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Topic: Cryptography
After reading chapter 4, evaluate the history of the Data Encryption Standard (DES) and then how it has transformed cryptography with the advancement of triple DES.
Minimum 300 words.
At least one scholarly source should be used in the post.
Need 2 References in APA 7th edition
Textbook attached
Single space.
No Plagiarism please.

i need help with my fine arts appreciation homework HUMA 1315

Writing Assignment 1
Writing assignment: Visual Art (10 points)
ART writing assignment

This assignment is due on- or prior to March 7, 2022 at 11:59 pm
Early submittal
1 extra credit point if submitted (early) on or prior to Feb 25 at 11:59 pm
Late submittal
1 point deduction if submitted late (between March 8 and May 13, 2022)
You may only submit this assignment one time- so please check your work before you post it

Select 2 artists from the list below.
Only artists from this list are eligible for this assignment.
For each artist, answer each of the following 5 questions.
Number your answers 1 to 3
Please restrict your answers to only what is asked
2 points will be deducted if the proper format is not used
Marina Abramovi?
Francis Bacon
Jean Michel Basquiat
Romare Bearden
Marc Chagall
Andy Goldsworthy
Hannah Höch
David Hockney
Edward Hopper
Frida Kahlo
Wassily Kandinsky
Käthe Kollwitz
Yayoi Kusama
Faith Ringgold
Diego Rivera
Norman Rockwell
Betye Saar
Robert Smithson
Kay WalkingStick
Andrew Wyeth
1.Artist name, Date of birth, Place of birth (1 pt.)
2.Style and primary materials this artist uses (1pt.)
3.Find one work of art on the internet by the artist
Direct link to the work (.5 pt.)

I need someone to help me with this (please use APA style )

Step 1
Write a post answering following question:
One understanding of poverty in the U.S. suggests that large-scale societal issues like race and class perpetuate it. Others argue that the actions of individuals are responsible for poverty.
What is your perspective on the causes of poverty in the US? Use your personal experiences, observations (either firsthand or through media) to support your perspective.

Step 2
Read other students’ posts on poverty and respond to at least two of them. Look to see if there are different perspectives from yours. Ask questions and make comments.

(As always, if differences of opinion occur, debate the issues professionally and provide examples to support opinions.)
Discussion Reminders
–Utilize the information and knowledge obtained from the chapters reading material and use it to answer the question. Discussions are worth 100 points and you must have 3 total posts for all the points.
–At the top of your response to a classmate, write that person’s name.
–Use citations if you quote a source.
–Grammar use is part of the grade, so you might want to use Grammarly to edit, then copy and paste. Below are the grading criteria:
Grading Criteria: Possible Points:
Completion of at least one paragraph about yourself –150 words): 30 points
(10 points each for first 2) Responses to classmates’ posts (50 words each): 20 points
Grammar, spelling, and sentence structure: 5 points
On time (At least one post before due date): 10 points
Different days (Posts written on 2 or more days before due date): 35 points
TOTAL: 100/100

questions help

Writing Assignment Help Was the candidate successful in fulfilling their duties, objectives and
responsibilities? If no, please give details.
-What are the candidate’s strengths?
-Which areas would the candidate benefit from improving?
Were there any issues/challenges you are aware of that impacted their job
How would you describe the candidate as a person? What is their general
reputation among co-workers and supervisor/s?
Which role does the candidate normally take in a team situation (innovator,
coordinator, leader, finisher, organizer)?
How would you rate the candidates ability to motivate, mentor and train others?
How does the candidate handle conflict? How do they handle pressure or highly
stressful situations?
Please rate the candidates communication skills, both written and verbal
In your opinion, what motivates the candidate?
How would you describe the candidates management / leadership style?
Describe a leadership challenge that the candidate faced and how they met the

HR Practice 1 – SHRM Theory and Practice

Part 1
Read: A Road Well Traveled: The Past, Present, and Future Journey of Strategic Human Resource Management ?see the attachment)
1. What was seen as the primary purpose of HR in the early days of business (page 46)?
2. What are the two aspects of strategic HR (page 46)?
3. In the 90’s some key empirical (based on, concerned with, or verifiable by observation or experience rather than theory or pure logic) breakthroughs came with the publication of three seminal pieces. What were they and what were their findings (see pages 47-48)?
4. Three theoretical paradigms (A basic image of society that guides sociological thinking and research) seem to dominate research in SHRM: the resource-based view (RBV) of the firm, human capital theory, and social exchange theory (SET). Refer to pages 49-51 and in your own word describe what each of these theoretical paradigms seeks to explain.
5. Think about your work experience with respect to human resources. Describe a time or times that you have seen any of these theories in action.
Part 2
The Society for Human Resource Management, also SHRM, is a professional association devoted to the field of HR management and its professionals. Visit the SHRM website ( and look for information related to the following questions:
1. How many members are in SHRM?
2. What types of careers are available in the field of human resource management?
3. What is the SHRM Code of Ethics, and how does it guide the efforts of human resource specialists?
4. What types of resources does SHRM offer to help people learn new skills?
5. What are chapter/member groups? Who can join?
6. What are some current news issues that relate to human resource management? What aspects of this do you find interesting?
Part 3
Read (… )
1 . Based on your work experiences, what ideas in this article make sense and would have improved your feelings about working.
2. Is there anything mentioned in the article that you think might not work in a hospitality operation?

Discussion Board 675 Unit 3

Identify and discuss at least 3 different types of nongovernmental police or security forces. You may also choose to profile 3 real-life private detectives or bounty hunters by presenting a biography and history on them and their exploits.You may combine the above two tasks as long as you explore at least 3 forces or detectives in your combination.

Research and discuss at least 1 example of criminal wrongdoing by a private police or security force or personnel. This example does not have to be about one that was already covered, and it does not have to be from within the United States. Where possible, your discussion of the research should include statistical data about the different types of nongovernmental police or security forces.
Express your thoughts and feelings about the use of nongovernmental police and security forces. Do you have any policy recommendations for or against them?

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