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‘d like you to watch a movie and discuss how the themes and issues in the movie reflect the themes

I’d like you to watch a movie and discuss how the themes and issues in the movie reflect the themes, philosophy and/ or theology of Christianity. DO NOT use a documentary. Pick a popular film that is not overtly Christian. Examples might include E.T. Lord of the Rings, Star Wars, the Lion King, etc.
In approximately 1000 words, I’d like you to discuss the main themes in the movie and relate them to the themes, stories and theologies found in Christianity and/or discusses in this class.

Pyramid of Intervention persuasive essay help Algebra coursework help

The “Pyramid of Intervention” is a concept that was established in order to provide a system of supports offered by schools that address students who are struggling academically. Teachers develop their curriculum based on standards that are established by the states, and they use textbooks that are approved and adapted to meet the needs of the class (Pyramid of Intervention: Kaiser School System of Supporting Struggling Students.) By observing their students, teachers are able to track progress through the process of reviewing their work and conducting a variety of evaluations that include formal and informal tools such as quizzes and examinations.

Developing a pyramid of intervention for a school district involves understanding that children learn differently, so that the curriculum must be developed according to their readiness to learn, involvement in the classroom process, support at home, intelligence, and different learning styles. Teachers are able to witness the varying results of academic progress by observing the students work, which underscores the fact that certain children are able to learn more quickly than others as well as learning well, and for these children the teachers give them challenging or open ended work. Four other children that may have problems learning at the same rate, teachers develop interventions that provide them with additional support or other methods to assist them.

School districts are able to develop pyramid of intervention by clearly defining the three tiers that comprise the pyramid, which students should be placed where in that configuration, and what sort of instruction is necessary to meet the needs of those students. The relationship between the pyramid of learning, school curriculum, and learning strategies are as follows: Tier 1 provides standards-based instruction in every classroom for every student, and the academic interventions that are provided include basic school subjects, speech, and behavioral methods (Rathbun, 2013.) This level is designed to maximize learning for all students, and to reduce the numbers of students who will require extra interventions. The core curriculum addresses the learning needs for most students, allowing 80 to 90% of students to achieve the levels of performance measurements (Pyramid of Intervention, 2009.)

The second tier consists of strategic interventions given to students who are not successful in the first tier. This academic teaching and learning experiences frequently happen in small groups that are organized based on need, and/or may include instruction that is computer-based. The progress of these students is tracked on a regular basis. This level is considered to be a supplemental program to the tier 1 level, provides accommodations to students to assist them with mastery in academic subjects, and also includes appropriate consultations with specialists and other experts as needed.

The third tier offers services to children that are planned through a Student Support Team, or SST.

This level is for students who have not been able to succeed in the first two, or who have been evaluated initially and determined to be in need of support deriving from all three levels. In such cases, the child’s parents are invited to attend an SST meeting. The team collaborates to formulate a strategic plan that is tailored to meet the needs of the student. When requested, school psychologists can provide diagnostic testing in order to help the team to develop the appropriate intervention plan (Rathbun, 2013.) The progress of the student is followed on a regular basis, and students who are not able to manage to perform adequately with such intensive services may be referred for further help through the Exceptional Student Services Department, or a body that is the equivalent in different school districts. This level is founded on individualized, research-based intensive supports (Pyramid of Intervention, 2009.)

There are certain issues to be considered regarding the strategy known as the pyramid of intervention. For example, it remains a question about how each of the tiers is staffed: because the children in the second and third tiers have more learning needs, does that mean that school districts are willing to pay for teaching assistants, aides, or other personnel to assist with groups of children that require more support and may need additional assistance for behavioral issues? Another question that was raised for me is how the pyramid of intervention works for different socioeconomic groups, including children and families who may not have access to well-funded schools and resources. Is the pyramid of intervention practical and effective for all social strata? Finally, does this strategy work for families that include uninvolved or absent parents, and if that is the situation what do the school districts do in lieu of parental involvement?

My recommendations are the following: the pyramid of intervention must be tailored to fit individual schools and school districts based on a variety of factors including socioeconomic status, ethnicity, and whether the schools are located in urban-suburban-exurban communities. In addition, I believe that standards should be developed for staff levels at all three tiers, since the students in the first tier to not require as much support and might do well in classrooms where there is one teacher for every 15 to 20 students. Students at the second tier level might need smaller classrooms or more staff, and the same goes for the third tier. In order to accommodate the small-group framework that is part of the supportive instruction, there would necessarily have to be enough staff that is adequately trained to work with the students.


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Discussion 250 Words. Make Sure You Provide 2 References And Utilize APA Style.. . Discussion Rubric

Readings and review of the (AACN Essentials I, II, IV, V, VI, and VIII) (refer to assignment section to view the list of essentials). Think about how these essentials may apply to you. Attached AACN MastersEssentials


Topic: Establishment Clause/Lemon Test 1. Discuss how the Supreme Court has used the Establishment Clause 3-part Lemon Test to decide on two recent cases McCreary County v. ACLU and Van Oren v. Perry in 2005 concerning the issue of religious display. What happened in each of those cases that brought the issue to the courts? Why one of the displays was deemed a violation of the establishment clause and not the other? Topic: Employment v. Smith Alfred Smith and Galen Black, both members of the Native American Church, were fired from their jobs as drug rehabilitation counselors on the grounds that they had used peyote during a religious ritual. They were subsequently denied unemployment benefits because they had been discharged for “misconduct.” The question before the U.S. Supreme Court is whether the refusal of the state to grant unemployment benefits in this situation constitutes an abridgement of rights under the Free Exercise Clause of the First Amendment. 2.Discuss: if state laws should or should not override Native Americans and other religious groups rights to ingest, or smoke illegal controlled substances as part of the groups’ religious ritual. Know [do not discuss]: How did and for what reasons the Court narrowed the interpretation of the Free Exercise Clause with the new 2-part Smith Test in reference to the case of Employment Division v. Smith (1990)? {Hint: right to freely exercise religion must not violate states’ laws} Topic: Miller v. California 3. Explain what the case Miller v. California (1973) and the Supreme Court Justices’ 3- part test definition of obscenity have in common? Discuss if the Supreme Court ruled differently on the opinion on this case, how would it affect American writers, artists and filmmakers’ civil liberties in reference to freedom of speech today? Topic: Roe v. Wade The Supreme Court Roe v. Wade (1973) opinion defined a 3-part level for states interest; on how states are to handle abortions at three various trimester stages of the woman’s approach to term. (1) During the 1st trimester [0 to 3 months] of a woman’s pregnancy, it is unreasonable and therefore unconstitutional interference with her liberty and privacy rights for a state to set any limits on her choice to have an abortion or on her doctor’s medical judgments about how to carry it out. (2) During the 2nd trimester [4 to 6 months], the state’s interest in protecting the health of women becomes compelling, and a state may make a reasonable regulation about how, where, and when abortions may be performed; and (3) during the 3rd trimester [7 to 9 months], when the fetus becomes capable of surviving outside the womb, the state’s interest in protecting the unborn child is so important that the state can prohibit abortion altogether , except when necessary to preserve life, health of the mother. 4. Pro-life supporters and anti-abortion interest groups are mobilized to abridge part 1 and part 2 of the Supreme Court’s Roe v. Wade decision to the states so that women will have narrowed options in which to obtain an abortion. If the groups are successful, how would it affect civil liberties in regards to privacy rights today? Topic: Miranda v. Arizona 5. Discuss/ Explain why and how the case Miranda v. Arizona (1966) manifested the creation of the Miranda Warning? Discuss if the Supreme Court ruled a different opinion on this case, how would it affect civil liberties in reference to rights of the accused today. (Links to an external site.)Links to an external site. Optional: (Links to an external site.)Links to an external site.

Computer Science Assessment – Graphic Questions

Computer Science Assessment – Graphic Questions. In need of help with a 5 page paper, APA style, 12 point, times roman, double space with 5 references and in-text citations. Topic is Workplace Sexual Harassment, due on Sunday by 12 PM.
Computer Science Assessment – Graphic Questions

Senior Seminar In Management

Unit 3: Discussion Directions Read the case study. Answer the discussion questions and post to the discussion: Initial Post: Respond to every aspect of the discussion prompt with originality. Demonstrate an exceptional familiarity with the text and topics being covered and utilize text/lecture note/PowerPoint references. Respond to your initial post with at least 300 words Post initial post by 11:59 p.m., Thursday, CT. Response Posts: Respond to peer posts with at least 100 words. Respond to two or more classmates by 11:59 p.m., Sunday, CT.

Job Analysis

Analyze how conducting regular job analyses benefits employees, managers, and the organization. Describe how this type of benchmarking can strengthen an overall job analysis plan. Using the Sample Job Analysis, create a job description for Logistics/ Supply Chain Management. Justify how you selected the task components of the position and the organization of the components in order of priority.

Psychology Research Paper On Child Abuse And Neglect

I can pay $30. Here is the guidelines which professor gave me for the assignment: Create a profile of one individual or a non-governmental organization (NGO) that influenced Understanding Child Abuse and Neglect(Minimum 8 pages, double-spaced, font size 12). Choices for your profile could range from an array of American or International historical characters to an influential legislator or opinion leader that changed/influenced Understanding Child Abuse and Neglect. You might also want to consider a contemporary personality from various fields including an artist, performer, film, and electronic/print media; newspaper, magazine/journal, radio, game console, desktop computer, & TV personality or host provided you have a persuasive argument to consider that she/he might potentially influence or already changed Understanding Child Abuse and Neglect. Moreover, it could be about any personality that made or could induce an impact on the field of your major at Cambridge College. Create a clear profile of your choice emphasizing his/her accomplishments and how they influenced. Remember, this assignment is not intended to be a mere biography of the individual of your choice; therefore, explore your subject beyond mere historical facts of one’s life. Try to highlight aspects of this person’s life that fascinated you or that prompted you to profile her/him. It is suggested that the closer you integrate the aspects of this assignment to your own future career, personal life, or interests the more fascinating and beneficial it might be for you to profile. Include at least 10 in-text citations from different sources and Works Cited – APA Style. It should be a Microsoft Office Word document it’s due on 12/21/15

Organization Effectiveness

You are an outside consultant that amazon hired to help with evaluating and measuring their organizational effectiveness. Write a 75 word introduction using Research from Amazon HR website on internally and externally disseminated documents, mission and vision statements, and the company’s core competencies.


we will practice presenting data from metrics and making recommendations and supporting them. From the three metrics you used for your assignments, choose 1 and present it. Here is an example – read through it and provide on of your own. I chose to gather data on employee satisfaction with compensation and benefits. Here is the data: Satisfaction with compensation: 83% highly satisfied 12% satisfied 5% unsatisfied Satisfaction with rewards and benefits: 14% highly satisfied 22% satisfied 64% unsatisfied Based on the results of this metric, we can conclude that the compensation seems to be satisfactory, but employees are not satisfied with the benefits and rewards. Thus, my recommendation is that HR do a survey to find out which benefits most employees would like to see the organization offer. Justification: We know that benefits are important. The literature tells us that “80 percent of respondents (2,026 U.S. adults, among whom 1,115 were employed) would choose a job with benefits over an identical job with 30 percent more salary but no benefits” (Festa, 2018). This proves that benefits are more important than compensation and if workers are unsatisfied with benefits, the organization needs to make changes. Source: Festa. M (2018). Benefits More Important Than Salary? 80% Think Yes. Retrieved 2/18/2020 at:

Human Resource Assignment I Am Willing To Pay 20.00 ONLY

I am only willing to pay 20.00 for this assignment no more. There needs to be 3 references in the paper, everything needs to be in APA format, refernces should be sited in the paper, with a refernce page at the end of paper.

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Topic: Curb Bullying In ADHD Adolescents/ Children Theory: Developmental Behavior Theory by Erikson and Levinson. Provide a paper integrating your review of the existing research and theory and tying it to your fully developed topic. In your submission, be sure to include the critical elements listed below. ? Clearly state your research questions or intervention. ? Evaluate how your chosen topic fits into the field of psychology. ? Synthesize previous scholarly research related to the topic, research questions, or intervention. ? Compare and evaluate the studies and resources discussed in the literature review. ? Connect gaps in the overall research to argue for the necessity of the chosen research questions or intervention. ? Discuss how the existing body of research helps the chosen research questions or intervention address real-world problems and implications for the general public. ? Organize the literature review according to your message and synthesize the literature into the message. ? Include a conclusion that ties together the literature addressed and reiterates the connection to the research questions and the main argument. ? Ensure that the submission has no major errors related to citations, grammar, spelling, or syntax. Requirements: 5 to 7 pages (not including cover page or reference page) 12 inch Times new roman font At least 4 refernces APA Format

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