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Criminal Evidence and policing

You should include your career goals and how this course may fit with those. Please look at our official course objectives and explain how you can show your mastery of these or how you will use those in your future career. official, course objectives: The student will be expected to learn; the historical development and transformation of the rules of evidence used in the administration of justice; understand the terminology and procedure utilized in courtrooms around the country; comprehend the reasons and significance for inclusion and exclusion of evidence bases on these rules; realize that simple failure to comply with the rules of evidence can potentially contaminate a criminal case for the prosecution or defense. Completion of this course, as well as other law enforcement classes, will prepare the student for transfer to the Police Academy, education at universities and colleges, or for background for those individuals in positions at various city, county, state, or federal law enforcement agencies, or in the field of security in business and industry.A little about me is I am getting an associate degree in social science and plan to become a police officer.

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