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Create a 10-page professional development topic for teaching and learning in geometry.

Follow the rubric down to every detail!Use textbook “Designing Professional Development for Teachers of Science and Mathematics” Chapters 1,2, 3, and 5 only as main source. Feel free to references other sources.This project will allow you to synthesize your knowledge gained in the course for teaching geometry conceptually and develop a training to be used with pre-service (undergraduate students) or current teachers in the K-12 setting.For this assignment you may create your professional development in paper format. This rubric will count for 70% of your total grade for this project.The other 30% of your grade will come from the following items and criteria:Geometry content was correct, corresponded to the objectives stated, and was grade or participant level appropriate (20%)Criteria for Paper SubmissionsIn addition to the rubric provided, paper submissions need to adhere to the following guidelines:• Paper is a minimum of 10 pages in length (4%)• Paper is formatted using APA7 guidelines (3%)• References are provided in APA7 format (3%)Check attachments.

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