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Criminology Discussion

1: What do you already know or assume about gangs? As you answer this, you might want to consider which characteristics make an effective gang member, where gangs exist, how they operate, how law enforcement handles gangs, stereotypes surrounding gangs, possible solutions to gang problems, and anything else that comes to mind!2: Why are you taking this course? Maybe it seemed like an interesting elective, nothing else fit your schedule and degree requirements, your want to solve gang problems in our communities, or you’re just interested in subcultures. Who knows? Your reason is your reason. Jot it down. Please be as open and honest about this as possible. There are no correct answers here. This is all about finding your starting place as you begin exploring gangs via this course.

natural selection comic/storyboard

Natural Selection and Adaptations Comic Strip Example (StoryboardThat)Links to an external site.
To show your understanding of natural selection and evolution.
Create a 5-10 square comic strip/ storyboard using Google Slides, MakeBeliefComixLinks to an external site., StoryboardTHATLinks to an external site., paper/pencil, or another teacher-approved tool that shows how natural selection and evolution can occur in a population of organisms.The organisms can be real or ones that you create, but you cannot use beak size as your trait or any of the examples given below.
If using Google Slides, each slide is one comic/ storyboard square.

Use chat bubbles and captions to explain what is happening in each scene/square.
All the principles of natural selection must be present in your comic strip.The principle of natural selection areOrganisms produce more offspring than can survive.
Differences or variations occur among individuals of a species.
Variations can be passed to offspring.
Some variations are helpful. Individuals with helpful variations survive and reproduce better than those individuals without these variations.
Overtime, the offspring with helpful variations make up more of the population and may eventually become a separate species.

You can choose any variation of your choice. Some examples of variations that you can use are.Giraffe (neck)
Elephant (trunk)
Bird (Wing length)
Fish (camouflage)
Tree (height)
Flower (color or size)

Cite any information you used to create your comic strip, including pictures you searched on the internet.
Example = Author’s Last, First Name, “Title of Article/Name of Image” – Website Link

Here are a few examples to help you get started. Keep in mind, these are examples and may not fulfill your assignment requirements. Natural Selection and Adaptations Comic (StoryboardThat)Links to an external site.
Natural Selection Comic #1 (StoryboardThat)Links to an external site.
Natural Selection Comic #2 (StoryboardThat)Links to an external site.

apa format

Political Science Assignment Help Explain principles of care for clients with oncological disorders.
ScenarioAnna is a 45-year-old female that presented to her physician’s office for her annual check-up. Anna has a history of diabetes, obesity, and noncompliance with diet and medications to control her diabetes. She a single mother of three teenagers and smokes regularly. During the history review, Anna shares with you that she has not been feeling like herself for the past six months, she has been unusually tired and thought that she felt a lump in her right breast during a self-breast exam around that same time. She stated, “I am very busy with my children; I haven’t had time to get it checked out.” She has recently been experiencing right nipple pain. Anna has a positive family history of breast cancer; both her mother and grandmother have been treated for breast cancer. Anna has never had a mammogram. During the breast examination, the practitioner palpated a lump in Anna’s right breast. No discharge from the nipple was observed. Anna’s right breast was tender upon palpation. No abnormalities were found in the left breast. Based on the physical findings Anna will undergo a diagnostic mammogram.
InstructionsIn a 2-page paper, describe the care that Anna would require and address the questions below.
What risk factors does Anna have that could predispose her to the development of cancer?
What signs and symptoms could indicate that Anna has developed cancer?
Based on Anna’s risk factors and presenting problems, identify three care strategies that you would use to provide quality care to Anna. Provide rationale to explain why you chose these strategies.

Rocket Science Question

The Covid-19 pandemic has disrupted the entire education system in India. Schools were closed abruptly to prevent the spread. There was a very sudden requirement to shift to remote learning. Teachers were called upon to facilitate virtual learning and support students’ well-being throughout the shift.

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