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Death and Grief Practices in Different Cultures

In the healthcare field, we as health care professionals at some point or another will care for families with death and grief.  Researching a certain ethnic group, religion or culture will provide a better understand of how other cultures approach death and grief.Introduction/Description of Topic: general information/overview of selected group.  The meaning of death and grief within the selected group. Meaning of Death and Grief:  defines beliefs, values and attitudes of selected group.  Also discusses rituals and practices related to death and grief within the selected group.Application in Practice.  Some questions to consider:  How do you as a healthcare professional have to modify care for this group (an example being how Jehovah’s Witness do not accept blood products).  How do their beliefs differ from yours?  Will caring for this group be difficult?Articulation and Mechanics: double-spaced, proper font, spelling, grammar and uses proper APA (7th Edition) format, response has substance supported by literature.

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