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Dear writer, Kindly do 1) the interest cover ratio to 2019 and 2020 with an analysis 2) And analyze

Dear writer,

Kindly do 1) the interest cover ratio to 2019 and 2020 with an analysis

2) And analyze the debt position of the company compared to its competitors.

The firm is : Saudi Marketing market ( Farm superstore)
The competitors is:
Abdullah Al-Othaim market company
BinDawood Holding company
Anaam International Holding Group

Find the attached, word file page number 12, 13 (Highlighted in yellow)
And use excel for financial statements.

net income after taxes

Q1:ABC company generated total sales of $32,565,420 during fiscal 2021. Depreciation and amortization for the year totaled $1,278,120, and cost of goods sold was $21,400,000. Interest expense for the year was $6,341,250 and selling, general, and administrative expenses totaled $2,556,610 for the year. If the company’s tax rate was average 30 percent, what is its net income after taxes? (Show your calculations)
Q2. BBB company had cash and marketable securities worth $400,134 accounts payables worth $2,490,357, inventory of $1,321,500, accounts receivables of $2,188,128, short-term notes payable worth $120,000, other current liabilities of 200,000, and other current assets of $521,800. What is the company’s net working capital? (Show your calculations)
Q3. In your own words, explain the difference between Brokers and Dealers? (Show your calculations)

Finance Question

Finance Assignment Help Create a stress testing Model in Excel to simulate each steps of the stress testing process that a bank should go through
in order to pass or not the FED Stress testing process.
Number, Indicate, Narrate each step, highlight the key inputs (that should be extracted from internet sources and indicate them in cell comment) and key formulas in the excel (no harcoding of formulas, formulas must use either inputs or other formula cells, indicate source in cell comment as well).
Use Bank of America and Llyods bank to illustrate in Excel and compare with stress testing results published for both of these banks.

Complete Excel spreadsheet for your first

Complete Excel spreadsheet for your first

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