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Critical Analysis of History Textbook

Myth of Continents (by Wigen and Lewis) 2. Imagined Communities (by Anderson)  3. World Systems Theory (by Wallerstein) or 4. Postmodernism (by Jameson). You will need to discuss the author’s main thesis and the key concepts associated with this argument. In addition to providing a summary of the book you will need to evaluate the strengths and weaknesses of the book. For instance, what kind of evidence does the author use? Is the argument convincing? What are some things that could be done to strengthen the book? Finally, you should discuss the relevance of the book to understanding the history of our contemporary world. What insights does your chosen book offer to us to better understand our world? Your analysis should be informed by the ideas and discussions that we have had in the class. You are also welcome to bring in external scholarly sources to support your argument.12 pt. Times New Roman font; justified alignment; 1-inch margins; double spaced; page #s. You MUST include a bibliography, internal citations, and website links for relevant references.

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