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culture geography discussion 7

Read the frequently asked questions I’ve posted below. Then reply to the questions, making sure not to just reply to the original FAQ.
1.FAQ: The percentage of people who follow Judaism (0.2%) was surprising, to me I assumed Judaism was akin to Islam or Christianity in numbers, Why is it that Judaism is talked about more than Hinduism or Buddhism at least in the united states?
I feel that’s because Christianity stemmed from Judaism. It’s much less foreign to status-quo culture and media in N. America than Asian religions.
What other areas, regions, or countries do you see as representative these cultural dynamics and where as significantly different?
2.FAQ: America appears to be widely Protestant in opposition to Catholic although both are Christian religions which believe in Jesus Christ and God. Why are some Christian followers conforming to Protestantism instead of Catholic teachings?

There’s a long history of Christian groups, perhaps starting first with the Protestant reformation, stepping away from the Catholic church for many different reasons. But related to the US, mentioned in your question, it was founded by a strong Protestant following, so there’s a historical pathway factor in why it’s more popular in the US today still.
Which areas, regions, or countries do you see as also representative of this divide and where as significantly different?
3.FAQ: How does religion change over time to accommodate the needs of its people?
Most religions have to adapt based on cultural changes and perceptions. Some Christians now find abortion acceptable, e.g. Religions can also take on new symbolism through time, based on arriving in new places, e.g. the sacred symbols of Tibet being incorporated into Buddhism there, and the holy cross being revered in Ireland with the historic precedent of the Celtic cross. Which areas, regions, or countries do you see as also representative of religious change and where as significantly different?

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In his book, A Common Faith, Dewey defines religious as the oppositional gulf between the traditional organized religion and the modern advances in science. He differentiates it from religion by defining religion as the, “recognition of the part of human of some unseen higher power as having authority of his destiny as well as as being entitled to compliance, reverence in addition to worship.” The unseen part of him as human is the higher power to have control of his destiny and the knowledge of being entitled to obedience in the future life. He says he got no might to describe the shape of his destiny and the line to tread as the ability is unseen and therefore lacks it all (Dewey, par 3).

The current religions are not facing the reality on the controversial issues in the ages when religious issues are to be faced and addressed within the context of the issues at hand. The religions fail to address the issues on the spiritual education relating to the beliefs of the religion and the region. He says that experience converts the imagination and ideals intro action and this influences the religion. He adds that the religious beliefs are not determined by the special system of beliefs and the institutionally practiced practices (Dewey, par 4). When he says that the religious introduces the genuine perspective, he meant that the persons who do not accept the intellectual and moral implications or do not accept the moral implication of the established religion and this is the point where the religion plays a critical role in enlightening and revealing to such persons by distinctively telling them what is to be done and that which is not morally accepted.

He defines faith as a means through which the provision of thoughts concerning logic, belief and the conscience about religious expectations and where the religious faith is understood to be that with intent and purpose in the ideal ends of our motives and with moral intentions to meet the expectation of the religious doctrines. The ideals we have and dispatch on are comparatively ideal in the sense that the truth behind the moral expectation and the spiritual intelligence that the religion demands are not yet revealed to us and the virtues of our ideals are viewed on the grill rail of the religious expectations (Dewey, par 6).

He identifies that our ideals are born with us and bred to influence our behaviors and actions on the desired end and the expectation of the factors influencing them too. The situation of value and genuineness of our ideals with reference to the religious expectations is important to Dewey in that it provides the comparative platform with the religious expectations and the ability to distinctively identify the direction to take as the beliefs, values and norms are affected by a number of varied factor (Dewey, par 6).The comparative ability between the two sets of beliefs, faith and practices is the benefit that the comparative ideal gives Dewey. Ideals are born and exist with us from the time of our existence. They are bred and are shaped with the experiences we go through as humans. It’s from the ideals that the moral imaginations are generated and directive ideas and criteria set from the ideals (Aden, par 4).

Dewey defines God as a supreme being and as the unification of all the ideal ends in the lives of humans and the entire living world and the imaginations which bestows a power of great might in mind and transforms them in action. God is a supernatural being with the powers emanating from a point of belief that humans cannot understand easily without the help of the Holy Spirit (Dewey, par 7).

Tillich’s The Dynamics of Faith

According to Tillich faith is defined to be an act of personality with a cognitive nature to identify and the affirmation on the transcend nature of the ultimate reality. Tillich says that the state to be faith in relation to intellectual inquiry and an act of acceptance and surrender. As he defines faith as the ability to let oneself believe in something, the relationship between faith and experience is that experience trigger one to believe of trust a certain incidence as it can also tramper with ones attitude to accept a given phenomenon. (Tillich, par 3). Experience determines the knowledge of an individual on given issues and this subsequently helps in the process of believing on the possibility of something performing or an individual delivering the pre-determined expectations. He distinctively defines true faith as that which addresses the ultimate reality from the false faith which tries to reveal to the world a reality based on perceptions and not the ultimate reality. The true faith strives to real the reality behind the happenings within the ultimate reality in the world today (Aden, par 6).

For Tillich doubt is implicit to faith in the sense that the doubt determines the enthusiasm in one and the ability to believe a certain phenomenon. If there is no parting from the objective of faith, that is the point to be trusted with the related ideologies, then the issue on the understanding ion the possibility becomes a matter of conviction, and not of faith. Involvement in ultimate realism brings conviction to faith, but parting from ultimate realism brings uncertainty to faith (Tillich, par 3-4). The uncertain faith is defined as the false faith When one doubts or casts aspersion on given issue within the religious dispensation then the faith to believe in the might of the person or object to perform a given task the reduces and the doubts take part of the emotions and consciousness to believe in the abilities (Aden, par 3-4).

The symbols of faith are the means through which faith is translated and expressed to the outside world. One of the symbols of faith is the language used in the expression of faith. The symbols of faith differentiate between the different types of faith in the society. The ability of the language to express the ultimate reality makes it one of the most expressive symbols of faith. He says that God is a symbol for God to mean that God is the most fundamental symbol for the ultimate concern (Aden, par 4). Even if God is rejected by the people, the sovereignty of the symbol is the unchangeable with the circumstances it is subjected to for God Remains God for ever. He identifies the need to believe in the presence of God as the belief in the mighty works of God and the ability of God to give laws that govern our systems of living. God governs all that happens and the presence should not be questioned (Tillich, par 5).

There are two types of faith and these are true and false faith which are determined by the ability and the relation to the ultimate reality. Faith ids influenced by the ability to reason in that reasoning affects the direction thought and subsequently the ability to reason and believe in certain phenomena. Life in faith is the life that one lives under the true doctrines of the religion and the conviction to believe for a lifetime. The role of courage is to give one the power to address and face certain issues relating to the beliefs and gives one the guts to seek the reality in the controversial issues of religion (Tillich, par 7). Tillich says that faith precede all attempts to derive it from something else as these attempts are themselves based on faith and this means that faith gives one the ability to know and identify reality on the different issues in the religious sector.


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Nursing Discussion

4 Employee share purchase plans: safe bet or risky business? 5 What are the particular challenges

4 Employee share purchase plans: safe bet or risky business? 5 What are the particular challenges. 4 Employee share purchase plans: safe bet or risky business? 5 What are the particular challenges of introducing a broadly based option plan? 1 What are the strengths and weaknesses of agency theory as a means of understanding executives’ motivation and behaviour?
4 Employee share purchase plans: safe bet or risky business? 5 What are the particular challenges

Comparative Rhetorical Analysis

Write a contrastive-comparative rhetorical analysis, focusing on the rhetorical situations of a US (e.g., The New York Times, Washington Post) and a national newspaper from your home country, region, or other nation/region of which you can read the language (e.g., UK, China, Japan, Mexico). You will compare the same news story in the two (or more) presses, using the concepts of rhetoric and rhetorical situation to explain the similarities and differences in the stories’ presentations. You may also choose to compare other newspaper elements such as comparing the two papers’ front pages, use of photography, and so forth. When comparing texts, the stories/headlines/graphics must be from the same day. Your analysis should define and describe each paper’s rhetorical situation and use of rhetoric, provide a summary of the stories’ content, provide enough background information to contextualize the documents for your readers, and use the following key terms: exigence, audience, and constraints.

1. What Is The Difference Between A Law And A Regulation? Give An Example Of Each. 2. What Are The Primary Uses For The Medical Record? 3. How Are Living Wills And Durable Powers Of Attorney Similar And How Are They Different?

HA410 Unit 7: Legal Issues in Health Information Management – Discussion Discussion Participating in this Discussion will help you prepare and practice for upcoming assignments. Respond to all of the following questions and be sure to respond to two of your other classmates’ postings: Questions: 1. What is the difference between a law and a regulation? Give an example of each. 2. What are the primary uses for the medical record? 3. How are living wills and durable powers of attorney similar and how are they different? Paper should be 500 – 600 words length, strictly on topic, informative, and original with 2-3 scholar referencess. No repeatation of words. Please use and read the attached document and follow all the instructions. NO PHARGIARISM!!

(A) Write A MATLAB Program That Computes The Electric Field Created By A Solid Spherical Charge Of Density ²V = 7R2…

(a) Write a MATLAB program that computes the electric field created by a solid spherical charge of density v = 7R2 nC/m3 (R is the radial distance, i.e., the range, in spherical coordinates), and a radius 0.2m, at a location (x=0, y=3m, z=0) as shown. The medium outside of the sphere is air. The charge is centered at the origin of the coordinate system. Write your own numerical integration code (to solve the integral in eq. 4.21a in the textbook) that uses summation loops corresponding to each of the 3 spherical coordinates. Use at least 100 steps per coordinate. Provide a clear ?print screen printout, which contains: the entire .m file, its execution and the result of the execution. (b) Verify the result of your computation in (a) by using Gauss’ law to solve the same problem.

BUS 303 Week 3 Assignment

Need help writing this assignment. Must answer all that the instructor ask for in the postnothing at all chould be left out or will resullt in points deducted. Willing to pay $10 for a non plagarized APA 2-3 page assignment. It’s due tomorrow and would like to have it submitted by 2pm and 4pm at the latest EST. Write a paper describing how effective performance appraisals can increase employee performance. This paper should include sections on the strategic advantages of performance appraisals, potential forms of bias within the appraisal system, as well as how performance appraisals can contribute to the achievement of strategic objectives. The paper should be 2-3 pages in length. Writing the Performance Appraisal Assignment: The paper should be 2-3 pages in length, excluding the cover page and reference page, and formatted according to APA style as outlined in your approved style guide. Must include a cover page that includes: Name of paper Student’s name Course number and name Instructor’s name Date submitted Must include an introductory paragraph with a succinct thesis statement. Must address the topic of the paper with critical thought. Must conclude with a restatement of the thesis and a conclusion paragraph. Must use APA style as outlined in your approved style guide to document all sources. Must include, on the final page, a Reference List that is completed according to APA style as outlined in your approved style guide and has at least one reference in addition to the text.

Solutions Presentation

The Issue is on Police Brutality One team will work to resolve the Health Care Issue. The other team will work to resolve the Police Brutality Perception issue. Express the issue you found in your search. Refine your expression and include both the original and the refined version. Justify your revision. Investigate the issue by obtaining necessary information. List the questions you must answer to understand the issue. Conclude your investigation with a thorough explanation of the issue, including answers to each of the questions you identified. Produce ideas toward resolving this issue. Take note of all of your initial ideas–whether you think they are ridiculous or serious is not important. Discuss the two ideas that you think are the most imaginative, original, and positive potential solutions to the issue. Summarize your process and initial solutions. Refine your team’s solutions by following Ch. 12 (overcoming errors in reasoning) and Ch. 13 (refining resolutions) of the text and decide on the better of the two. Present your refined final resolution including an implementation plan. Create a 10- to 15-slide Microsoft® PowerPoint® or presentation. Local Campus students, present your resolution process in a 10- to 15-minute presentation. Online students, use detailed speaker notes to describe your team’s experience at each stage. Presentation: Your team will present these findings in a 30 minutes presenation to the class. Include one or two slides on each of the following: Original issue Initial resolutions Critical examination of best resolution Evaluation of the argument Revised argument Refined resolution with implementation plan

Snort Lab #2

I need this completed within two hours. Only people who are fluent with Snort/Intrusion/Information Technology, etc complete this. I will not talk or discuss with any other tutors! Thank you

Excel Week3

As indicated in the guidance for Week 3 Excel can be used for many purposes. For example, Excel can be used to develop and track your personal income and expenses against a monthly budget. Assume a family has developed a monthly budget and desires to compare actual expenses for July to their budget. Before we begin, for income and savings we use the formula (Actual – Budget) and for costs or expenses we use the formula (Budget – Actual). We do this because we are trying to determine whether the difference or variance is better or worse. It is better to earn a higher salary but it is worse to spend more than budget. Here are the detailed instructions: In cell A1, enter the following title for this worksheet: Personal Budget vs. Actuals. In cell A3, enter the following: Item. In cell B3, enter the following: Factor. In cell C3, enter the following: Budget Amount. In cell C4, enter the following: Per Month. In cell D3, enter the following: Actual Amount. In cell D4, enter the following: July. In cell E3, enter the following: Difference. In cell E4, enter the following: (Better/Worse) Be sure to expand the columns so that the contents don’t overlap the adjacent columns. At this point, this is what your spreadsheet should look like: The following set of instructions will build your line items list: In cell A5, enter the following: Salary In cell A6, enter the following: Federal Taxes In cell A7, enter the following: State Taxes In cell A8, enter the following: Available Income Leave cell A9 blank. Leave all other cells in row 9 blank In cell A10, enter the following: Living Expenses: Rent/utilities/groceries/phone In cell A11 through A14, use the example below to determine what should be entered. In cell A15, enter the following: Total Expenses Leave cell A16 blank, and leave all other cells in row 16 blank. In cell A17, enter the following: Savings This is what you should see in your line items list: Next, let’s add the Factors: In cell B6, enter the following: 15% In cell B7, enter the following: 5% Leave all other cells in column B blank This is how it should appear: The following set of instructions will help you create formulas in your spreadsheet. Excel has built in formulas to make calculating data easier. Formulas always begin with the equal sign (=) which tells Excel that a formula is being entered. In cell C5, enter the following: 4000 In cell C6, enter the following: =+B6*C5 Entering this formula will tell Excel to multiply the 15% federal tax rate within cell B6 by the $4,000 monthly amount in C5, which will return a $600 federal tax cost. In cell C7, enter the following: =+B7*C5 Entering this formula will tell Excel to multiply the 5% state tax rate within cell B7 by the $4,000 monthly amount in C5, which will return a $200 state tax cost. In cell C8, enter the following: =+C5-C6-C7 Entering this formula will tell Excel to subtract the federal and state tax amounts from the salary amount to determine the monthly available income of $3,200 after taxes. Continue with the following instructions to enter the remaining data and formulas into your spread sheet. In cell C10, enter the following: 1625 In cell C11, enter the following: 150 In cell C12, enter the following: 300 In cell C13, enter the following: 350 In cell C14, enter the following: 725 In cell C15, enter the following: formula: =SUM(C10:C14) In cell C16, enter the following: blank In cell C17, enter the following formula: =C8-C15 In cell D5, enter the following: 4100 In cell D6, enter the following: =+D5*B6 In cell D7, enter the following: =+D5*B7 Place the cursor over cell C8, presspress Ctrl and C at the same time, and move the cursor to cell D8, presspress Ctrl and V at the same time. You should see $3,280. You copied and pasted the formula from C8 into D8. From now on we will just say press Ctrl C for copy and press Ctrl V for paste. In cell D10, enter the following: 1682 In cell D11, enter the following: 165 In cells D12, enter the following: 270 In cell D13, enter the following: 295 In cell D14, enter the following: 715 Place the cursor over cell C15, press Ctrl C, move the cursor to cell D15, press Ctrl V. You should see 3127. You copied and pasted the formula from C15 into D15. Place the cursor over cell C17, press Ctrl C, move the cursor to cell D17, press Ctrl V. You should see 153. You copied and pasted the formula from C17 into D17. In cell E5, enter the following: =+D5-C5 In cell E6, enter the following: =+C6-D6 In cell E7, enter the following: =+C7-D7 In cell E8, enter the following: =+D8-C8 In cell E10, enter the following: =+C10-D10 Place the cursor over cell E10, press Ctrl C, with the cursor highlight cells E11 through E14 then press Ctrl V. In cell E15, enter the following: =+C15-D15 In cell E17, enter the following: =+D17-C17. You are almost done. This is what your spreadsheet to this point should look like: To see all the formulas you’ve entered into the spread sheet, click on the Formulas Tab and select Show Formulas to see the formulas. This is what the formulas should look like in the spreadsheet: Click Show Formulas again to return to the normal spreadsheet view. With the cursor highlight cells from C5 through E17. It should look similar to this: Right click, then select Format Cells in the popup menu: Then make the selections indicated in the options box pictured below. These selections will remove the decimals and add a dollar sign to the columns. Finalize your worksheet by making sure all columns are formatted to accommodate the size of the data. In the same popup box pictured above in the Border tab, you can format your table as needed to assure it looks clean and neat. Consider putting borders to separate cells. Consider making titles bold. Save your worksheet. This is what it should look like when you’re done: Making a Chart for Budget Expenses To view a brief ?How To’ video for creating a chart in your spreadsheet, click on the video below. To make a chart for budget expenses: Use the cursor to highlight from A10 to A14 Hold down the Control key (Ctrl) and select C10 to C14 Your columns should look similar to this: Click the Insert tab. Click the column chart Select 2-D Column In Microsoft Office version 2010 and prior, you will see the Chart Tool activated at the top of the screen for the formatting elements. Click the chart and press the help key (F1) in Microsoft Office to open the help function for the options available in your version. This is a clip of Microsoft version 2010 for your reference: In the 2013 version of Microsoft Office which is demonstrated below, you should then see something similar to the following graphic Use the options to the right to format your chart. Click ?Chart Title’ to change it to ?Personal Budget Expenses’. You can also select other options to see how they affect the appearance of your chart. Move chart underneath the table by placing the cursor on the frame and dragging the diagram under the budget table. You can expand the size of the chart by selecting and dragging any of its corners. Your finished spreadsheet should look similar to this example:

Discussion #4: Current Event Discussion 3/19

Do a summary of a news event. The event must be related to countries in Latin America and it must be a current news event. For example, if you do an event on the United States it will not count towards the participation grade. However, if the news event is on US-Latin American relations, then the event does count towards this discussion. Format: The submission should include the: date & title of the news article, news source, and author if listed. Please provide the title of the news article you are referring to & link to the article. This is so that people can read the article for themselves if they are interested in the issue. Content: Briefly, 1 to 2 paragraphs, describe in your own words the event, discuss why you find it interesting, how it relates to Latin American Politics and/or International Relations of Latin America. You may submit up to 2 events at 1 pt each, for a total of 2pts, OR you can post an event for 1 point, and comment on a colleague’s event for another point. Although I do encourage “Liking,” it does not earn any points. You will not be able to see the discussion, until you post a news article summary. 2 events please

Nursing Discussion

To support your work, use your course and text readings and also use resources from the University Online Library. As in all assignments, cite your sources in your work and provide references for the citations in APA format. You may use this APA Citation Helper as a convenient reference for properly citing resource. TASK Post your initial response to the topic below. Relying on data In order to make good decisions, data must be reliable. There are several conditions that need to be met?accurate, timely, and complete for reliable data. -Share an example of when you had to make a decision using data that were not accurate, timely, or complete.

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