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CSCI325 Deep Learning the tutorial to identify the alphabets (A through Z and a through z). Run your MATLAB code and create the training progress graph (measuring loss and accuracy).Submit a paper explaining your work, steps taken to load, display your data and train your NN.Assignment 2Using the machine learning MATLAB tutorial: your own data set and perform all steps (in the tutorial). Your final document should contain the following:Cluster diagram (chart)Hierarchical Cluster TreePCA analysisK-Means analysisThe code in the tutorial might require some modifications to run on your sample dataset. Your document should provide detailed explanation of the results, the charts and the MATLAB code. Assignment 3 and 4 I attached below in fileFor Final Project (part 2) you need to follow the instructions in Final Project (part 1) and build the same neural network either in PyTorch or TensorFlow (instead of MATLAB).Please note that both PyTorch and TensorFlow are open source, and you can easily use these packages at no cost. You might just need to do some research to learn how to download and install them and how to implement the project with these tools.Its basically same project but they need to be done in different apps. One in MATLAB and one more time inPyTorch or TensorFlow

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