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covering a controversy in history

You may cite The American Yawp or the Issues and Controversies in History database for this section, but no other tertiary sources should be used without prior approval (this includes .com sources, encyclopedias, documentaries, or websites). Analyze: discuss the two sides of the argument and evidence for each. In your analysis, make sure to cover all important parts – whether the source is primary or secondary, the historical context (for a secondary source, the historiographical context), the thesis/purpose, perspective or biases, intended audience, and finally how the source supports the argument for or against. You should have at least TWO academic secondary sources, for and against, and at least TWO primary sources relevant to the controversy.Evaluate: choose which side of the argument you think is correct (if either), and supply reasons for your conclusion as well as what you consider to be the most decisive pieces of evidence from the sources. You should back up each assertion with cited evidence!

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