to have a more successful interview?
3) Based on this example, what do you need to do to prepare for your in-depth interview?
here is the video:…

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