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Critical analysis and Solution for prisoners rights

The Nature of the Problem TodayWhat is the current nature of the problem?Who is impacted?What policy or policies are involved today? Have they changed over time?What have the unforeseen consequences been?Are there any aspects of the policy that are working?What parts of the policies need to change most?Solutions to the ProblemBased on your own knowledge, how do you think the problem can be solved? Explain.Are there any groups, inside or outside of the field, working to resolve the problem? What is their approach?Can solving the problem be achieved within the correctional system itself, or do other social entities and institutions need to contribute as well?ConclusionNothing fancy, just wrap up your thoughts in a final paragraph.Answer the questions that apply to your chosen topic. Note that some of them may not make sense in the context of your topic, and that’s ok. You can just move on and include other relevant information. This section should follow ASA guidelines. I’ve included a handout on ASA style in the writing tips section. You should include a reference page with at least 4 high quality references which may be organizational reports, government websites, academic articles, news articles, etc. Use your best judgement here.

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