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Data Mining

This week we focus on the introductory chapter in which we review data mining and the key components of data mining. In an essay format answer the following questions:
What is knowledge discovery in databases (KDD)?
Review section 1.2 and review the various motivating challenges. Select one and note what it is and why it is a challenge.
Note how data mining integrates with the components of statistics and AI, ML, and Pattern Recognition.
Using Python create a model of the iris dataset and describe how your model is classifying the results. Include a graphic (or screenshot) of your work.
Note the difference between predictive and descriptive tasks and the importance of each.
In an APA7 formatted essay answer all questions above. There should be headings to each of the questions above as well. Ensure there are at least two-peer reviewed sources to support your work. The paper should be at least two pages of content (this does not include the cover page or reference page).
Textbook –
ch. 1 in textbook: Data and Classification: Basic Concepts

cs- answer

DQ #1 The CIA Triad
Answer the following:
1. What is the CIA Triad, also called CIA Triangle?
2. Describe each of the 3 elements of the Triad.
3. In your opinion, why is the CIA Triad the foundation of all of cyber security?
DQ #2: How a Computer WorkIn your own words, in 50-75 words, concisely describe how you think a computer works, from your own thoughts.
1. Read the Textbook: Chapter 1 Digital Systems

Computer Science Question

Computer Science Assignment Help Complete the following assignment in one MS word document:
Chapter 3 –discussion question #1-4

Computer parts

There are many computer parts.
Among them include:
Central Processing Unit (CPU)
Power Supply.
Random Access Memory (RAM)
Hard Disk Drive (HDD)
Video Card.
Solid-State Drive (SSD)
Optical Disc Drive (e.g. BD drive, DVD drive, CD drive)
Select any of the above parts or another of your choice that is easier to discuss and write a 500 words essay on the chosen computer part.

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