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create a persuasive presentation to the CEO on needing to purchase production equipment such as a case erector and

create a persuasive presentation to the CEO on needing to purchase production equipment such as a case erector and case sealer to minimize the amount of downtime the production workers manually folding and taping boxes.

– show the current Union wages in the Bay Area
– show the cost of the two machines
– show the improvement on finished goods output per day with the two automated machines compared to the manual work
– show return on investment

please write down notes and speaking points in the “Notes” section of the documents

question about management

Part A need 500-600 words
Part B need 4 pages
All part need APA style, and cited
Do not share this work to anyone or upload this work in any website
Read DocA first , do not miss anything or details. If you have any question or need anything please let me know
All work is needed write in right format and no errors in grammar, punctuation, word choice, spelling.
Do not use any real name or real company name, for all work you can use “A company” without a name (No need to introduce the company in detail) or use I have Internship in a company.
Do not use any other resources, use your own words to finish this or change and rewrite it, do not share this work or upload it to any website, and it has to be your original work.
Answer from the perspective of students, only internship experience
This is an assignment for an advanced professional course

For this assignment, I want you to find a recent article (from January 1, 2022 or after) related to

Management Assignment Help For this assignment, I want you to find a recent article (from January 1, 2022 or after) related to the topic Risk Avoidance and summarize it in 400 – 700 words. You can use a local paper (e.g. the NewsStar) or any national news source (New York Times, Fox News, Politico, Washington Post, USA Today, Wall Street Journal, Huffington Post, Bloomberg News, Google News, CNN, etc.) It can also be an insurance news source (e.g. propertycasualty360, Insurance Journal, Business Insurance, etc.)

Remember this class is about Risk Management and Insurance, not just insurance. It could be related to risk management, insurance or a government entitlement program that we have talked about in this class. This can be anything related to risk management, liability, health care coverage, etc…

I see topics related to what we’ve discussed in class every day in the news media. Be creative.

You only need to cite one article for this paper, but you are welcome to cite more than one.

It cannot be about the stock or investment market or anything specifically about a purely financial or speculative risk.

The short research paper should be typed, 1 .5 spaced and 400 (Times New Roman or Arial 11 or 12 font).

The paper should include all of the following:
1. SUMMMARIZE – You should summarize the article (there should be evidence that you read the article without plagiarizing what they wrote – see #6 below)
2. RELATE – You should explain how each relates to the material we studied in this class answering the following at least:
1. How has this risk been managed (or how should it be managed?)
2. What, if any, types of insurance might be applicable here? (e.g. property, auto, liability, workers’ compensation, health insurance, life insurance)
3. OPINION/CONCLUSION – You must END the narrative of this paper (before the citations) with your opinion of how the risk was handled or SHOULD have been handled.
4. SOURCE – I am not picky about the format of your citation as long as if it is from an Internet link, it includes the link that will take me directly to the information you used at the end of the paper, not just to the homepage of that website. For example, if you used an article from the website,, you would NOT use this as a citation, but instead, a citation such as
5. You can use more than source but you are not required to do so.
6. USE YOUR OWN WORDS – You must use your own words or use quotations when you are using someone else’s words. More than five words strung together from a single source and not quoted and cited, will be considered plagiarism. If you do use quotes, explain them in your own words, and cite your source within your paper. No more than 10% of your paper should be quoted. Any instances of plagiarism will result in a score of 0 on this assignment.

Strategic Management Focal Company: Merck

Strategic Management

Focal Company: Merck

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