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create a descriptive essay topic should be based on paragraph below

Made my reservation, to go skydiving. Woke up like normal the day of got dressed and headed out. Did my normal morning routine got my Starbucks coffee and a snack.  I showed early so i sat in my car for 15minutes and finished my Starbucks. Now I’m all checked in. the Diver gave me a long list of dos and don’ts now I’m scared what if I don’t activate my parachute on time. Anxiety at an all-time high I still fallowed through.  we are on the plane now the diver is giving me the little prep talk before the jump. “On the count of 3 we jump”. “1,2,3”, I was still standi g there so the other diver pushed me. Oh no, I forgot how to activate my parachute. now I’m panicking I passed out mid-air then my phone started ringing it was just a dream.  OverviewYour assignment for this module is to write a narrative essay. You may base this story on an experience you have had or create a completely fictional story; regardless, make sure your narrative centers on a compelling conflict that propels the action forward. Use description to effectively flesh out the characters that appear in the story and to make the settings in which it takes place come alive. Use chronological order to present your experience in a logical manner; you may also use flashbacks (or perhaps even flash forwards) to jump around in time, but make sure the reader can easily follow the action of the story. Use transitions to effectively tie events together and connect your ideas. Your final paper should be 2–4 typed, double spaced pages (approximately 500 to 1000 words).

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