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Topic: Cryptography
After reading chapter 1, compare and contrast two fundamental security design principles. Analyze how these principles and how they impact an organization’s security posture.
Minimum 300 words.
At least one scholarly source should be used in the post.
Need 2 References in APA 7th edition
Textbook attached
Single space.
No Plagiarism please.

discussion 4:1

M4:1 – Discussion Post
We have read about the creation of the Department of Homeland Security, combining 22 different agencies with homeland security/homeland defense functions, into one department with one mission: keeping all of us safe.
In not more than two (2) paragraphs, answer the following question: Should the United States Secret Service have been moved from the Treasury Department to DHS? Explain your answer.

stdy case . i dont have the book .the book name is ( Integrated Advertising, Promotion, and Marketing Communications)

i dont have the copy Unfortunately?
Directions: Answer the questions attached questions according to the lecture .
. Remember, responses must use APA style and have a references page.
Chapter 2 Brand Management
Ashley Drake just purchased a small clothing boutique two blocks from your campus. The current name of the store is College Fashions. She feels she needs a new name that projects an image of offering trendy, hip fashions to your college’s students. What name would you suggest? Discuss your brand name in terms of which category it fits and the four tests of quality names. To succeed, Ashley knows she needs to retain the store’s current customers as well as gain new ones. Outline a plan to rejuvenate the company’s brand image using the keys to image rejuvenation identified in Figure 2.5.
Henry and Becky Thompson are planning to open a new floral and gift shop in Orlando, Florida. They want to project a trendy, upscale, and fashionable image. They are trying to decide on a name and logo. What should be the name of the company? What kind of logo should be developed?
Brand image affects purchase decisions. Identify two brands you consider to hold a positive image, and explain why. Identify two brands that you believe should either change or rejuvenate their brand images and explain why. How can the change or rejuvenation be accomplished for each brand?
Identify a brand that you have recently purchased that is not well-known, but you like. Using the concepts presented in the “Building Powerful Brands” section of this chapter, discuss how the brand you identified can be built into a powerful brand. Be specific.
Identify five different brands for which you have a high level of brand loyalty. Describe your level of loyalty and discuss why you are loyal. Explain how brand equity impacts your loyalty for each brand.
Pick a private label that you have recently purchased. What is your evaluation of the private brand quality compared to national brands? The chapter discussed a number of changes in private label branding that has occurred (see Figure 2.19). Discuss each of these changes in relation to the private brand you picked.

small question

Writing Assignment Help Final Project – Word CloudFor this project, you’ll create a “word cloud” from a text by writing a script. This script needs to process the text, remove punctuation, ignore case and words that do not contain all alphabets, count the frequencies, and ignore uninteresting or irrelevant words. A dictionary is the output of the calculate_frequencies function. The wordcloud module will then generate the image from your dictionary.
For the input text of your script, you will need to provide a file that contains text only. For the text itself, you can copy and paste the contents of a website you like. Or you can use a site like Project Gutenberg to find books that are available online. You could see what word clouds you can get from famous books, like a Shakespeare play or a novel by Jane Austen. Save this as a .txt file somewhere on your computer.Now you will need to upload your input file here so that your script will be able to process it. To do the upload, you will need an uploader widget. Run the following cell to perform all the installs and imports for your word cloud script and uploader widget. It may take a minute for all of this to run and there will be a lot of output messages. But, be patient. Once you get the following final line of output, the code is done executing. Then you can continue on with the rest of the instructions for this notebook.Enabling notebook extension fileupload/extension…- Validating: OK
In [ ]:

# Here are all the installs and imports you will need for your word cloud script and uploader widget!pip install wordcloud!pip install fileupload!pip install ipywidgets!jupyter nbextension install –py –user fileupload!jupyter nbextension enable –py fileuploadimport wordcloudimport numpy as npfrom matplotlib import pyplot as pltfrom IPython.display import displayimport fileuploadimport ioimport sysWhew! That was a lot. All of the installs and imports for your word cloud script and uploader widget have been completed.IMPORTANT! If this was your first time running the above cell containing the installs and imports, you will need save this notebook now. Then under the File menu above, select Close and Halt. When the notebook has completely shut down, reopen it. This is the only way the necessary changes will take affect.To upload your text file, run the following cell that contains all the code for a custom uploader widget. Once you run this cell, a “Browse” button should appear below it. Click this button and navigate the window to locate your saved text file.
In [ ]:

# This is the uploader widgetdef _upload(): _upload_widget = fileupload.FileUploadWidget() def _cb(change): global file_contents decoded = io.StringIO(change[‘owner’].data.decode(‘utf-8’)) filename = change[‘owner’].filename print(‘Uploaded `{}` ({:.2f} kB)’.format( filename, len( / 2 **10)) file_contents = decoded.getvalue() _upload_widget.observe(_cb, names=’data’) display(_upload_widget)_upload()The uploader widget saved the contents of your uploaded file into a string object named file_contents that your word cloud script can process. This was a lot of preliminary work, but you are now ready to begin your script.
Write a function in the cell below that iterates through the words in file_contents, removes punctuation, and counts the frequency of each word. Oh, and be sure to make it ignore word case, words that do not contain all alphabets and boring words like “and” or “the”. Then use it in the generate_from_frequencies function to generate your very own word cloud!Hint: Try storing the results of your iteration in a dictionary before passing them into wordcloud via the generate_from_frequencies function.
In [ ]:

def calculate_frequencies(file_contents): # Here is a list of punctuations and uninteresting words you can use to process your text punctuations = ”’!()-[]{};:'”,./[email protected]#$%^

COM 100 exercise

Hello, I will need you to watch the Ted talk attached ( and answer this questions below :
Have you ever been “single-storied” by another person? How did that feel? How did you respond?
Think about a time where you realized that you only knew a single story about another culture. How did you come to this realization?
How did you (or might you) develop a more complex concept of that culture?

reflection 4:3

M4:3 – Reflection
Based on your reading of the CIA Report on the National Strategy for Combating Terrorism, what is the most important element in that strategy and why.
You answer should be in the form of two (2) to three (3) well-structured paragraphs

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