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Crafting your prospectus Psychology coursework help

Now that you are starting to craft your perspective and need to be sure that your desired topic it clearly defined and your questions articulated, it is time to make sure you are careful in designing each section carefully. Please watch the video titled “Prospectus and Dissertation Introduction: Everything You Need to Know” available in this weeks video link and discuss in your own words your critical analysis of the material presented. Also, ensure that you mention how (if any) this video is going to help you to craft a more viable prospectus.
Your post should be 500-700 words long without counting the references and/or direct quotes.

Researching For Evidence

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Final Paper (For Hifsa Shakaut)

Write a 12 page final paper on Richard Florida pillar call ?Empower Cities and Communities. Paper should be in 12 fonts, Time Romans, double space, in-text citation. You can use different references. Also I have attached a few pages from the book that discuss Richard Florida’s pillars about Empower Cities and Commuities. Assignment: Analyze both short and long-term opportunities the public health and economic crisis and recovery presents for us to address each of the ?Empower Cities and Communities pillar you are assigned to. To what extent can the public health and economic response over the next few years (the current short-term stimulus packages and future, budgeting and investments) present opportunities to address the underlying causative problems that resulted in Florida’s pillars ?Empower Cities and Communities? Since the epidemiology experts strongly suggest that this may be only the first of what might be three waves of the disease through 2022 when they hope to have a vaccine, factoring in the possibility that the virus could still mutate. Consider respective government roles through the lens of the FEMA model in which feds provide resources (and we are talking a lot!), states decide distribution of those resources, locales make the implementation decisions. Also consider the trade-offs in terms of increasing the national debt and redistributing money and resources from other areas of the budget, including from the military, and what implications can you infer in terms of health care policy for the entire country. Would the return on investment offset a future national debt? Encapsulating the other course themes, for the pillar ?Empower Cities and Communities what are the implications to immigration, eminent domain (will that be exercised more for public benefit purposes?) and land use, technology (communication, transportation, etc.) and megalopolis growth (or not). Since this is a rapidly evolving situation, you might want to think about making some assumptions about where it is going, and do a couple of different alternative scenarios, one that shows modest progress on the pillars; another that shows robust progress.

Psychology Multiple Choice Questions (Only Experts)

Multiple Choice Questions (Enter your answers on the enclosed answer sheet) 1. Mental retardation occurs in approximately of the general population. a.1 b.5 c.10 d.20 2. Treatment of phenylketonuria includes all of the following EXCEPT A)daily supplements. B)a severely restricted low-protei n diet. C)a diet rich in dairy products and grains. D)compliance until age 8. 3. Ingestion and inhalation are the two most common ways that enters the body. a.lead b.iron c.copper d.aluminum 4.Mathematics disorder, or ____, is the diminished disability to understand mathematical terms, operations, or concepts; recognize numerical symbols or arithmetic signs; or copy numberslfigures correctly. a.dysgraphia b.dyscalculia c.dyspraxia d.dyslexia 5.Autistic disorder, Asperger’s disorder, and pervasive developmental disorder not otherwise specified are collectively known as a.autism spectrum disorders. b.childhood integrative disorders. c.developmental delay disorders. d.disruptive behavior disorders. 31. 32.Until the 1970s, autistic disorder was thought to be caused by , or parents who were emotionally unresponsive to their infants. a.frigid parents b.refrigerator mothers c.emotionally repressed parents d.schizophrenogenic mothers 7. Although few adults develop bipolar disorder after the age of 65, when it does occur, the intervals between manic and depressive periods are and the episodes are. _ than in younger adults. a.longer; shorter b.shorter; shorter c.longer; longer d.shorter; longer 8. As with depression, treatment for anxiety should always begin with a.a complete medical evaluation. b.medication therapy. in-depth psychosocial evaluation. d.cognitive-behavioral therapy. 9. Treatment for risky/problematic drinking in older adults is aimed at a.prevention and early intervention. b.detoxification and relapse prevention. skills training and daily living activities. d.withdrawal safety and early intervention. 10. Etiological factors for late-onset schizophrenia include all of the following EXCEPT a.hormonal changes in women. b.deficits in hearing and vision. c.hypertension d.genetic factors. 33. 11. In contrast to delirium, the cognitive difficulties associated with dementia a.result in alterations to a patient’s level of consciousness or alertness. b.occur suddenly and disappear in a relatively short amount of time. c.fluctuate over the course of the disorder. d.are not accompanied by changes in consciousness or alertness. 12. Brain abnormalities associated with Alzheimer’s disease include a.excessive amounts of neurofibrillary tangles and cerebral senile plaques. b.smaller cerebral ventricles than can be accounted for by normal aging. c.blocked blood vessels, which may result in tissue death. d.damage that is confined primarily to the inner layers of brain tissue. 13. A shared limitation of the Social Readjustment Rating Scale, the Hassles Scale, and the Uplifts Scale is a.poor “real-I ife” general ization. b.the possibility of memory bias. c.not factoring in individual differences. inability to differentiate between the impact of positive and negative life events. 14.One of the two major systems that are affected by the stress response is the_____________ which results in secretion of epinephrine and norepinephrine. a.hypothalamic-pituitary-adrenocortical axis b.parasympathetic nervous system c.sympathetic-adrenomedullary system d.autonomic nervous system 15.A component of the non-specific immune system that prevents microbes from getting into the body is called a(n) barrier. a.anatomical b.protective c.membrane d.microbe 34. 35. According to the text, the different ways that men and women respond to stress may be the result of a.evolutionary influences that dictated different parental roles. b.genetic differences (e.g., the presence/absence of the Y chromosome) and hormonal differences. c.societal influences on gender roles and differences in the physical stress response. d.genetic differences and societal influences on gender roles. 17.Which of these factors is NOT listed in the text as having an influence on the progression of HIV to AIDS and adjustment to an HIV diagnosis? a.genetic factors. support. c.depression. d.stress. 18. Modifying behavior by changing the stimuli that bring on the behavior is called a. contingency contracting. b. stimulus control. c. primary intervention. d. behavior control. 19.In addition to consideration of an appropriate after-discharge treatment plan, successful deinstitutionalization requires a.a resocialization plan developed by the patient’s social worker. b.considerable family therapy to educate members on their responsibilities as part of the team. c.evaluation of a patient’s skills and resources for independent living. d.home healthcare delivery of medications by a visiting nurse practitioner. 20. When a person is judged “not guilty by reason of insanity,” we may infer that a.the person had criminal intent at the time of the crime but is remorseful at the time of trial. b.the person has a long history of untreated mental illness that interfered with rational thought at the time the crime was committed. c.the trial judge cannot show that mental illness was not a factor in the crime. d.the person has a psychological disorder that interferes with understanding the seriousness and illegality of the crime. 36. 37.Which of the following is NOT a term that describes environments that provide the client with protection against unwilling disclosure of personal information? a.Duty to Warn b.Privacy c.Privilege d.Confidentiality 22. Which of the following statements is TRUE regarding HIPAA? a.It was originally designed to protect people from losing their health insurance. b.It has great relevance to medicine but little relevance to psychological practice. c.It is a simple and streamlined way of receiving professional reimbursement. d.It is a philosophical/ethical statement with little operational relevance. 23. The practice of psychology is bound by state laws and regulations as well as by a.client demands. eth ical code of behavior. c.medical regulations. d.research and clinical trials. 24. In psychological research, respect for persons means that a. all persons should have equal access to any treatment tested in an experiment. b. participants should be able to choose their experimental condition (active vs. placebo). c. researchers should maximize benefits and minimize harm to subjects. d. people’s autonomy should be respected, and those with limited autonomy should be protected. 25.Which of the following questions has been disallowed on adolescent research protocols in certain school districts because of a concern over suggestibility, thus denying the principle of justice? a.Do your parents support your educational efforts? b.Have you ever thought about suicide? c.Do you think abortion should be legal? d.Have you ever been charged with a crime?

Psychology Discussion Due In 4 Hours

Due in 4 hours Play the expert in the following scenario and apply ethical principles and professional standards of learning and cognition psychology to your rationale: You are a computer software training instructor for a large corporation that designs bicycles. You have a group of new trainees who must learn your company’s design software system. List two areas of the learning environment that might be problematic to your training if you implement a fully online/asynchronous training program. What two strategies could you use to assist your learners/trainees with this protocol of learning based on your two noted areas? Based on the course content and the knowledge you have gained in this course so far, what mode of learning environment would you suggest for your group of new trainees? Support your reasoning with empirical evidence. Using appropriate citations and references, explain how the empirical findings presented in the assigned articles suggest the importance of applying self-regulation and metacognitive strategies to one’s own learning. Describe the purpose of learner assessments and how self-regulation positively affects the outcomes. Does self-regulation need to be applied differently in virtual learning environments than in traditional classrooms? What problems may occur for learners who have not developed self-regulation in asynchronous learning or training environments? What do your articles suggest the pros and cons are of cooperative learning or training? Based on your own experiences, do you agree or disagree with the suggestion that cooperative environments are beneficial? If so, why? If not, what could have been done differently in your example based on the empirical findings within your resources? Support your argument with empirical research.

Seminar Unit 1

Learning is enhanced when you take time to reflect on the process. Please think about the various learning activities you engaged in during this unit. In the Journal tab at the top of this page, write one page summarizing what you learned this week. How might you apply this learning to your personal and professional life?

Compare The Medicaid Eligibility Requirements And Covered Services Of The State Of Virginia And To Those Of Another State.

1.Compare the Medicaid eligibility requirements and covered services of the state of Virginia to those of another state. 2.How did the two states respond to the option of expanding the Medicaid benefits proposed by Healthcare Reform? Write a 3- to 5-page paper, typed and double spaced, with 12 pt. Times New Roman font and 1-inch page margins. Use headers throughout the paper. Please use at least 4-5 references no older than the year 2012.

Revisions based on feedback…and the other one is attached. Feedback: There are a couple things missing. It’s not detailed. enough. Also I didn’t see where the question, “What was your overall thoughts on the article?” was answered. It’s okay if it’s more than 2 pages, it can be up to 4. Please let me know if you have any questions. The example below is an article critique paper of mine before where I received an A on it and it’s very detailed. Please try to revise based on the example’s outline. The following questions should be answered such as: Critique the author’s conceptual framework. Comment on the need for this study and its importance. How effectively does the author tie the study to relevant theory and prior research? Is the article’s abstract presented in the correct form, relevant to the content of the article, and specific? Is the purpose stated in the introduction made clear? Over thoughts?

Career Development At Electronic Applications Electronic Applications Corporation Is A Major Producer Of Silicon Chips For The Computer Industry. It Is…

Career Development at Electronic Applications Electronic Applications Corporation is a major producer of silicon chips for the computer industry. It is located southeast of San Francisco in an area of high technology firms. Since its founding in 1972, the company has grown rapidly in terms of sales and profits, thus enhancing its stock price many times over. However, human resource policies have tended to lag behind company growth. Emphasis has been on reactive policies to meet the requirements of external organizations such as the federal government. Human resources have not been a high priority. Recently, Harold Sweeney has been hired as Director of Human Resources for the company. Sweeney had previously served as an Assistant Personnel Director for a large ?blue-chip corporation in southern California. He took his present position not only because of an increase in pay and responsibility, but also because of what he termed ?the challenge of bringing this company from a 1950s human resource mentality to one more compatible with the realities of 1990s. Sweeney has been on the job for four months and has been assessing the situation to determine the more significant human resource problems. One significant problem seems to be high turnover among electrical engineers who work in Research and Development. This is the core of the research function and turnover rates have averaged about 30 percent per year over the past three years. In assessing the cause of the problem, Sweeney checked area wage surveys and found Electronic Applications paid five to eight percent above the market for various categories of electrical engineers. Since the company did not have a formal exit interview system, he could not check out other possible explanations through that mechanism. However, through informal conversations with a large number of individuals, including the engineers themselves, he learned that many of the engineers felt ?dead-ended in the technical aspects of engineering. In particular, the Research and Development Department had lost some of the younger engineers who had been considered to be on the ?fast track. Most had gone to competitors in the local area. One particular Research and Development employee who impressed Sweeney was Helen Morgan. Helen was 29 years old, had a B.S. degree in Electrical Engineering from California Institute of Technology, and was studying for her M.B.A. at the University of Santa Clara at night. Helen had been employed for seven years, three in an entry-level engineering position and four as a section chief. The latter promotion was the highest position in Research and Development other than the position of Director of Research and Development. Helen claimed that ?the company doesn’t really care about its good people. In her view, the present director, Harry James, doesn’t want to allow his better people to move up in the organization. He is more interested in keeping them in his own department so he can meet his own goals without having them to orient and train new people. Helen also claimed she was told she ?has a bright future with the company by both James and the former Personnel Director. Her performance appraisals have been uniformly excellent. She went on to criticize the company for using an appraisal form with no section dealing with future potential or future goals, no rewards for supervisors who develop their subordinates, no human resource planning to identify future job openings, no centralized job information or job positioning system, no career paths and/or career ladders, and attitudinal barriers against women in management positions. Sweeney checked out the information Morgan had provided him and fount it to be accurate. Moreover, he heard through the ?grapevine that she is in line for the excellent position with a nearby competitor. Clearly, he has an even greater challenge that he had anticipated. He realizes he has an immediate problem concerning high turnover of certain key employees. In addition, he also has a series of interconnected problems associated with career development. However, he is not quite sure what to do and in what order. Question Describe the nature and causes of the problem faced by Mr. Sweeney. 2. What additional questions should Sweeney ask or what additional information is needed before proceeding toward a solution to this problem? Why? 3. What are the individual and organization benefits of a formalized career development system? 4. If Sweeney decides to develop a formalized career development system of Electronic Applications, what components or types of service should be offered? Why? 5. Should the career development activities be integrated with other human resource management activities? If yes, which one? Why? 6. What criteria should Sweeney consider to evaluate good candidates for promotion? What criteria could be used to evaluate the performance of supervisors in development of their subordinates?

Cyber Crime And Homeland Security

Identify some of the most vulnerable targets for cyber terrorists. Identify which terrorist groups you think are most likely to exploit these vulnerabilities. How can you harden these targets against cyber terrorists? 4 pages in length (excluding cover page, abstract, and reference list) At least 4 cited sources

Research Paper

Research Paper. Write a research paper on a selected topic of project management, Challenges of global virtual projects. Follow APA Format Mandatory. Some good questions to ask yourself before turning in your research paper: § Is the paper clear and concise? § Is the title appropriate? § Is the paper of optimal length? § Is the paper well organized? § Does the abstract summarize well? § Are individual ideas assimilated well? § Are wording, punctuation, etc. correct? § Is the paper well motivated? § Is interesting problem/issue addressed? § Is knowledge of the area demonstrated? § Have all key reference been cited? § Are conclusions valid and appropriate? Final research paper (see rubric) with the following requirements (Submit by October 15, 2017.) § 10 -15 pages in content length plus cover page, references § 12 font-size, 1 margins, double-spaced, including figures, tables, etc. § APA formatted § Minimum six (6) sources – at least four (4) from peer reviewed journals § Include an abstract, introduction, and conclusion See rubric for more detailed grading criteria Research Paper Grading Rubric Criteria/Categories Indicators/Levels Score 5 4 3-2 1 Abstract and Introduction _____ x 5 = /25 Introduction should be clear with a preview of the main points Good introductory statement, but the preview of the main points is lacking Introductory statement is vague and main points are unclear Issue not clear and preview of the main points is incomplete Main Points and Sub Points ______ x 20 = /100 Main points are clearly stated and developed; specific examples/supporting points are appropriate and clearly developed; smooth transitions and well organized. Main points are clearly stated but development of examples/supporting points are lacking; smooth transitions between points. Main points are not clear. Audience has difficulty following presentation because student jumps around. Examples/supporting points are appropriate but need elaboration or are not well thought out. Main points are not clear, Audience cannot understand presentation because there is no sequence of information. Examples/supporting points are inappropriate for issue. Conclusion _____ x 5 = /25 Well-thought out concluding statement that summarizes main points well. Well-thought out concluding statement but does not summarize main points well. Does not have a well-thought out concluding statement, but summarizes main points well. Has neither a well-thought out concluding statement nor summarizes main points well. Spelling, grammar and punctuation _____ x 6 = /30 No more than two errors in any of these categories combined No more than eight errors in any of these categories combined Eight to twenty errors in these categories combined. More than twenty errors in these categories combined. /30 No more than two errors in any of these categories combined No more than eight errors in any of these categories combined Eight to twenty errors in these categories combined. More than twenty errors in these categories combined. Summary _____ x 4 = /20 Very interesting question. Evidence that student has put a great amount of thought into the subject. A rather interesting and challenging work, but student doesn’t show much excitement in the subject matter. Satisfactory work, but does not engage the reader Lack of writing skills seen by the quality of work. The concept was clearly not well thought out.
Research Paper

3-F Method

the concept of 3-F Method is introduced. Discuss the purpose of this concept and how it is calculated. Also perform your own research/analysis using these factors and provide your assessment on whether the United States need to introduce top talents in the field of big data and cloud computing by using bibliometrics. This should be 300 words

Trident International Hospital

Assignment Overview According to the World Health Organization (n.d.), ?Governance in the health sector refers to a wide range of steering and rule-making related functions carried out by governments/decisions [sic] makers as they seek to achieve national health policy objectives that are conducive to universal health coverage. There are a number of governance models that are in use today and they are continually evolving to meet the needs of the current healthcare environment. World Health Organization. (n.d.). Governance. Retrieved from Case Assignment Review the following two articles overviewing various types of governance models and the use of social media: Chaher, S. & Spellman, J. D. (2012). Corporate governance and social media: A brave new world for board directors. Retrieved from Banff Executive Leadership, Inc. (2005). Models of corporate/Board governance. Retrieved from You are the lead healthcare manager for Trident International Hospital (TIH). The governance board at TIH is seeking a new governance model. Your job is to prepare an informational report advising the board members of two governing models that would be ideal for TIH. In addition, the report should include a persuasive argument on the use of social media with the new governance model. Conduct additional research and your 2- to 3-page report should include the following: Explanation of each model. One positive and one challenge/barrier to each of the models presented. Background information and persuasive essay on the use of social media. For this assignment do not write in first person (e.g., ?I believe social media will be great.). The information presented in the informational report should be supported with scholarly resources. Assignment Expectations Conduct additional research to gather sufficient information to justify/support your responses. Limit your response to a maximum of 3 pages. Support your proposal with peer-reviewed articles with 2 or 3 references. Use the following link for additional information on how to recognize peer-reviewed journals:

Applying Ethical Theories Powerpoint

THIS IS A POWERPOINT ASSIGNMENT Analyze the ethical issue of poverty from the perspective of Mill’s utilitarianism, Kant’s deontological ethic, and Aristotle’s virtue ethic; while applying social contract theory. Conclude the presentation by defending one of these approaches. Narrate the presentation using speaker’s notes. Presentation should consist of 10-12 slides, including an introductory slide and a reference slide. Must have at least 6 academic sources cited in APA.

Researching For Evidence

For this written assignment, select one recent (within the past two years) evidence-based article from a peer reviewed nursing journal that describes a “best practice” in an area of nursing you are interested in. For example, if you would like to be a pediatric nurse, select an article that discusses a best practice in pediatric care. Cite the article and provide a brief overview of how the results or findings were obtained. Then describe the “best practice.” Conclude your discussion by explaining whether you thought the research findings supported the conclusions and the best practice. This assignment must be no more than 3 pages long. It should include all of the required elements. Use APA Editorial format and attach a copy of the article.

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