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Criminal Justice

understanding the concept of development of gangs, theories have been
established to explain this phenomenon. According to my opinion, the validated
concept that provides a sound explanation is the capitalistic system. One of
the main aspects highlighted in this theory is the dissatisfaction that stems
form human beings failing to be content and striving to look for me consistently.
The mentality developed because of this discontent drives the need to create for
venues to seek money without necessarily considering the legality of the

            `I agree
with the opinion forwarded by Emile Durkheim, there is need to develop a
culture that upholds solid institutions and structures, which are family,
education, and religion. It is valid to state that the capitalistic nature of
this theory is empowering to individuals to face disconnect with the society. This
predicament sets them on a path of crime and facilitates the popularity of
gangs with the state. The feeling of inadequacy should be emphasized as a key
element that is promoting this criminal activity, especially when it concerns
gang members that are from poor and broken families.

            In my
opinion, I am in total agreement with the reality of poverty and employment
also being key drivers in the capitalistic system that promotes the increase in
criminal rate. As explained in the article, the results of the economic recession
that occurred in 2007 included increased crime rates within various states as
people became more desperate and thus sought out means for survival in the then
devastated economy. This is an exemplary example that depicts the influence of
capitalism within a societal setting as well as the imbalance and disconnect it
creates hence counteracting establishment of cohesion within communities.

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Reality TV

            In the
recent times, reality television has been considered a new form of
entertainment that has become quite popular with the younger generation.
However, despite its popularity, it has also received negative feedback from
critics. Some of the negative opinions forwarded are that reality TV programmes
are considerably average as they are filler entertainment that promotes
bullying, cliques and melodrama. The critics go further to request that money
spent in producing these shows to be directed towards making material that is
more meaningful. Contrary to this, the positive aspect about this genre is that
it has solely been able to transform TV by making shows more lively and
fascinating as compared to scripted programmes. This is primarily because it
displays real life experiences and social interactions. The paper presents a
thorough analysis of the positive and negatives of reality TV through
evaluation of various articles on this topic. Thus, elaborating on the transformation
of television programs and the influence on the entertainment industry into an
educative yet entertaining entity.

            One of the
fundamental attributes that has popularized reality TV it provides a platform
where crucial topics within the community can be addressed and showcased. Some
of these issues are racial, gender-related, or concerning sexual orientation (Murray).
The aforementioned topics are sensitive within the community setting hence
reality TV plays the role of depicting the various opinions held by the
characters, who are a representation of the community. Emotional impact is
experienced when watching reality TV (Hirschorn). This element is created by
some of the techniques employed in creating this documentary-like series.
Firstly, Reality TV allows actual characters to be placed in an artificially
developed environment during the filming (Hirschorn). Secondly, this genre
benefits from selecting the best attributes of scripted TV as well as
documentary filming. Owing to this feature, the work produced incorporates only
the best elements thus guaranteeing the product is entertaining, captivating,
and unique in its own right.

            Scripted TV
is considered more favored in the entertainment industry because it actualizes
ambition. According to Michael, scripted TV brings challenges to the audiences
as seen through programmes such as 24,
Criminal Minds and CSI. This has
been through employment of complexity in plot development, incorporation of
movie level standards in production and use of recurring characters that
capture the attention of the audience (Murray).
This element is arguably valid. However, despite the intrigue created by
scripted programmes, there is lack of exploration of the imaginative aspect. In
this regard, reality TV covers this aspect as predictability is obsolete hence
capturing the attention of the audience even further. This claim is supported
by Murray, who states that reality TV engages viewers from a human level, which
is more personalized (Murray) as compared to cinematic products
that are indifferent to the human aspect.

Winfrey, the author of “Bimbos, pimps and angry black women:
The problem with reality TV” reiterates that Reality TV has played a major role
in creating a negative stereotype about the African American community.
According to her, reality TV represents this community as being comprised of
bimbos, pimps, and angry black women as derived from the title (Harris). In this claim, she elucidates that programs
such as Real Housewives of Atlanta
portray the cast, which is comprised mostly of African Americans as no role
models. This Is primarily because these shows promotes narcissism, bullying,
arrogance, back stabbing, cliquey, money grubbing, arrogance, disloyalty and
self involvement (Harris). The aforementioned
aspects are considered negative and promoting such traits is detrimental to the

            Harris, Murray,
and Hirschorn discuss on reality TV as a new form of entertainment as well as
the positive and negative elements of this genre. By evaluating their opinions,
it is valid to state that reality TV has transformed entertainment in a
positive way despite some of the flaws observed. The appeal to the human aspect
is overwhelmingly convincing and a contributive factor to the popularity this
genre has gained. This newfound knowledge concerning reality TV is important to
the viewers in choosing what to watch during their leisure time.

Works Cited

Hirschorn, Michael. ‘The Case For
Reality TV’. The Atlantic 2015. Web. 9 Oct. 2015.

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Angry Black Women: The Problem With Reality TV’. Psychology Today. N.p.,
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Murray, Scott. ‘The Positives Of
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Globalization and the Decline in International Trade essay help online free




Globalization and the Decline in International Trade

Definition of Globalization

refers to the process of international interaction that involves the
integration of people, worldwide views, and exchange of culture and ideologies.
In the economic sense, it mainly affects the aspects of international trade,
investment opportunities and advancement of information technology. All these
processes involve the combined efforts of worldwide governments and companies
to come up with policies that foster better relations and operations as a

Causes of the decline in international

the decline of the global trade has brought about strain and disappointment in
many economic markets around the world. This means that once the aspect of
international trade begins to fail, the concept of globalization equally
deteriorates. The main issues causing this slow down is the controversial
aspects of trade that continuously takes over the authentic and legit processes.
A good example is the competition that is brought about by the introduction of goods
that come from low-wage manufacturing experts who create many unemployment
challenges. Similarly, due to wage inequality and labor market problems, large
dislocations of industries and well performing market take place. The owners in
this case are usually determined to look for low wage employees too as well.

In other cases, there is the weakness in the import
demand from participant countries. High-income countries such as the USA find it
hard attracting market from lesser-developed countries because of the
difference in economies and financial wealth. This kind of problem makes it
impossible for countries to recover after manufacturing of products resulting
in lower production and lesser trade.  

Another issue in maintaining the continuity in
international trade is that, many countries fail to adopt sensitivity
especially to changes in global income. Products and services become more
unaffordable and eventually, the countries experience loss in market. The
global market is generally poor and the lack of a standardized evaluation on
the prices of certain things only makes the situation worse. 

Lastly, increased trade protection also slows down the
growth of global trade because there are barriers slowing down possibilities of
liberalization. Dismantling this barriers in many international markets has
improved this issue, however many countries are constantly coming up with more barriers.
Certain trade restrictions have come up due to insecurities brought about by
terrorism among other international related crimes and the situation gets worse

Areas most affected by the decline of the international

advancement in technology may improve the dwindling state of global trade. This
is because with technology, there is cheaper transportation, faster
communication and more efficient production. In addition, the political
instability in many countries weakens their ability to focus on the economic
growth and trade practices. Coming up with measures that may be adopted by
developing countries could stabilize their income. This may also involve
helping countries facing attacks and unrest to expand economic boundaries
despite the political situation within the country.

effort to update and strengthen global trade is in progress especially with
governments resisting excessive protectionism. Despite the numerous job losses
and inconsiderate global prices, costs have been offset by the lowering of
consumer prices, which means that the products and services become affordable
to the lower income countries. Similarly, the issue of dislocation of companies
has been handled with the rapid rise of replacement businesses that are more
efficient and equally advanced.

Living on Campus to Living Off Campus essay help online




Living on Campus to Living Off Campus

            Campus life
is considered an exciting experience of undergraduates as it provides a
platform for self-realization and actualization through academic excellence and
social experience. One of the major decisions a student is faced with when
deciding on living arrangement when joining campus is whether to live within or
off campus. This is because both options seem appealing and offer benefits that
can make a student’s life easier during the course of their programme. In order
to make the right decision, it is imperative to evaluate the beneficial and
negative aspects of each option. This will allow one to decide on the best
option that offers comfortability and a conducive environment for learning.

Living off Campus

Access to the Kitchen

            In most
campuses, it is common to observe that they are equipped with kitchens and
appliances necessary for food preparation. This is one of the best features as
no costs are incurred. However, there is always the hustle of waiting for the
first person to finish cooking. This process of waiting for turns can be time
consuming. Living off campus assures one unlimited access to the kitchen and
enough time to prepare delicious home cooked meals. Additionally, it also saves
on time.

Preparation for Adult Life

            Students who
live off campus are provided with an opportunity to experience adulthood in
terms of handling responsibilities. This is because they are tasked with the responsibilities
of paying bills such as house rent, maintaining cleanliness within their living
space, as well as handling their money well. Through this experience, they are
provided with a glimpse of the real world and are better prepared to handle it
after clearing their tertiary education.


            Living off
campus assures the student privacy and enough room for doing all sorts of
activities. Study time is more relaxed and one is able to concentrate, as there
are no interruptions from roommates. This allows a student to be more productive
especially when preparing for an exam or writing an assignment. The school
environment can be stressful at times. Living off campus provides alone time to
relax without any distraction and refocus academics after resting adequately.

Living on Campus

Academic Performance

            According to
the report published by the American Council of Education, students that live
within campus achieve more academically as compared to those who live off
campus. They have an advantageous edge because they are able to access mentors,
lecturers and course material easily as compared to their counterparts. They
are also less stressed about fulfilling responsibilities such as paying bills
thus all their efforts are directed towards reading and making academic

Time management and convenience

            Living on
campus is considered very convenient. This is because students are able to
access various services and resources offered within this setting. The ease of
access is due to close proximity. They are able to attend social functions and
events within the institution as well as enjoy the recreational centers
anytime. In terms of accessing food, it is cheaper within the university and
saves on time allowing the students to attend classes even after short breaks. Hence,
students are able to achieve more socially and academically.

conclusion, it is obvious to observe that living in campus presents a more
conducive environment for reading. This is primarily its saves on time and it
is less stressful as compared to living off campus. Students who live in campus
have more time to focus on their studies, which is the primary reason for
attending college. Hence, it is the right decision to make.

Catholic Social Teaching’s Application in Mechanical Engineering college essay help near me




Catholic Social
Teaching’s Application in Mechanical Engineering

The Affirmation of the Fundamental Rights and Responsibilities of Every

Mechanical Engineering is an esteemed profession thus well
paying by default. It follows that they are privileged to occupy a higher
social class than the ordinary citizen. The above social tenet implies that
accompanied to every right is a corresponding duty. Every individual and by
extension mechanical engineer ought to respect and uphold everyone’s right to life. They should aspire to
provide to the less fortunate opportunities to acquire and subsequently enjoy
these fundamental rights. A mechanical engineer ought to design a vehicle with
consideration to posterity and the environment. By doing this, they will reduce pollution and given the metropolitans their right to health. Correspondingly,
by designing a vehicle that consumes less fuel they will have helped lower the
cost of transport. These people will be able to allocate the savings to other
expenses. This tenet posits that raising the standard of living of others has a
dynamo effect. The society will have increased purchasing power to buy the
technological gadgets created by the said engineers increasing their income. The
welfare of the upper class and the lower is interconnected. Efficient machinery
prevents accidents that may lead to loss of life.

The Protection of the Dignity of Work and the Rights of Workers

Work is an essential part of humanity,
and its continuity ensures the sustenance of life. It follows that by merely doing
their daily work mechanical engineers are helping in the betterment of society.
They can provide necessities for their families
and secure a good life for their grandchildren.
Mechanical engineers have the ability to transform nature to suit the needs of
humanity. For instances, their inventions have
helped to harness the natural resource water to create electricity. By helping
to brighten the night, they have in turn
reduced social vices like crime. The mechanical engineer has a right to the association to enhance his working condition. This
is in line with the social teaching that demands everyone should strive to
actualize his or her potential. The
position of the mechanical engineer is elevated
because of the profession. They have subordinates working under them. Where
they are the ones giving these workers remuneration, they should ensure that it
is fair. They should aim to ensure the employees can sustain their livelihoods similar to the way they join unions
to fight for their own. The objective of their work should be helping society.
It follows that they are mandated to alert their employers for any defective
product. Their allegiance is first to the promotion of human life before their
employer. As such, they are allowed to whistle blow if the employer does not
heed their warnings. The mechanical engineer can comply with the above tenet by
being inventive. New technologies create employment. By helping to alleviate poverty,
they help the said poor fend for their

Public Service Values Essay writing essay help
Service Values Essay



Service Values Essay

Conceptions of Public Service

The article “Public
Values: An Inventory” by Torben
Beck Jørgensen and Barry Bozeman discusses the significance, scope, and
challenges that restrict the growth of studies in public value. The wide nature
of both the public and the values aspect make it relatively difficult to carry
out. The initial sections of the paper cover the analytical problems that researchers
face while studying public values and values as an independent element. The paper
the progresses into the public values setting and ultimately pose analytical
queries on aspects such as proximity of public values, causality, and hierarchy.
The origin and scope of application of the “public” aspect in values was a
pertinent issue. For instance, it is unclear whether private organizations fall
under the entrapments of public values. The other elements that emerged
dominant include the issue of hierarchy among public values, alternatives for
evaluating public values and the compatibility among the public values. Jørgensen
and Bozeman (2007)
argued that these four aspects complicated the study of public values
considerably. The approach of these two authors was to evaluate the place, suitability,
and effect of public service values

Relationship Between Articles and ASPA Code

The first principle
in the ASPA code of ethics is advancing
the public interest. The principle proposes that all practices should seek to enhance
public interests rather than individual ones. This involves avoiding populist
decisions and serving the public with respect and courtesy. The article
by Jørgensen and Bozeman
discusses the study of public service values. Streamlining the functional aspects
of public service as well as implementing them in the right way will reflect on
the dispensation of public services.

Significance of Articles

article by Jørgensen and Bozeman
contributes greatly towards understanding public administration as a field. Within
this sector, the issue of bureaucracy and complexity of different elements greatly
hampers the theoretical and practical performance. Simplifying the different
parts of public values with the intention of making them easy to understand
among peers will improve the understanding of public administration. Public
values represent the core of public administration and consequently, addressing
issues such as jurisdiction and assessment will have a positive influence on
the sector. The article also assists in understanding the role of public
service values in public administration by bringing out the different
relationships and their effect on each other. Jørgensen and Bozeman (2007) presented several layers of
public values. The relationship between the players in the public sector and
society, players who transform interests to decisions as well as between politicians
and public administrators are all informative aspects covered by Jørgensen and
Bozeman that improve understanding of public administration. Conversely, the
paper also hindered the understanding of the role of public service values by discussing
the problems it creates on the bigger field. While discussing the challenges
posed by researchers, it creates chaos for junior researchers.

Conceptions of Public Service

next article “The Heart of the Profession: Understanding Public Service Values”
by Anthony Molina and Cassandra McKeown discusses the introduction of public services
values into the learning curriculum for public administrators. It is expected
that the approach would improve the quality of administrators being released for
duty in terms of performance. The paper employed a survey that collected the
opinions of state and domestic public administrators concerning the significance
that public values had on their profession. The results of the study concluded
that administrators applied a combination of moral, vocational, egalitarian,
and human values to uphold legitimacy. In the public administration setting,
legitimacy was assumed to encapsulate personal integrity, professional competency,
respect for democratic standards, and the capacity to sustain constructive
relationships with the public and workmates.

Relationship between Articles and ASPA Code

article by Molina and McKeown discussed the inclusion of public values in the
curriculum of public administrators. In particular, it endorsed the
introduction of personal integrity, professional competency, and respect for
democratic standards among other aspects. This is in line with principle 3 and
6 that demand that administrators promote democratic participation and exhibit personal
integrity respectively. Concerning the first principle, Molina and McKeown (2012)
proposed that all administrators should be instructed on the best way to infuse
an aspect of legitimacy in the public. This is in line with exhibiting personal
integrity as it fosters trust in the public service. Molina and McKeown
acknowledged the significance of ensuring that legitimacy was instilled in the
society. Through legitimacy, the authors noted that it would be easy for public
administration to realize a close partnership with the public and simultaneously
achieve its objectives. The paper also discussed about capacity to sustain
constructive relationships that is closely related to the next principle that
is promoting democratic participation. Molina and McKeown (2012) proposed that the
changes in the curriculum should include aspects that make an administrator able
to maintain useful contact with the public. In the ASPA Code Principles, it was
indicated that administrators should strive to acknowledge and support the
public’s right to know their issues.


Top of Form

Top of Form

T. B., & Bozeman,
B. (2007). Public Values: An Inventory. Administration and Society, 39, 3,

A. D. F., & McKeown, C. L. (2012). The Heart of the Profession:
Understanding Public Service Values. Journal of Public Affairs Education,
18, 2, 375-396.

Bottom of Form

Bottom of Form

Comparison between Colony and Nation writing essay help




between Colony and Nation

George Washington
was at the forefront in leading Americans in the colonies in the Revolutionary
War that protested the draconian British policies. Through signing of the
declaration of independence, America
was essentially free from British influence thus making it a fully-fledged
nation. The definition of a colony and a nation is important in understanding
political vocabulary. In the administrative context, a colony can be described
as any territory that exists under the direct political influence of a state,
separate from the home territory of the ruling state. Therefore, all colonies
are controlled by different ruling states. Conversely, nations are independent
political entities that are characterized by large populations of people
sharing common characteristics including ethnicity, language, traditions, and territory.
Nations are also organized by political instruments that ensure territorial
integrity and security is maintained.

In terms of
governance and decision-making, nations and colonies differ in the following
way. Colonies lack the authority to make any political or economic decisions
that affect their situation. All initiatives originate from the ruling state
that also implements them in the colony. Therefore, they lack the basic
political activities that regulate and select decision makers in society. Conversely,
nations have the freedom to select their leaders using voting systems and
control their power in government. Lastly, a nation is different from a colony
in that the population in a nation exercise rule over themselves. The residents
in a colony are ruled by foreign administrators. Consequently, it should be
understood that people in colonies also share similar qualities such as ethnic
heritage, territory, and traditions. However, they have to transform into self-rule
before technically being considered a nation. In conclusion, the practice of
having colonies ended after WWII when all human beings were considered free
people to exercise self-rule and political autonomy.

A DAUGHTER OF HAN best college essay help




What is the theme in “A Daughter of Han?”

The book focuses
on the struggle of women in a male chauvinist society in a bid to survive and
raise a family. Lao is married off at a young age of 15 to a much older man
whose minimal contribution to financial matters within the household force her
to seek alternative means of survival. She does odd jobs and even ends up in
the street as a homeless person although she exhibits the will to remain
hopeful of a better future. It is thus an exploration of the difficulties
endured by such working class women within a harsh environment and whose
outcome is unknown due to the dire poverty levels, oppressive culture, and
minimal academic qualifications.

Describe Lao’s Childhood and its comparison
to that of her children

Lao grew up in a
relatively modest middle class family in which basic needs never lacked.
Whereas the family experienced hardships, she was able to experience the care
of her parents and freedom to pursue her dreams as well as follow some of their
cultural beliefs. For instance, she was not bound her feet and she was married
off early according to their customs. In contrast, her children, Mantze and
Chinay as well as the girl who survives after the death of another brother are
brought up in squalid conditions due to her inability to work and her husband’s
addiction to opium. The misfortunes befalling them force her children to
experience sadness thereby leading to a dysfunctional childhood that haunts them

What is Lao’s life as a young bride like?

In line with the
customs of her community, Lao is forced into marrying an older man hence
resulting in a loveless marriage. His addiction to opium reduces chances of
affection and intimacy within the home thus making her feel lonely and
abandoned most of the time. Rather than live a blissful life, she resents the
arrangement and just tolerates his behavior despite her emotional state being
weak and in favor of divorcing him. It is a stressful lifestyle as she is
constantly deriding her husband for his wayward ways while feeling sorry for
herself for getting her children into this predicament.

Why does Mantze blame Lao for her lifetime
of disappointments?

As her daughter,
Mantze blames Lao for getting married to her thief who does not provide
anything for his family just like her father because her mother chose the
groom. Mantze considers Lao culpable for her misfortunes because the latter
never took time to learn from her mistakes nor did she offer wise counsel to
her daughter Mantze in order for the latter to make informed choices in life. According
to her, Lao neglected her parental duty to offer guidance while facilitating
her negative spiral that mirrored Lao’s life. For example, they both got
married to dead bit men who had vices such as drug addiction and robbery.

Compare the reaction of Lao when her
husband fails to bring home food to that of her mother if she were in the same

Lao is a lazy
woman who does not attempt to feed her children hence leading to numerous
periods in which the household sleeps hungry. She lives a dependent lifestyle
due to her lack of knowledge on the means of making a living and this behavior worsens
their living conditions. In contrast, Lao’s mother would have headed to the
fields to search for some food or even offered to do some menial jobs within
the community just ensure that she made food available for them to east. She
was a hardworking woman who thus became the breadwinner of Lao’s family since
the latter depended on her support before her death to feed her struggling

What is Chinya’s fate in relation to the

Chinya is Lao’s
daughter and she too is forced into marriage to an older man who apparently has
little time for family issues since he is busy conducting robberies. She
therefore experiences the same heartbreak as her mother due to the lack of
financial security in the family. The settings are similar to those undergone
by Lao and reinforce the notion that a poor upbringing negatively affects the offspring’s
since they lack a sense of normalcy vital in making positive life choices. The
extension of poverty in Chinya’s life and marriage to an abusive husband illustrates
the fact that hardships are borne even by successive generations especially in
instances where members do not learn from their mistakes.

What changes does Lao make in order to

Lao begins by
divorcing her husband in order to escape the drug-fueled lifestyle surrounding
her children in a bid to give them a normal upbringing. Whereas this action
lands her in the streets begging for food, she also realizes that she needs to
fend for herself to ensure the continuity of her family. She therefore embarks
on a series of menial jobs around the community to eke a living and even though
she finds such an arrangement tough, she opts to stick to it because it is
better than lazing around. In becoming proactive, she makes a transformation
from her earlier habits hence is able to survive the harsh village conditions.

How does the death of Lao’s parents affect
her life choices?

The month-long gap
between the death of her father and mother mellows her thinking and helps to
gain maturity by deciding to be a positive influence in her children’s lives
since death reveals the feeble nature of humanity. The parents supported her
during hard times, their demise served to jolt her into being hardworking
especially by offering guidance to her children so that they may not endure
anymore suffering. It also makes her develop a forgiving spirit that leads to
their reunification with her husband upon realizing that everyone makes
mistakes in life hence correcting them should be the priority rather than having
hatred to such victims. She thus chooses to make a positive impact in their

Describe the impact of Lao’s brother and
sister in her life

Lao is the
youngest hence learns various things from her older siblings. For example, the
cultural values and rituals inherent in their community are witnessed in her
sister’s life when she is married off at a young age to an older man. She too
undergoes the same ceremony hence this event provides her with a glimpse of her
destiny as well. Her brother also teaches her many things as they grow up thereby
helping to develop a bond between them. The rivalry among them enables her to be
ambitious in life especially after the death of their parents since she
realizes that she has to be independent.

Describe the captive mentality of the

The fortunetellers
consulted by Lao advise her not to divorce her drug addicted husband due to the
possibility of her indulging in other series of failed marriages with diverse
men. Such opinions convince her to abandon these plans thereby forcing her to withstand
humiliation, abuse, and poverty. The predictions have an overpowering force
over her that they convince Lao to degrade herself as well as the children into
submitting to a dysfunctional home environment and this robs them of a normal
and happy upbringing.


Lao T’ai-t’ai, and Ida Pruitt. 2004. A daughter of Han: the autobiography of
a Chinese working woman. Beijing:
Foreign Languages Press.

Keith. 2002. The fall of the god of money: opium smoking in
nineteenth-century China.
Lanham: Rowman & Littlefield Publishers.

Cannery Chapter 16 Summary college essay help online




Chapter 16 Summary

Chapter 16 of the novel
Cannery Row starts in March, a month
when sardine harvesting occupies the better part of the day for Dora’s girls. Apart
from the regular patrons, a brigade of soldiers was also visiting the city.
Cannery Row was suddenly transformed into a sea of excitement although the buzz
was quickly extinguished by a serious influenza outbreak. The small number
of doctors at Monterey
was unable to treat all of the patients. While most of the Cannery Row
occupants used to the harsh conditions, a large number still fall
sick. Doc is not a qualified physician but the situation forces him to
give medical advice and assistance regardless of his professional status. The
task becomes overburdening and deprives him of sleep. He first encounters Dora
in this state. Dora pities the exhausted Doc and extends her help. He readily agrees
and requests if several of Dora’s girls were able to monitor the
Ransels, a family who was completely ill and afraid of being left alone. While
this was a frenzied occasion for her, Dora marshaled the Bear Flag girls to assist
Doc. Alternating the ordinary customer shifts, the girls take trips to check on
all the sick families and deliver them soup. Dora constantly consulted Doc on
the right choice to make in special cases and simultaneously managed to
maintain normal operations at the Bear Flag. In the end, Bear Flag experiences
one of busiest periods and all the girls are thankful when the influenza
pandemonium finally ceases. I think that this chapter is one of the most
interesting in the novel. Cannery Row is a quaint little town that becomes
excited at the outbreak of influenza. The reader is allowed a glimpse into the
character and thoughts of the protagonists. Furthermore, I was also impressed
by the level of simplicity incorporated into the narration.

ONLINE COMMERCE WEBSITE writing essay help





& State:


Commerce Website

I: Journal

11th October 2015:

I have visited
(11.00pm) in order to understand the various functions or aspects that a
website possesses in order to maintain effectiveness. With the website being an
online cinema franchise, the assignment allowed me to comprehend the various
factors that constitute an online commerce website.

3: Report

Part One: Website

website in question comprises
The business model in this case involves an online commerce website in the form
of a cinema franchise.

1.1.1. In this case, the website is
comprised of a range of features. The first part involves a fair and easily
accessible Uniform Resource Locator (URL). In definition, a URL mainly
constitutes an address for a respective Internet resource (Piechnick 2015). In
this respect, the URL allows the client to log in to the site and access
‘Nataraj Movies’. Consequently, the website is comprised of a rational roadmap.
Despite being aesthetically pleasing based on its attractive images that
display popular movies, its significance is particularly integrated in its
effectiveness in respect to the structure and content. Hence, if the client
were to Google search for the site, he or she would gain appropriate results.
Thirdly, the website exhibits pertinent business information. Usually, people
are inclined to create websites that do not necessarily gratify their needs (Dell
2012). However, this website is satisfactory due to presence of basic features
such as menu, directions, as well as the contact information. For instance, a
potential client is capable of accessing product images. These involve
illustrations regarding popular and up-to-date motion pictures such as Ironman. In addition, information
regarding booking and the website’s policies were added for purposes of
notifying the client. The contact information acts as a crucial part of the
website since it provides the customer with an effective platform for
contacting us. Based on the simple content of the website, the application
program, WordPress, was used. In this exercise, the site was used for creating
the pages as well as applying the preferred layout to the respective webpages.
Additionally, the program facilitated the addition of a link on each page on
the general website. The fair aspect concerning WordPress is based on the way
it facilitates the creation of certain elements that may seem difficult to
create for an ordinary computer user (McCracken & Wolfe 2004, p. 115; Darlington
2005, p. 45). For instance, creating layout designs manually was difficult
prior to the integration of the program. However, WordPress enabled the
development of an easy design layout. Furthermore, various options within the
program allowed editing of the respective layouts as well as chief features
such as the header picture and the background color.

Two: Questions

2.1. Routers are beneficial to the
business based on the role that they assume as connectors over local area
networks (LANs) or wide area networks (WAN) (Schneider 2015, p. 66). Despite
this, the passage of information from one network to another may be subject to
interruption. As an outcome, the Internet was developed in a manner that
encourages the application of the packet switching process. Usually, in a network
that is packet-switched, e-mail messages as well as files are disintegrated
into smaller parts known as packets (Schneider 2015, p. 66). These packets
undergo electronic labeling based on their sequences, destination addresses,
and origins. Data packets tend to travel from one computer to another along
interconnected networks. However, their ‘journey’ ends once the packets reach
their respective destinations. Interestingly, every packet can assume a
disparate path via the interconnected networks and thus, reach in a chaotic
manner. In this respect, routers translate the packets into the required
format. Apart from this, the routers manage packet traffic particularly along
the key connecting points of the internet.

2.2. Generally, the stickiness
aspect of a website refers to the capability of the site to preserve visitors
and appeal to recurrent visitors (Schneider 2015, p. 136). Simply, customers
are more inclined to visit sticky websites. The stickiness factor is
facilitated in the respective website by its constituent features. For
instance, the design of the website’s layout allows users to be attracted to
the site. Elements such as appealing movie illustrations and the website’s
color also appeal to the clients significantly. Additionally, the stickiness
factor assumes an imperative role in enabling the site’s commercial appeal.
Based on its appealing features, the cinema franchise website can be utilized
as an effective platform for generating more revenue. The simplicity of the
website also facilitates the aspect of stickiness. For users, it is easy to
navigate through the respective site without encountering any complexities.
Furthermore, functions such as booking are easily accessible by the customers
allowing them to make reservations online hence facilitating convenience. With
such aspects in mind, the respective website facilitates stickiness.

2.3. Normally, organizations that
have present sales outlets as well as distribution networks express concerns in
relation to their website sales. Such companies assume that the respective
sites will steal from their networks as well as physical sales outlets. The
issue presented as per these concerns involves a channel conflict. Channel
conflicts take place when the sales activities on an organization’s website
interfere with current sales outlets (Schneider 2015, p. 145). If allowed to
continue, the organization’s website ends up consuming the sales expected to be
created in the physical channels. In this case, the proprietor deals with this
particular issue by minimizing the number of physical outlets against
distribution networks. Through this course of action, the organization is
capable of generating considerable revenue via online sales. Furthermore, most
of the revenue creating activities is supported online. As such, physical
outlets are only useful in terms of convenience especially after orders have
been established by clients.

2.4. The World Wide Web creates a
platform that facilitates transactions between sellers and buyers. The same
notion is also included in activities involving advertising or general
promotional campaigns. Accordingly, buyers and sellers engage in convoluted
communication approaches due to the advantages that the Web provides. In fact,
the ability of the Web to adapt to any environmental situation allows buyers
and sellers to participate in different forms of communication with similar
objectives. In this case, customer-based marketing approaches offer an
appropriate illustration. Usually, customer-oriented marketing tactics allow
websites to cater to the different needs and demands of clients (Schneider
2015, p. 177). However, for Nataraj Movies, applying a customer-based tactic is
a significant challenge. This is because the manager may view the website from
his internal perspective. Hence, with that in mind, it may be hard for the manager
to locate and cater to the needs of various types of customer groups.
Nevertheless, the manager can assert certain approaches in order to witness the
gains of a client-based marketing strategy. In this case, he will need to view
the Website as an archetype of the customer’s activities. For instance, the
website can be designed further by establishing different links catered to the
disparate customer groups that it plans to attract and preserve.

2.5. Presently, the Internet has
provided cost-effective ways of reducing the expenditure that companies utilize
on pertinent activities. For instance, processes that involve marketing and
advertising have become considerably accessible due to the presence of
dimensions such as social media (Janoschka 2014, p. 112). Using such platforms,
organizations do not necessarily need to inject substantial amounts of capital
in order to conduct the mentioned activities. For the cinema franchise, the
Internet can assist in limiting the expenses that it uses especially in
catering to its respective suppliers. For instance, the Internet can be useful
in managing logistical activities that involve supplier-based obligations such
as procurement (Schneider 2015, p. 230). In this case, the organization may utilize
tailor-made Web-purchasing websites especially in sourcing. If the organization
experiences substantial difficulties that involve the movement of raw materials
and finished products, the Internet can be useful especially in establishing
systems that deliver shipment data to customers in real-time. Furthermore, the
losses experienced in activities such as delay or theft of customer packages
can be solved via the integration of web-based tracking systems within the organization’s
framework. These tracking systems will allow customers to follow their
shipments personally.

2.6. As asserted previously, modern
organizations have become adept in the implementation of social networking
within pertinent activities. Obligations such as advertising and marketing have
become integrated as part of social networking strategies aimed at exploiting
the benefits arising from the relationship between organizational activities
and the facilities offered by the Internet (Schneider 2015, p. 272). In this
respect, social networking strategies have become particularly imperative in
the daily routines of an organization. Elements such as social media as well as
mobile-based commerce have evolved into significant aspects of contemporary
organizations. For Nataraj Movies, the application of tactics based on social
networking will enable it to appeal to different types of customers via
cost-effective measures. Foremost, developing a social networking strategy for
the organization will allow it to create significant savings especially on the
financial resources that it may incur in physical advertising. By taking
advantage of popular social media sites such as Twitter and Facebook, the
organization can advertise its products at little or no costs (International
Symposium on Computer and Information Sciences 2005, p. 106). Consequently,
social networking strategies will enable the organization to develop a close
relationship with its clientele. In this respect, creating a page or an account
within the mentioned social media sites will allow other clients to access and
form bonds with the company in question.

2.7. Despite the benefits
associated with the exploitation of online commerce, ethical issues are
evident. Generally, online commerce is governed by an array of regulations.
Such regulations are developed in order to protect the customer and the buyer
from unethical and illegal business dealings. Additionally, technological
advancements in relation to the Internet have facilitated security threats that
can pose physical harm on users as well as the general population (Schulte
2015, p. 211). This is evidenced by activities involving money laundering and
other forms of cyber crime. For this particular website/online venture, ethical
issues may arise in relation to the legal boundaries that govern online
commerce. For instance, the organization may contravene laws that are
established by other state and local governments in respect to the fact that
conventional geographic boundaries are non-existent on the Internet (Schneider
2015, p. 320). In other situations, the company may encounter ethical issues
arising from unfair business practices with the product providers that may
involve prejudicial movie reviews.

2.8. A web server can assume an
important role in establishing the effectiveness of the website. Generally, web
server software allows websites to operate smoothly by facilitating the loading
of web pages and other related activities. Additionally, web server exhibits
platform neutrality (Schneider 2015, p. 368). Simply, the respective software
can easily facilitate communication among computers within different networks
effectively. By running multiple interconnections simultaneously, computers are
capable of receiving and transmitting information over disparate spans of
networks in limited time. In this case, a web server can make the
organization’s website more effective by improving communication between the
client and the seller. However, this is based on the approach used by the web
server when responding to requests from client computers. Additionally, the
facets of a web server generally comprise the operating system software,
hardware components, and the Web server software. For the organization, such
aspects can be selected in order to apply specifically to the intentions of the
website in terms of functionality, stickiness and other appealing factors (Yeager
& McGrath 2006, p. 56).

2.9. Hosting, as a course of
action, allows organizations to carry out business transactions online while utilizing
the server software as well as their respective servers (Foo 2011, P. 46). For
the website, different alternatives are present in terms of hosting. The first
course of action involves shared hosting. This allows the website of a customer
to host other sites concurrently. Furthermore, the respective process enables
the website to undergo operation by the service provider within the respective
location. The second action involves dedicated hosting. In this type of
hosting, a Web server is made accessible to the client by the service provider.
In both processes, the service provider possesses the hardware component and
rents it to the customer. The last course of action involves co-location
hosting. In this particular service, the service provider is capable of leasing
physical space to a customer. This allows him to implement his individual
server hardware (Schneider 2015, p. 405).

2.10. Cookies comprise significant
parts of a website. In definition, cookies constitute diminutive text files
that are used in the identification of returning visitors. For this process to
be successful, Web servers need to position the respective files on to the
client computers. In this case, the website requires cookies. Foremost, such
files will enable the website to recognize the customers who visit the website
considerably. The identification of such visitors will allow the website to
maintain communication for purposes of facilitating repeat visiting (Loshin
& Vacca 2004, p. 89). For example, persistent cookies may be beneficial to
the website. Unlike session cookies, which only exist during a computer
session, persistent cookies are consistent. This type of cookie may possess
information that can assist the specific website in identifying visitors in the
event that they access the site again. On the other hand, session cookies may
allow the computer to retain data concerning a specific website visit
(Schneider 2015, p. 439).  

2.11. An acquiring bank may assume
an oversight as well as a partnership role on the website. Due to technological
advancements, financial institutions have adapted to new forms of money-based
transactions over the Web. Common instances are illustrated by the relationship
between online payment systems and banking structures. Through partnership, banks
nowadays team up with respectable payment systems in order to facilitate the
transfer of money from one location to another (Rambure & Nacamuli 2008, p.
78). Systems such as PayPal have become considerably pertinent in today’s
banking industry due to the way they facilitate online commerce transactions
(Schneider 2015, p. 66).

2.12. Conducting the business via
the website will gain different forms of benefits for the organization. In
order to recognize such benefits, the organization can focus on the identification
and enumeration of objectives. The objectives that the company has set will
mainly comprise the long-term goals that it has planned to accomplish. However,
in another instance, the respective elements can be implemented in comparing the
present accomplishments with the expected objectives (Shim 2010, p. 123;
Schneider 2015, p. 485). Accordingly, these aspects can be used in gauging the
performance of the organization in relation to the benefits that the website
has imposed.


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Kakadu Rock Art: Another Twenty Thousand Years would be good essay help




Rock Art: Another Twenty Thousand Years would be good

Kakadu’s rock art
reveals the history of the aboriginal people over the years. It is one of the
oldest forms of rock art in the world. It has paintings that are up to 20,000
years old. The rock art reveals how people lived at the time. It shows their
associations and interactions. It also depicts the different transformations
that took place in the people’s culture. The aboriginal people used rock art to
signify any changes in seasons and times. It is possible to estimate the period
that certain art was created based on the content and the material used.

At a time when
reading and writing were not yet developed, people found ways to conserve their
history through art. Expert used art as a form of expression and as a way of
retaining the knowledge that they had. Hence, hunters focused on representing
their skills, the animals they hunted, and the tools they used. Sorcerers
preserved their practice and made it known to others when they painted on the
rocks. The people used rock art as a way of telling myths, stories, traditions,
and beliefs. Other than the oral method of telling such narratives, rock art
was one of the most effective ways of ensuring that such traditions were kept
alive. Hence, there are rocks showing stories of creation ancestors. The people
believe that the creation ancestors shaped the world. Hence, it was necessary
for them to honor them and to remember them through art.

Religion, belief,
and superstition are part of people’s daily experiences. The aboriginal people
respect the earth and all its forms. The people painted animals on the rock art
as a way of ensuring that they would be successful during hunting. They hoped
that this would help to increase the number of animals. They painted art of
religious significance, which was depicted in the form of ceremonies. Some of
the contents showed presence of magic and sorcery in people’s culture.

The rock art is
beautiful and the variation of the beauty depends on the material used for
painting. The people used different paint pigments, which they sourced from
their environment. Clay was a suitable material and it produced red, orange,
and yellow pigments. The pigment was dependent on the level of iron in the soil.
Other materials used to obtain color are haematite, limonite, goethite, kaolin,
and manganese oxide. Colors obtained from these materials are red, yellow,
white, and black. The pigments are crushed and mixed with water. For paintbrushes,
people use human hair, sedges, bark stripes, roots, and feathers.

It is important to
protect and conserve the artwork because of its sensitivity. Rock art is not
only important because of its historical significance, but it is a fundamental
part of the aboriginal identity. Rock art can be destroyed because of some
natural process in the environment and on the rocks. Dust and dirt can coat the
paintings and hide the content. People and animals can destroy the rock art
when they touch it or rub on it. Other threats include plants, insects, wildfires,
and other natural elements.

The cooperation of
all the stakeholders involved is instrumental in preserving the artwork. The
aboriginal people have kept their history alive for all these years. They have
done so using limited resources. As the region develops and other people gain
more interest in such history, it is important to raise awareness of the
significance of the rock art. It is important to commit more resources towards
conserving the rock art.

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