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data sources

Respond to one of the following in a minimum of 175 words, and your response must cite a scholarly reference other than the text or one of the readings for Week 2:
Is EBP an activity or mindset? Explain your answer.
What are the influences of the EBP movement as it relates to nursing practice, education, and research?
What are some of the key differences between EBP, research, and quality improvement?
What do you think the biggest source of data will be for your project? How are you going to analyze the data?

elimination pattern

How do the elimination patterns of a patient with Crohn’s disease differ from those with Ulcerative Colitis? What are the major differences between the two bowel diseases, and how are they treated differently? Respond using APA and evidence-based references, minimum 250 words. Post due Wednesday 2359

Discussion 2

Nursing Assignment Help Week 2- Advancement and Vital StatisticsThis Discussion contains 2 parts,
For this discussion question, please answer the following questions: You will need a scholarly journal article for the 1st discussion.
1. After watching the March of Dime video and finding a scholarly journal article about neonatal care, answer the following questions:

QUESTION: What do you think is one of the biggest changes with the improvement of neonatal care and nursing since the 1970?
Please make sure to bring your journal article into the discussion with a citation.
2. Now looking at the Florida Vital Statistics Rate: The link is listed below, answer the following questions (Links to an external site.) (National Birth Rates)
(Links to an external site.) (Links to an external site.) (Links to an external site.) (Births) (Links to an external site.) (Link to external site)
1. Under Births what is the number of births in Florida and how does that compare with U.S.
2. In the Birth data find you county and your city. Provide the data listed for your area
3. Under birth data, What is the number of births in your County and also list teenage pregnancy rate
4. Under the birth data, list one thing that you learned by examining this data about birth rates in Florida
5. Under infant and fetal deaths, What is the infant mortality rate in Florida?
6. What is the number of fetal deaths in your county?
7. Under infant and fetal deaths, What is the data and a cause of infant mortality, the number of deaths that occurred from this cause and briefly describe what the cause is. For example: According to the Florida Vital Statistics, in 2015, there were 40 infant deaths due to an incompetent cervix. (Florida Public Health, 2015). An incompetent cervix is a cervix that dilates without contractions, usually early in the pregnancy. A cerclage procedure is a stitch that is placed in the cervix to prevent further dilation, spontaneous abortion or preterm births. ( London, et al., 2016).
No Journal is needed for the response posting.

Module 2 discussion

For the initial post, you will describe the assigned model of care and list the advantages and disadvantages of it. Examine how this “fits” for you personally and professionally, also examine how would it “fit” in your work or recent clinical environment. Then, you will respond to another classmate’s initial post comparing your model of care against theirs, giving your opinion of which one is better with your rationale.
CLASSMATE Will be discussing Integrated Models of Care: Practice partnerships
MY POST: will be discussing Traditional Models of Care: Team nursing

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