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Data Literacy

The report should include the following aspects:Problem statementPlease identify a topic/problem you are interested in. In the report, please discuss the background information of the topic, what it is, why it is important, and what motivates you to study the topic. Data sources and collectionPlease collect the relevant data online. Google data search can be used. In the report, please discuss about the data you collected, where does it come from, what features do you want to use for analysis, why those features are relevant to your question. Data analysis and visualizationExplain how you analyze the data – which statistics you used and why it may help you get information. Pick the proper charts to visualize your data. The charts should be relevant to your topic. Discuss the type of charts you choose, how you make it and why it is useful. Using dashboard to summarize the result and interpretation.Make a Google Data Studio project (one or multiple pages) to display the numbers/charts you used for analysis. Make a clear story line to link your analytical results to your topic. Discuss about the information delivered by each number/chart. ConclusionConclude your findings by answering the quesiton: what did you get from the dataset after analyzing it. ReferencePlease feel free to send me your topic and dataset if you are not sure whether it is good for analysis. Submission Guildeline:The paper should be 5-8 pages long (excluding title page, table of contents, reference and your Google Data Studio dashboard), 1.5 spacing, font size 12pt, with at least 5 references.You can submit your Google Data Studio as a separate file and do not need to put it in the report. The deadline is Dec 21. Late submission will not be accepted. This is an individual project. You can overwrite your submission before the deadline but only the last submission will be graded. The submission must be orignal work from the student. Work from other students or existing online work will not be graded.

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