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Contrast Literary Essay on The Odyssey and Oh, Brother, Where Art Thou?

Your essay must be five paragraphs–following the literary essay template.
You must also submit an outline.
Include in-text documentation and a Works Cited page.
Write in literary present tense.
Write in third person.
Your thesis must be an argument.
Requirements for the thesis: one sentence, the author, the title, the genre, three literary devices, and an argument.
2 pages for the essay and 2 pages for the outline

An Explication is a complete and detailed analysis of a work of literature, often proceeding word-by-word or line-by-line through

An Explication is a complete and detailed analysis of a work of literature, often proceeding word-by-word or line-by-line through the work. For this paper, you will be writing an explication of a poem. In the Explication you will be presenting your “reading” of the poem you have chosen. Such a reading will require you to understand all aspects of the poem and to have a grasp of the meaning of individual parts of the poem in relation to the entire work. You are not, however, striving to be exhaustive in your “explanation” of the poem, but rather you should strive to be selective in considering only those details that are significant to your own thematic understanding of the poem.

An explication demonstrates your ability to (1) follow the essential details of the poem, (2) understand the issues and the meaning the poem reveals, (3) explain some of the relationships of content and technique, and (4) note and discuss especially important or unique aspects of the poem.

Introduction: Include title (in quotation marks), author, dates, brief background of the author if necessary and relevant, a brief summary of the plot (situation), or literal level of the poem, and your thesis, which probably will mention two or three techniques the poet uses to convey his/her argument (theme). The thesis will include what you believe to be that argument.

Body Paragraphs: Systematically go through the poem showing the techniques stated in your thesis and showing how they relate to the poet’s argument. Brief quotes should be incorporated into your sentences to clarify your point. Do not, under any circumstance, quote the entire poem within the paper. If you quote three or fewer lines, an inline quote, you should introduce the quote with a signal phrase, and then quote the section of the poem, indicating line breaks with a “/” and stanza breaks with a “//”. To quote more than three lines, use a block quote. In either case, follow the quote with a parenthetical reference of the line number(s). And then, make sure that you follow the quote with an analysis of the quote.

Conclusion: Here you pull the paper together and reaffirm your thesis. You could discuss how the poem relates to real life and/or use this paragraph to disagree with the poet’s argument if you wish.

Additional Style Tips: While the explication tends to be a chronological progression, consider the organization of the paper. How can you group your observations? This, as any other formal paper, should be a multiple-draft project where your initial observations are organized into main points, and these main points are then focused with a thesis in the intro, with topic sentences in the body paragraphs, and finished with a conclusion.

You should plan to choose one of the poems from The Cha Cha Files, (but not “Central American American” Or “Solidarity Baby”) draw in one or two of the critical readings we’ve completed, and deeply and thoughtfully analyze the poem.

Please find attached other poems that could be used and the cha cha file cover book just so you could see how it looks like. Just pick one poem from the book but as mentioned do not choose the two poems listed above.

Literature Question

Language and Culture Assignment Help The game book:
Popiel, Carnes, and Kates. (2015) Rousseau, Burke, and Revolution in France, 1791. 2nd Edition. Reacting to the Past. Norton. 9780393938883
Files attached:
1- RTTPROUSS2_RS08_Bouron == Character role sheet
2- RTTPROUSS2_HO_4.1 == News Service: Issue 1
3- RTTPROUSS2_HO_6.1 == News Service: issue 2
4- RTTPROUSS2_HO_9.1 == News Service: issue 3
5- RTTPROUSS2_HO_9.1 == News Service: Final issue
6- RTTP Pedagogical Introduction-General Resource
7- Character_Role_Assignments
8- Gabber__vang_lique_Vol_1_
9- Gabber__vang_lique_Vol_2_
10- Gabber__vang_lique_Vol_3_
11- Session 1 File == has the letters for Game Session 1 assignment
12- Session 2 File == has the letters for Game Session 2 assignment
You are supposed to play as Bouron (indeterminates)
you need to read the character role sheet as specified below to write the final essay for Game session 3, you just need to do the final assignment in the character role sheet p.4
I have attached everything I think you need, I will attach anything new comes up.
Your final writing assignment, due after the final session and to be presented at the postmortem, is
a letter to your constituents. You will do one of two things: either you will announce to them the happy
news that events have transpired in France according to their wishes, explaining what has taken place
and why it is beneficial (this statement stands as your claim to the Gamemaster that you did indeed win
the game), or, if things go against the course you embraced in the final few sessions, your letter must
convey the bad news. You must provide counsel for the future, acknowledging that you failed and lost
and that you are trying to provide guidance in the difficult times to come. That’s the least you can do
for your people.
In the event that you perish before the game is over, your final paper will be the memoirs you left
behind, reflecting your views and hopes as outlined in the previous paragraph

I would to receive a compare and contrast argumentative essay of about 2250 words using the two novels: Skellig

I would to receive a compare and contrast argumentative essay of about 2250 words using the two novels: Skellig (Almond, D., 1998) The outsiders (Hinton, S.E., 2017). The theme of the essay is: “How do events reveal things about who the characters really are.” Each paragraph should analyse (through compare/contrast) the two novels around one idea (2 sub questions at least), and conclude from that analysis: what is your interpretation of that idea based on your analysis? What does your analysis mean? What does it highlight? When you make a point, be sure to include evidence from the text.

You don’t have to use any additional sources, but if you do, please state that in the reference list. So be sure to add the bibliography.

Feel free to e-mail me with any questions.

Here is a small part from the module guide to get a more clear view of the assignment:
“… So rather than focus on literature as if it was a unified field that can be learned, this module will concentrate on what we can learn about the world and about ourselves through reading fiction. We will insist that fiction is a wonderful tool to examine things from different perspectives, to think about people in ways that are not ours, to see the world through eyes that do not see what we see. How do we become who we are? Who are we? Is there, in fact, a ‘we’, and if so, what makes a group of us? What unites us? And what separates us from others? ”

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