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Critical Issues In Higher Education Project Frame The Issue And Give Sufficient Best Essay Help

Critical Issues in Higher Education Project
Frame the issue and give sufficient background for the reader, as if they were not familiar with the topic. How has the issue surfaced or grown in higher education over time? Who is most affected (who are the stakeholders)? What have institutions done to address this issue? How does this impact other areas of campus life?
You are to assume the identities of mid-level or senior administrators on a campus that must tackle the issue on which they are presenting.
The essay’s topic is the following:
Why is education in the US so expensive? Comparing it to a low-cost system and finding ideas for change.
Introduce the issue and talk about problems that erupt from this issue. Then, give a historic overview. How did the structure and the price in the education system change over the years? When did it get so expensive?
How does the education system work today? How is it being financed? What causes the high tuition cost? And other questions that go into detail.
Compare the education system to another one that has little to no cost (preferably Germany) What allows the education to basically be free? Where are the differences?
After comparing two different systems. What could the US do to lower the tuition? How can this issue be tackled?

No regurgitating or rewording of any content off the internet.
The assignment i essay help site:eduNo regurgitating or rewording of any content off the internet.
The assignment is as follows:
In the first scene of Act 2 of The Tempest Sebastian says of the kind old councillor Gonzalo: “I think he will carry this island home in his pocket, and give it to his son for an apple”. The quotation and the discussion around it set the play in the context of the new world colonialism & the narratives associated with it. Analyze this scene (and the play as a whole if you like) as a commentary on colonial activities and ideals. Paying special attention to who is speaking, tone, language and interpretive possibilities. Can you detect in the play any particular attitude on Shakespeare’s part toward coloni expansion?
ssignment Instructions
Include the following in this week’s initial discussion r college admissions essay helpssignment Instructions
Include the following in this week’s initial discussion response:
As if you were talking to a friend or family member, describe humanities transition into the Bronze Age (what, where, and why it was significant).
At the end of your discussion, explain what we know about the collapse of the Bronze Age.
Make sure you point out what you think is the most important lesson that we can learn from the mistakes made by ancient civilizations.
Discussion Response Requirements:
Your post should explain your stance using evidence from the course content.
Always provide clear and credible evidence to support your responses.
What is life? Research six specimens from the list below, describe them as livin argumentative essay helpWhat is life? Research six specimens from the list below, describe them as living, nonliving, or dead and give support for why each belongs in their respective category.
Brown grass Whale sperm HIV virus
Fertilized chicken egg Hair from human head Prion
Egg from grocery store Skin cell from back of hand Amoeba
Blood cell Mushroom Coral reef
What traits did you list as characteristics of living things, but were not easily observable?
List several processes that occur while an organism is alive, but cease when it is dead.
Did any nonliving things possess some of the same characteristics as living things? Which ones?
How do plants differ from animals in their life activities?
Define the word dormant. What factors influence whether something is considered dormant?
Research one of the following controversial discoveries: nanobacteria (Young & Martel, 2009), the “fossilized Martian bacteria” observed on the meteorite ALH84001 (McKay et al., 1996), or Craig Venter’s 2010 announcement of the first creation of “synthetic life” (Gibson et al., 2010). Review the claims made by the researchers who announced the discovery. Do the organisms fit the definition of life? How so?
Assignment Expectations
Organize this essay assignment using subtitles that summarize the topic from each question above. For example, to answer Question 1, use a descriptive subtitle like the following: What is Life?
Your essay should be approximately 2-3 pages in length. Answer each question under the subtitle using complete sentences that relate back to the question. Be sure to use APA formatting throughout your essay with 1-inch margins, 12-point type and double spacing throughout. Include a title page, introduction, answers to the questions with subtitles and concluding paragraph. Remember to include in-text citations within the body of the essay referencing your resources (i.e. Murray, 2014). Also, be sure to include a reference section at the end of your assignment listing all required readings and any additional resources you used to complete your essay. See the Trident guide to APA Style, 7th edition.
Direct quotes should be limited and must be designated by quotation marks. Paraphrased ideas must give credit to the original author, for example (Murray, 2014). Direct copying from “homework help” websites will not receive credit. Once you have completed your assignment within a word document, please upload your final version to the Module One Case Assignment dropbox. Please also note your Turnitin originality score and make revisions as needed. Please contact your instructor with any questions.
Admissions Essay:
Why I want to be an licensed practical nurse and why am I a go essay help site:eduAdmissions Essay:
Why I want to be an licensed practical nurse and why am I a good fit for their program.
look at and scenerio of uploaded paper / see other asignment and make sure diffe custom essay helplook at and scenerio of uploaded paper / see other asignment and make sure different but use same fromat idea of work but make sure verbiage is different and no plagarism ? please upload plagiarism report also ? select a job that you or memeber do at home on a regular basis ? be sure the job has at least five distinct steps. using the JHA template in the job steps column examine each step for hazards , list the hazrds and their effects in the next column finally using the hierarcht of controls, identify control measurrs you would use to mitigate the hazards and enter those into the last column ? in the comments box at the bottom of the form write a paragrph of at least 200 words in lenght that clarifies and explains your decisions regading the job steps
This paper will be a comparison of two theorists we read in class. I have starte online essay helpThis paper will be a comparison of two theorists we read in class. I have started a very rough outline with the focus being on Goffman and Bourdieu on Habitus and Stigma, and can attach but was very poorly done. Still wanting this paper to be comparitive between Goffman and Bourdieu with the focus being on the attached articles, “Stigma: Notes on the Management of Spoilied Identity by Erving Goffman”, “Interaction Ritual- ON FACE-WORK by Erving Goffman”, “An Invitation to Reflexive Sociology by Pierre Bourdieu”,
but will attach others that can be used. Please only use the attatched readings as sources.
This paper should be between 1500 and 2000 words. Students are strenuously discouraged (but not prevented) from using secondary sources. The paper should have a clear argument that uses evidence from the theorists to prove the argument.
The body paragraphs should have all the key elements of an essay’s body paragraph (see attached link). You should have at least one quote from the texts as evidence and the paragraph should be organized around a key idea. Some useful information here:
The Comparisons
You can compare any two assigned readings on the syllabus, including those we have not yet read, but they must be works we have (or will) read in this class. You cannot use any works from the authors in this class that are not in the syllabus (for example, something else written by Bourdieu).
You cannot compare two readings from the same author. You may use multiple readings from an author as part of your “comparison” of that author to another author. For example, you may multiple both Goffman readings as evidence in a comparison of Goffman and Bourdieu.
An Argument
Your paper must be an actual argument and not simply a summary. The key piece is you have to convince the reader of something about the relationship between the texts that is not necessarily obvious, for example that Bourdieu is more capable of understanding the role of power than Goffman. Then you should prove your point. You should engage possible counter-arguments in your text: what would someone who disagrees with you say about your argument and why would they be wrong?
You should have at least one, and possibly more direct quotes from the text in each paragraph. Papers that only cite or acknowledge the powerpoints or lectures will not be graded higher than a C.
The paper will be graded as follows:
A+/- (100/95/90 percent): A coherent, well-organized argument with original insights into
meaningful differences and similarities between the authors and texts. Expands significantly beyond lecture and session discussion. Superior use of primary sources to make arguments. No errors,
minor or major. Excellent (though not necessarily perfect) style, grammar, and form.
B +/- (89/85/80): A good though imperfect argument with a capable description of similarities and
differences between the authors and texts. Expands beyond lecture and section discussion. Good
style, grammar, and form.
C +/- (79/75/70): A simple comparison that might not necessarily be an argument, but nonetheless
adequately describes the similarities and differences between the texts. Expands at least slightly from discussion in lecture and section. Inconsistent use of primary sources to make arguments. No major errors though more minor. Adequate style, grammar, and form.
D +/- (69/65/60): An adequate description of similarities and differences that does not significantly
advance beyond what was discussed in lecture and section. Inadequate use of primary source
citations. Major errors. Poor style, grammar, and form.
F (59): An inadequate description with no argument. Very poor style, grammar, and form. No
primary sources.
Incomplete: (0 percent): Not turned in or plagiarized.
Select up to three topics from Chapter 4 to review and report. Make sure you sta essay helpSelect up to three topics from Chapter 4 to review and report. Make sure you start with why you chose your topic(s).
There are 2 files that contain all of the information needed.
1 is the chapter with all of the information for the paper. Please only use this inofmration for the paper
The 2nd is the instructions for the paper.
Instructions: Throughout this course, you used Microsoft Office products in a pr custom essay helpInstructions: Throughout this course, you used Microsoft Office products in a project management application. However, many project management software options are available. To complete this journal, choose one of the listed project management software packages that you would like to research further. Primavera MS Project Smartsheet WorkZone How do you believe your experience would be similar if you used dedicated project management software versus a Microsoft Office product (or similar product such as OpenOffice)? How would it be different? Which do you think you would prefer?”
Overview: Activities in this course are designed to actively involve you in various project management scenarios and help you apply the concepts covered in the
course to real-world situations. They provide practice in the following:
-Differentiating common organizational structures and how they affect project processes and activities
-Describing methods for conflict resolution
-Prioritizing projects
-Communicating/distributing project information to team members and stakeholders
-Evaluating whether a team is working effectively
Prompt: Compare and contrast your experiences with Microsoft Office products (or similar products, such as OpenOffice) and project management software
(Primavera, MS Project, Smartsheet, WorkZone).
The following critical elements must be addressed: Compare and contrast Office software and project management software.
Guidelines for Submission: Submit assignment as a Word document with double spacing, 12-point Times New Roman font, and one-inch margins. Your 2- to 3-
paragraph journal assignment should include any sources cited in APA format.
Objective: Identify risk management strategies to address ethical concerns withi essay helpObjective: Identify risk management strategies to address ethical concerns within the healthcare setting.
Canselors medical malpractice: case study with risk management stratgies
After reading the case study, address the following:
What are the financial implications of the issue?
What could have been done from a risk management perspective to prevent the issue from happening?
What can be done in the future? Explain your rationale.
Create a two- to three-page paper in APA Style. Include a title page and a reference list. You must cite and reference at least two sources in your paper.
The question is why do I want to be an lpn and why am I a good fit for their pro online essay helpThe question is why do I want to be an lpn and why am I a good fit for their program
Its 250 words minimum
500 to 700 words
APA format
Pick two of the short stories we read this semester scholarship essay help500 to 700 words
APA format
Pick two of the short stories we read this semester and compare and contrast their take on a theme or subject that interests you. This is similar to the reading responses you have done for class, but longer and more formal. The goal is to put two works of art in conversation with each other and to see what similarities and differences they have. Therefore, you should pick two works that you feel have different things to say about a subject.
Your comparison should look at a single theme or subject. Examples:
You could look at the way trust in romantic relationships is explored in “Jealous Husband Returns in the Form of Parrot” by Robert Olen Butler and “The Story of an Hour” by Kate Chopin.
How employment is depicted in “The Use of Force” by William Carlos Williams an “Fable” by Charles Yu.
How social pressure in communities is explored in “The Lottery” by Shirley Jackson and “A Very Old Man with Enormous Wings” by Gabriel Garcia Marquez.
Those are merely examples, but you may choose any two works that interest you as long as we read them in class. This can be a more creative essay where you explore your ideas of the works as well as your own ideas of the theme or subject.
DQ#3 – Canada as a Brand – HOST 1175 – Global Tourism Geography (2022 Distanc writing essay helpDQ#3 – Canada as a Brand – HOST 1175 – Global Tourism Geography (2022 Distance Education)
Food Tourism and Hospitality Adventure along with Outdoor Activities such as Parks Canada are becoming emergent activities post Covid as local companies build their brands. Share with the class your chosen product and provide an overview to the class in your own individual summary of what makes your Canadian product unique in our hyper-competitive local tourism marketplace.
In a post of 300-500 words please describe hospitality and tourism as a sector. Also, provide an example of a global tourism leisure organization that offers scope of a CANADIAN company operation in our exciting world of our LOCAL hospitality industry.
Canada as part of the larger system of the Americas – link North America, the Caribbean, and South America in regional constructs for marketing our continents as a linked region and how does Canada try to stand out as an unique brand for our region.
DEFINE: How do we define Canadian Hospitality? – DUE Week Three/ Course. (10%)
Write a research post presenting a situational analysis of the Discussion Topic as provided in the weekly discussion area as assigned by utilizing APA academic resources to support your individual post in the Discussion Board.
See the Individual Scoring Rubric Student Checklist to prepare your DQ class post.
Write a research post presenting a situational analysis of the Discussion Topic as provided in the weekly discussion area as assigned by utilizing the PESTEL theory and other APA resources to support your post. This assessment is based on Individual grades: write up an individual response for posted topics in the weekly discussion posts as described in the HOST 1175 Course Outline.
Research your Assignment Discussion topic. DUE weekly as assigned: See the assigned DQ of HOST 1175 course outline. Use such resources as the Internet, online library/media center, and seek industry information in H&T. You must use at least three (3) different support resources in each discussion post on the DQ topic area for individual research grading of your individual references. Consider the following:
References (Example List)
de Lange, D., & Dodds, R. (2017). Increasing sustainable tourism through social entrepreneurship. International Journal of Contemporary Hospitality Management, 29(7), 1977–2002.
Dimanche, F., & Lo, K. (2022). The Elusive Search for Talent: Skill Gaps in the Canadian Luxury Hotel Sector. Tourism & Hospitality (2673-5768), 3(1), 31–46.
Litvin, S. W., & MacLaurin, T. (2004). Looking for the Right Stuff: Selecting Student Intake for an Oversubscribed HTM Program. Journal of Teaching in Travel & Tourism, 4(4), 37–45.•0
Pham, Q. M., Dhir, M., & Carrier Guillomet, T. (2022). How do corporate charitable and economic social responsibility practices help to improve the quality of work life for employees? Worldwide Hospitality & Tourism Themes, 14(3), 300–311.
Robinson, D., & MacDonald, T. (2019). Tourism workforce development in the Kootenay-Rockies. Annals of Tourism Research, 74, 204–207.
Industry example links:
Destination Canada:
Destination Ontario:
Destination Toronto:
Internet sources (to academic standards)
Books (to academic standards within the tourism domain)
Popular periodicals (see GBC online LLC database)
Peer Reviewed Journals (example Hospitality & Tourism Complete)
Interviews or articles with subject matter experts- hospitality and tourism sector Newspapers (to academic standards from the LLC online library)
Local lodging example- STAY Magazine | Canadian Hotel Intelligence A digital destination for the Canadian hotel industry. Featuring the most current and relevant insights to help readers inform their careers and businesses. STAY Magazine
Prepare your own DQ response post of your individual written analysis. Include the following items.
List the question(s) that you are addressing – Write an Introduction: Introduce your topic or state your tourism topic of the discussion DQ post with an opening sentence or paragraph on the DQ topic.
Body of Individual Written Post: Make sure your post includes an overview of the topic in general
Comparison of a sample industry situation that can describe the DQ topic with local or global examples.
Ensure your post has Factual information and historical information where appropriate to support the DQ topic given for the week such as who (name of company or tourism organization), what (products or services are offered), where (example destinations), when (seasonal dates or other examples) and why (name of an organization showing leadership qualities by providing examples of their communications) to provide possible answers to address the tourism topic area in your weekly post due by 6pm EST Friday, end of the week. Please ensure you generate in-text citations within your paragraphs, and overall summary of references as to where you gained the information from in your individual research.
Create your own answer in order to develop a response to the class discussion on the weekly topic area for each particular DQ analysis within the discussion board tab as an individual participant assessment.
Written Discussion: the topic in each DQ topic area is provided with paragraphs to answer in a formal written discussion by each class member in an online post.
Recommendation: future actions you would recommend and any additional questions that arose from your research or suggest further research that is needed in the discussion topic area to better understand the topic area of review. For example, consider the wide scope of what tourism is defined as globally…
Conclusion: Conclude your post and summarize what you have found (individually) on the specific topic.
How does diversity affect the organization’s work/life balance, and what ethical custom essay helpHow does diversity affect the organization’s work/life balance, and what ethical considerations exist that may drive the organization to be more work/life balanced?
What has been the impact of the role of HR with offshoring, mergers, the economy, and recession?
What are other current employment challenges facing the role of HR?*
How could Christian perspectives prevent an employee from performing their requi college essay helpHow could Christian perspectives prevent an employee from performing their required duties? As an HR representative, what legal and ethical responsibilities do you have to ensure all employees views and beliefs are being considered? Provide an example.
This is a research paper. It’s a masters level research paper about nursing
Mini best essay helpThis is a research paper. It’s a masters level research paper about nursing
Minimum 40 page paper
Look at files for more instructions.
Literature review, guideline attached above, following the guidelines (only focu college essay help onlineLiterature review, guideline attached above, following the guidelines (only focus in part 1, Assignment):
Title page (no need)
Table of contents (follow guidelines)
Ten true/false statements (no need)
INTRODUCTION (follow guidelines): In this part would be great to start writing about a few different types of meditation, how mindfulness is growing in society, the recent studies that show important changes but also the lack of resources and the need for funding to apply those changes in neuromedicine.
MAIN BODY: I´ve attached 21 articles and a brief conclusion where to focus on them, don’t need to be very technique, just extract the main ideas focusing on benefits of meditation on brain structures, neuroconnections, neuroendocrine changes, brain spasticity. Would be great to add something about strokes and the prevention of CVA is important as I work in that area, also there is an article talking about adherence to meditation in strokes patients (there is an article of recovery benefit in these patients, if you can link it with that would be amazing.
IMAGES, FIGURES, TABLES: Follow guidelines in case adding any of them, would appreciate it if add them
CONCLUSION: I will extract my own conclusion but anything added here to compare with mine is welcome.
Please see the following articles, if you feel that other articles, research must be included that’s perfect but these have to be in the review: (CVA prevention and cardiovascular benefits, brain anatomical changes) (Neuroimaging, very important activations from page 28 on) (Morphometric neuroimaging) (Promising Links between Meditation and Reduced (Brain) Aging, telomeres, grey matter increase) (MRI indicating brain tissue increase or maintain vs control subjects, up to 7,5 years younger meditators than control) (micro-anatomical changes might manifest on the macro-anatomical level as increased gray matter) (white matter fiber integrity) (Neurochemical effect: cORTISOL, GLUTAMATE and its effect. Also influence in cerebral perfusion and increase level of myelination) VERY INTERESTING (again increase brain volume specially insula, frontal, anterior cingulate, inferior temporal cortex, hippocampus and putamen, as well as the temporo-parietal junction and posterior cingulate cortex – precuneus. also increase of metabolism) (Global, regional and local brain anatomical changes in long term meditation) (Good recent review to have an idea) (Functional and structural changes in long term meditation, quite recent) (Very small but express the importance of funding to promote adherence to meditation programs) (Survey how for example post stroke people does not use complementary therapies, specially meditation. Good for introduction along with CVA prevention) (Highlight cardiovascular risk prevention, small but useful) (Changes in neuroplasticity, blood flow and brain structures) (Oxytocine changes, vagal nerve changes, structural brain changes, CVA prevention. Very recent) (Benefit post stroke, fatigue, spasticity, balance) (meditation in Nursing)
Please any doubt don’t hesitate to contact me.
Concept map you are required to have At least 2 nursing diagnosis, 1 goal per nu essay help online freeConcept map you are required to have At least 2 nursing diagnosis, 1 goal per nursing diagnosis and 3 nursing interventions per nursing diagnosis.
For this assignment, you will compare and contrast, as well as assess the useful essay helpFor this assignment, you will compare and contrast, as well as assess the usefulness, of the SWOT and PEST analyses, which are frequently used by healthcare organizations in their strategic planning efforts.
Your paper is expected to show how each can be used in formulating a strategy pertaining to the Maternity Wing of Mayo Clinic.
You should cover the strengths and limitations of both analyses and how/why they can be used together when completing the strategic planning process.
The paper should be well-written and meet the following requirements:
Your paper should be 3-4 pages in length (excluding the title and reference pages) and conform to APA guidelines in the CSU Global Writing Center (
Include at least three current (within the past 5 years) scholarly journal articles in your references.
Write two paragraphs of three to five sentences each, explaining the war of the online essay helpWrite two paragraphs of three to five sentences each, explaining the war of the currents and why there was competition between Nikola Tesla and Thomas Edison.Identify the types of current that were supported by Tesla and Edison, along with the advantages and disadvantages of the current. Which type of current was victorious, and how did this help the supporting business? Be sure to use proper spelling and grammar.
Choose one of the products from the list below. Use Module 4 content to research essay help onlineChoose one of the products from the list below. Use Module 4 content to research the supply chain for this product. In an original post, describe what you found, and make a simple argument for boycotting the product.
Chocolate (Hershey’s, Nestle’s, Cadbury)
Clothing (Abercrombe & Fitch, Hollister, Levi’s, Old Navy)
Coffee (Starbucks, Dunkin Donuts, Folgers)
Phones (Apple, Samsung, LG,)
DB topic: Utilizing one of the internet search engines, find an organization t college admission essay helpDB topic: Utilizing one of the internet search engines, find an organization that has recently been forced to increase or decrease capacity dramatically to align with customer demand. Discuss specifically the key drivers for the change in demand along with the steps that were taken and the expected impact. Be sure to provide any URLs you used as a reference source for your answer. The selected article must provide well-rounded information and address the topic. You must post the annotation in the reference section.
Strategic Marketing Brief
Follow the
prompts in the Outlines below to college application essay helpStrategic Marketing Brief
Follow the
prompts in the Outlines below to write a paper and create a summary
presentation that discusses the following topics for your product and
company. Note that you do not need to answer the question prompts in the
Outlines below verbatim. The prompts are intended to serve as a guide
for the types of information you should include for each respective
Draft 2
Insights and Segmentation
Product Strategy
Insights and Segmentation
Segment a market to identify the target customer of your company’s product.
three types of primary research do you think would be most effective
for your company’s product and why, and what ethical implications may
exist for the types of primary research you recommend?
Who is the target customer for your company’s product?
What is the value proposition of your company’s product?
Product Strategy
Evaluate the brand equity of your company’s product, and recommend an
ethical development process and life cycle management for your
company’s product.
Describe the brand equity for your
company’s product. What is the differential influence the brand can
impose relative to competing brands?
Discuss the ethical
implications of your company’s product, from development, through use,
and to disposal. What strategic advantage can you develop based upon
these practices?
Draft and share a product positioning statement for your Course Project company. Be sure to include:
the target segment;
the target segment’s unmet need;
the product concept; and
specific points of product differentiation.

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