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culture self-assessment paper

So, in this assignment (worth 100 points) I am asking that you consider some basic questions and write a cultural self-assessment reflection.Reflection is crucial to learning and is therefore an important ‘act’ on the part of the learner. Much has been written about reflection but, simply put, it is thinking about and making sense of the experiences we have.Below are several tools that you may want to use to help in this reflective process. These tools are intended to help you start thinking about diversity and your own worldview. Questions such as “What events do you think have shaped your worldview?”Please don’t limit yourself to only answering the questions on the tool(s) you select, think about the questions and how your views/experiences/events shape where you are in your ability to embrace diversity.Your paper should be 3 pages in length, not including the cover page or the reference page and completed and submitted in Microsoft Word. Be sure to review the rubric for specific grading details.*Turnitin is Required and the Percentage Match Must be 25% or less for acceptable submission.Assessment Tools with Questions to spark your Reflection:Intercultural Competence Assessment Competence Self Assessment

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