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Data analytics

Activity IV – Suppose you receive an e-mail from a stock broker who claims to be able to accurately predict whether any given stock will rise or fall in price during the subsequent month. To “prove” her claim, she makes a prediction about performance (higher price or lower price) for ten stocks over the next month. You are skeptical of the broker’s claim, and assume she simply guesses which stocks will improve or worsen in price over any given month. Put another way, you assume she has a 50% chance of being correct in her prediction for any given stock. Based on this assumption, you derive the following probabilities concerning her ten picks:
Number of correct picks 0 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 Probability 0.001 0.01 0.044 0.117 0.205 0.246 0.205 0.117 0.044 0.01 0.001 What is the empirically testable conclusion resulting from your deductive reasoning? How could you test your empirically testable conclusion using a data sample? Outline the inductive and deductive reasoning you could use to evaluate whether or not the broker is simply guessing in her stock picks.

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3. In a study of dyslipidemia, a sample of 18 male participants was drawn from male adult population and a sample of 36 female participants was drawn from female adult population to measure their low-density lipoprotein (LDL) cholesterol level in their blood. The study results found 4 participants in the male sample had high LDL level (i.e., LDL level was ≥100 mg/dL); and 9 participants in the female sample had high LDL.

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a) It is postulated that 30% of male adults have high LDL in the male adult population. If this hypothesis is true, what is the probability of observing 4 or less male participants with ahigh LDL in a male adult sample of size 18?b) At the 0.05 level of significance, test the null hypothesis (state H0, HA, critical value, and value)that the proportions of high LDL are equal among male and female populations.c) Construct a 95% confidence interval for the true difference in population proportions of high LDL (p1-p2) between female and male populations?

The sample size for male n2Males with high LDL x2Proportion of male with high LDL (p2)Proportion of male with low LDL (q2 ) 1840.2222220.777778 1-p1 Sample size for female n1Females with high…

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One of the audit clients Airtel has presented the income statement below to the audit firm Earnest and Young where you work as an assistant auditor.Homework For You

Airtel Income Statement for the year ended December 31, 2018                                   ZMK

Revenue                                                                                                                          1,392,000

Cost of goods sold                                                                                                              680,480

Gross profit                                                                                                                         711,520

Distribution Administration expenses                                                                                367,200

Profit from Operation                                                                                                         344,320

Other income

Gain on sale of equipment                                                                                                   56,000

Income before taxes                                                                                                           400,320

Income taxes                                                                                                                      118,400

Net income                                                                                                                         281,920

The audit partner has decided that 5% income before taxes benchmark is appropriate for overall materiality and tolerable misstatement has been estimated to be 60% of overall materiality.


a) Explain what overall materiality is and state some factors that the partner would have considered in deciding the 5 percent benchmark (5 marks)

b) Explain what tolerable misstatement is and state some factors that the partner would have considered in deciding the 60 percent benchmark.(5 marks)

c). Calculate the overall materiality, and tolerable misstatement. (2 marks)

d). During the course of the audit, the auditors discover that the revenue account has an invoice which was misstated by K8,200 explain the action that the auditors will take

e) Further, the auditors discover that in the distribution and Administration expenses account some invoices have been misstated by K17, 500.Explain the action that the auditors will take (3 marks)

f) Taking into account the two errors in (d) and (e) above, state the recommendations and explain the final decision that the auditor will make (7 marks) Get Finance homework help today

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Given the following information, find the probability that a randomly selected dog will be a golden retriever or a poodle.

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Number of dogs who are poodles: 31, golden retrievers: 58, beagles: 20, pugs: 38

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Curriculum Goals Assignment/Buy Homework Help mba essay help

In a 750-1,000 word essay, define curriculum goals while discussing current issues that regulate corresponding standards in Secondary Education Mathematics.

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Discuss how the identification of curricular goals and content standards contribute to success in the classroom. Develop your thoughts to include how the curriculum guides content, objectives, and strategies for success. Include Aiken County Public Schools district, administration, and faculty considerations. Provide examples of learning experiences appropriate for your content area. Get Social Science help today

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In a one- to two-page Microsoft Word document, for each hypothesis listed indicate: Whether the appropriate analysis would be a one-tailed test or a two-tailed test

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. A type I and type II error, given the context of the hypothesis. Hypothesis: The three treatments tested differ in how well they work. Children receiving supportive therapy will get worse over time (at posttreatment). Girls will do better than boys with treatment (any treatment).

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Critical Infrastructure Protection Assignment/Buy Homework Help mba essay help

Submit a research paper on a chosen topic pertaining to Critical Infrastructure Protection. The research paper will be 10-12 pages of content, excluding a title page and reference list (at least 10 outside scholarly references are required). Your paper is to be written in APA style format and prepared in a Microsoft word document

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This assignment is a research paper, not an opinion paper, so you need to use the class readings and other sources to support your thesis. Make sure you use APA style in-text parenthetical citations at the end of every sentence where you are quoting or paraphrasing another’s ideas. Get Social Science help today

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%Example 4.8. Consider a two-period binomial tree for a risky asset S with u = 1.2 and d 2 0.8. Assume the efieotiue interest rate i = 4%.

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Consider sample space 9 = {w1,w2,w3,w4} andinformation model 7’ :2 {7319, k 2 01 112} as defined in Emample4.7 with 011 = uu, mg 2 ud, Log 2 du, and 0.34 = dd. Calculate EQ[S(1)I731] and EQ[S(2)I’P1] where IEQ denotes the expectation under the risk-neutral probability measure.

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Module 6 DQ 1 8-10-17

Using the criteria shown for each of the sections of your Proposal in the Dissertation Proposal Template, how would you evaluate your work to date if you were completing the Proposal Rubric on yourself? Why?

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Module 6 DQ 2 8-13-17

The focus for the next couple of weeks needs to be completing a revised draft of your Proposal. Post an update of your progress on your dissertation proposal. How will you work with your chair to help complete this revised draft? What do you need to do to complete this draft? What challenges have you encountered while working on your proposal this week? Get Psychology homework help today

Debating Ability Testing Assignment | Top Essay Writing mba essay help

Prior to beginning work on this discussion, read Chapters 5 and 6 in the textbook and the required articles for this week, and view the IQ: A history of deceit (Links to an external site.)Links to an external site. video.

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For your initial post, you will present at least two viewpoints debating professional approaches to assessment used in psychology for your assigned age group. Please see the list below for your assigned age group. In addition to the required reading, research a minimum of one peer-reviewed article from the Ashford University Library on ability testing research at is pertains to your assigned age group.

In your initial post, you must

  • Briefly compare and discuss at least two theories of intelligence and the contemporary assessment measures related to those theories.
  • Analyze challenges related to assessing individuals in your assigned age group and describe any special ethical and sociocultural issues which must be considered.
  • Analyze and provide evidence from validation studies supporting and opposing the use of specific instruments with your assigned population.
  • Present the pros and cons of individual versus group assessment of ability.
  • Summarize the implications of labeling and mislabeling individuals in your assigned age group as a result of testing and assessment.

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Neurotransmitters, Receptors, Neurotransmitter Systems Assignment | Top Essay Writing mba essay help

This week’s required and recommended materials will cover topics on neurotransmitters, receptors, neurotransmitter systems, and their role in cognition and behavior (both normal and abnormal).

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After reading Chapters 3 and 4 in your course text and viewing Brain and Nervous System: Your Information Superhighway, The Nervous System:  Nerves at Work,  and The Influence of Neurotransmitters complete one of the following options for your discussion:

Option B:  Evaluate one of the neurotransmitters covered in this week’s readings. Explain the role it plays in a neurological or psychological disorder of your choice. For example, you could choose the dopaminergic system and discuss the role this neurotransmitter has in the development of schizophrenia.  In addition to your evaluation of the specific neurotransmitter and its associated receptor system, provide a correlation to the involved neuroanatomical structures, as well as the contribution of genetics and environment to the development and clinical management of this disorder.  You must use a minimum of one peer-reviewed source that was published within the last five years, documented in APA style, as outlined in the Ashford Writing Center. Your post should be a minimum of 250 words. You may cite and reference your textbook, required reading and/or multimedia, but these will not fulfill the source requirement. Get Psychology homework help today

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