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Deadline USA

The word “surveillance” is descriptive of newspapers from their early beginnings to oversee governments and report on corruption and malfeasance on the part of public officials. Over time it has expanded to encompass almost all aspects of society. Objectivity in the news remains a controversial subject, with most opinions tending to acknowledge that newspapers ( and media in general) incorporate a particular framing to their reporting, a basic tenet is to report truth, expose corruption and act as a voice for the people. The film “DEADLINE USA” Takes us back to time of change in America. Organized Crime remained a problem in post WWII America, as was a large influx of immigrants / displaced persons as a result of the war. Newspapers were under serious financial pressures from medias such as radio and television and drive to increase profitability. Despite this, journalists soldiered on as we see in the at great personal costs to bring news to the people. The film, from 1952 is considered a classic, as well as part of the genre known as film noir, when the use of black and white film was integral to the narrative. It stars Humphrey Bogart and Kim Hunter, Ethel Barrymore ( Drew Barrymore’s Grandmother ), and Ed Begley. In the 70 years since this film was made, the only thing that has really changed is the tools used to gather and put out the news. The passion of the journalist remains the sameHere is a link to a free versions of the film on Vimeo to an external site.and You Tube to an external site.In 500 word essay comment on the points expressed about newspapers and journalism whose relevance is as important today as when the movie was made.

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