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Criminal Justice Question

Compare and contrast Federalist #84 of the Federalist Papers (Links to an external site.) and Robert Yates’ “Brutus II” (Links to an external site.). What were the authors’ perspectives on a “bill of rights”? Why were anti-federalists skeptical of the Constitution as it was originally proposed? How do conflict and consensus theories apply to the transition from the Articles of Confederation to the Constitution with its Bill of Rights?Your paper should conform to APA style and be in .doc, .docx, or .rtf format. Your submission will be computer analyzed for plagiarism, and the score will be reported to the instructor.

Art Journal 300 words

Before beginning this Art Journal, be sure to view the supplement Web Link That Far Corner – Frank Lloyd Wright in Los Angeles.

This documentary focuses on the unsuccessful homes that Frank Lloyd Wright designed while attempting to re-invent himself in Los Angeles in the early 20th century. Time has changed the opinions that once surrounded these homes. In addition, the film digs into some depth regarding what helped to influence the style of these homes.
Journal Questions: 300 words total
Describe the cultural and any visual influences that pertain to 2 Los Angeles homes.
Describe how these cultural influences and homes relate or remind you of your own personal experiences?
This film often refers to the homes as being unfriendly and or the product of someone that was disturbed. Do you share the same views? Explain why or why not.
Do not go to Google for answers to the questions or supporting information. The journal experience is about you telling me your very own thoughts and opinions while viewing the documentary film.
Time stamping and citing from the film may prove helpful (at 12:16 when such and such is mentioned) when the name of the artwork might be in question or to better support your idea.
DO NOT use outside sources to help write your journal entry.

Discussion exploring gender in relation to verbal and nonverbal communication

Discussion should be at least 200 words minimum for each prompt. There are two prompts for this discussion. Answers for each prompt should be supported with life experiences and from readings. In-text citations are required from textbook with page numbers. Quotes should be a minimum of 10 words for each answer. All in-text should be in APA format. I will provide attachments of chapter readings for this discussion if needed to look back and get examples.

build new LNG facilities based on Lessons Learned in Qatar?

Writing Assignment Help Please use the attached 5 sources. The writer will need to go through them and extract key lessons learned from a project management perspective and answer the research title.

Possible sections and sub-sections, the writer is free to add more and modify:

I. Introduction
Qatar currently produces 77 Million Tonnes Per Annum (MTPA)

II. Mega-Projects Lessons Learned (Success/Failures)

A. Engineering

B. Procurement

C. Construction / Commissioning

Probation and Parole Project

Probation and Parole are major components within the field of community corrections. This week, you will be required to provide a presentation detailing the primary functions of each type of agency (Probation and Parole agency) as well as the primary duties of a probation and parole officer.
The presentation should be in Microsoft PowerPoint, SlideShare, Prezi or any other Presentation software.
The presentation should have a minimum of 16 slides.
Please ensure that you also include AUDIO with your presentation. However, do not read your slides. Please elaborate on each slide as if you were presenting this information to the class).
To add audio, you will need to create a Screencast presentation (Links to an external site.) using the Kaltura CaptureSpace Recorder (Links to an external site.) to record it. Refer to this tutorial (Links to an external site.) for step-by-step details.
Please include the following information in your presentation: Provide an overview of and explain the similarities and differences between probation and parole agencies.
Discuss the probation violation procedure.
Discuss the relationship between determinate sentencing, prosecutorial discretion and disparate justice.
Define conditional release and its relationship to parole.
Discuss the composition of the parole board and its functions and criticism.
Discuss the role of the probation and parole officer as an agent of rehabilitation, as a broker or advocate and as a law enforcement agent.

Resources for the assignment
American Probation and Parole Association (Links to an external site.)
Occupational Outlook (Probation Officers) (Links to an external site.)
What is the Difference between Probation and Parole (Links to an external site.)
Job duties and Salaries of Parole Officer (Links to an external site.)
Parole Board Guidelines

Course: TLMT411 Air Transportation Discuss: In the commercial aviation industry, there are three basic types of carriers. These three Essay

Course: TLMT411 Air Transportation

Discuss: In the commercial aviation industry, there are three basic types of carriers. These three categories are defined by the total retail gross revenue a company makes in a year. The three categories are: major, national, and regional carriers. The major carrier is one that produces a gross revenue of over one billion dollars. Secondly, the national carrier is one that makes between 100 million and 1 billion dollars. Lastly, the regional carrier, which is divided into two different categories, produces ten to 99.9 million dollars for the large regional carrier and a small regional carrier makes less than ten million dollars. Also discuss the effects of COVID-19 on these three carriers.

The paper (text) must be a minimum of 1000 words and be in APA formatting. APA format requires double space, cover page, headers, and a references list. Please refer to the Course Research Center in the discussion area for help with writing.

Also, the paper must have at least 3-5 references, meeting the requirements of an academic reference (Wikipedia and similar sites do not count).

* References cannot be older than 5 years.*

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