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Define a dominant strategy and Nash equilibrium. Can two firms interacting with each other have no Nash equilibria if both have a dominant strategy?

Question: Define a dominant strategy and Nash equilibrium. Can two firms interacting with each other have no Nash equilibria if both have a dominant strategy?See the answerSee the answerSee the answer done loadingDefine a dominant strategy and Nash equilibrium. Can two firms interacting with each other have no Nash equilibria if both have a dominant strategy?

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Civil Litigation Process Assignment | College Homework Help college essay help online free

This ATC relates to the material covered in Chapter 3 and our Supplemental materials giving an overview of civil procedure. These materials are generally focused on the development of the American legal system, the structure of our courts, and understanding procedural rules relating to the initiation of litigation. Please complete the following exercises.

1. Find the website for one of each type of court (municipal, district, and superior) below and provide the following information: a. Name, address, and telephone number. Jurisdiction (limited or general) and what types of matters are heard. Number of judges

2. Give the link for the website address where one can find a directory of each court in Washington State.

3. How many circuits are there and in what federal circuit is Washington State located? Find and provide the link for one of the federal courts located in Washington State.

4. Locate the Internet address for the Washington State Legislature and identify one bill introduced during 2011 or 2012. Give the bill number, title, summary of the bills, and current status.

5. Washington State has recently passed a law that requires each community and university faculty member to submit their lectures in advance of the presentation to a board for review to ensure that the materials comply with school policies prohibiting “controversial” subject matter or content. Your office has been assigned to represent a group of faculty members from across the state in challenging this law on the basis that it violates First Amendment rights under the U.S. Constitution.

In researching this case, you see that a similar case was filed by a group of faculty members in the State of Georgia. The group of faculty members won on their challenge to the constitutionality of the state’s statute when the Georgia State Supreme Court ruled that the law was an unconstitutional restraint on the First Amendment of the U.S. Constitution.

Provide a “Yes,” or “No,” response followed by a two to three sentence explanation.a. Can your office bring this case in Washington State Court?b? Can your office challenge this law in a Federal district court?c. Can you cite to the Georgia State Supreme Court decision? How would you describe this authority?

6. Find and provide the link to the example of the following documents. (Document examples must be from/for Washington State.)a. Summons. Complaints. Interrogatories. Request for Admissions. Motion for Summary Judgment

7.  Find the statute that discusses the Statute of Limitations for civil actions.

8. Provide one to two sentences about what you learned from this assignment. Get Law homework help today

Accounting Assignment | Custom Assignment Help college essay help online free

Define a dominant strategy and Nash equilibrium. Can two firms interacting with each other have no Nash equilibria if both have a dominant strategy?

“Empirical research indicates that, in general, companies send a positive signal to the marketplace when they announce an increase in the dividend, and as a result share prices go up. This result definitely supports the bird-in-the-hand theory of dividend policy.” True or false?Get accounting  assignment homework help today

Osteoarthritis Assignment | Homework For You college essay help online free

Mrs Angela Brown is a 68 year old widow, and is back in hospital for the second time in a month. She lives alone and does not have relatives living nearby. Angela has a history of intermittent asthma, atrial fibrillation and osteoarthritis. During her current admission to hospital for a pelvic abscess she has been prescribed Metronidazole 500mg IV tds. She complains of discomfort in her buttocks and pain in the perineal area and an offensive odour from there as well. Paracetamol 1000mg qid is prescribed for pain. In addition to Metronidazole and Paracetamol the prescribed medication history lists the current medications of

• Salbutamol 2 puffs prn

• Amiodarone 200mg daily

• Aspirin 300mg daily Angela also buys Ibuprofen 200mg as an over the counter drug for when her joints ache. Part of the nurse’s role in the discharge planning process is to ensure that Angela manages her medication safely and effectively. To commence this process you need to answer the following questions in relation to medication management:

1. What are the indications and actions of the prescribed medications?

2. What are the most common interactions of the prescribed medications? Include: drug to drug, drug to food and drug to herbal interactions? (If there are no known interactions in some areas please state this).

3. Discuss the medication management education that is required to enable Angela to manage her medications at home.

Formatting – The body of the text should use subheadings in the form of keys words. – Tables are acceptable, where it is appropriate to do so. – Remember there is a 1000 word limit (+/- 10%). – Please use 1.5 or double spacing and an 11 point font. Referencing – Requires APA in-text and end of text referencing style. – Pharmacology and medical surgical nursing text books and MIMSonline will assist you in accessing information. – 10 references APA style. Get Pharmacy homework help today

Accounting Assignment | Custom Assignment Help college essay help online free

Currently the firm has total market value of debt $20 million and total market value of equity $60 million. This capital structure is considered optimal by the management. The optimal capital budget for new investment for the coming period is determined to be $15 million. The total net income is estimated to be $15 million. The firm has 5 million common shares outstanding. The most recent dividend per share is $1 and the management intends to maintain it for the foreseeable future. The management also wants to maintain the optimal capital structure. Which of the following statements is true?

Select one:

a. The firm would need to raise external equity of $5 millioin.

b. The firm’s optimal debt ratio is 30%

c. The firm would not need to raise external equity.

d. The dividend payout ratio is 50%


e. The firm would need to raise external equity of $1.25 million.

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Pharmacology Assignment | Homework For You college essay help online free

This is very important Assessement on Pharmacology in nursing so please givevitvto someone who actually knows about pharmacy and APA referencing.We got hardly passing marks in my previous assignment made by your specialist. Strictly follow the word counts . No headers and Numbers shold be there. All the instructions and rubrics are already attached. Follow APA 6 Reference guide attached. Please use references from the books who are published only. No you tube and google references please. Atleast 10 References older than 10 years old. Get Pharmacy homework help today

Pharmacy Implementation Plan Assignment | Homework For You college essay help online free

Title: Presentation of remote dispensing unit/pharmacy Implementation Plan Task Description: Building on from the Annotated Literature Review and the remote dispensing unit/pharmacy Project Plan, provide a persuasive presentation seeking gain support for the remote dispensing unit/pharmacy implementation plan. The presentation should demonstrate a full understanding of the planned innovation of a remote dispensing unit/pharmacy and assist with it being clearly communicated to the audience.

The audience is an executive group of a medium sized health service and the task is to prepare a presentation of the remote dispensing unit/pharmacy implementation Project Plan in order to achieve executive support for the plan. The presentation must use in order to persuade the executive group to support your proposal. Learning Outcomes Assessed:

1. Describe the clinical innovation in terms of leadership, change management and evaluation of initiatives.

2. Evaluate the role of the clinical innovation in shaping clinical practice and research.

3. Critique clinical innovations with reference to their relevance to clinical practice.

4. Translate the clinical innovation into clinical practice

5. Apply successful change management and leadership techniques to innovating in the clinical workplace

6. Apply evaluation techniques to determine the economic benefits of a clinical innovation

Criteria & Marking: No Criterion

1 The quality of the presentation as it appears as a PDF

2 Quality of the plan that communicates what is proposed to the audience

3 Statement of benefits of the innovation which includes some estimation of the return on investment

4 Contains an assessment of the risks to the organisation if the innovation were to be implemented and/or not implemented

5 Consideration of any statutory or ethical issues that need to be taken into account (if any, and if none identified, how that position was arrived at

6 A change management plan to diffuse the innovation into the workplace including a communications plan for engaging staff in the implementation. Get Pharmacy homework help today

Accounting Assignment | Custom Assignment Help college essay help online free

A U.S.-based importer, RRT Corporation, makes a purchase of crystal glassware from a firm in Japan for 200,000 yens payable in 90 days. The U.S. firm wants to cover this amount with a forward market hedge to eliminate its exchange rate risk. Suppose the firm completes a forward hedge at the 90-day forward rate of 105 yens per dollar. If the spot rate in 90 days is actually 108 yens per dollar, how much will the U.S. firm have saved or lost in U.S. dollars by hedging its exchange rate exposure?

Select one:

a. A loss of $52.91

b. A loss of $47.11

c. A loss of $44.08

d. A gain of $47.11

e. A gain of $52.91


f. A gain of $44.08

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Accounting Assignment | Custom Assignment Help college essay help online free

Starbright manufactures children car seats, strollers, and baby swings. Starbright’s manufacturing costs are budgeted as follows:

 Factory utilities $80,000Factory foremen salaries $81,000Machinery setup costs $25,000Total manufacturing overhead $186,000

The company uses activity-based costing to allocate its manufacturing overhead costs to products based on the following schedule:

  Overhead Cost  Allocation Base Estimated Activity Level  Factory Utilities  Direct labor hours  14,100  Factory foremen salaries  Machine hours  17,100  Setup costs  Number of production runs  114

During the current month, the following levels of activities were incurred:

 Car SeatsStrollersBaby SwingsTotal  Direct Labor Costs$ 55,900 $ 94,250 $ 33,150 $ 183,300   Direct Labor Hours4,300 7,250 2,550 14,100   Machine Hours5,200 9,000 2,900 17,100   Production Runs30 52 32 114   Units Produced1,500 2,500 870 4,870

What are the setup costs allocated to Strollers during the current month?





Cannot be determined.

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Accounting Assignment | Custom Assignment Help college essay help online free

For your initial post, imagine you own a business and discuss the following information:


Identify and describe your business for this assignment (e.g. Clothing Store, Landscaping business, Delivery service, or Restaurant).
Give an example of a long-term asset that the business owns.
Classify the asset (i.e. building, equipment, furniture & fixtures, etc.)
What depreciation method will you use to depreciate this asset? Explain Why.
How does depreciation affect the income statement and balance sheet?
Explain how depreciation might affect your decisions to purchase expensive equipment or real estate.Get accounting  assignment homework help today

Antimicrobial Assignment | Homework For You college essay help online free

Background Honey has been used for medicinal purposes for centuries which have led to rapid growth of the industry in New Zealand and elsewhere. The market is now saturated by antimicrobial honey products. Instructions The report should be between 700 – 900 words, (excluding front page and references), 1.5 spacing, font size 12, and about 5-7 references. Assignments should be typed or written neatly on one side only of A4 paper. Assessment guidelines Category Maximum marks Abstract/Summary Clear, informative concise, self-explanatory, thorough summary of all main points, 200-250 words. 15 Presentation Layout, introduction (scope, objectives), table of contents, well-organised, logical sequence, use of sections, tables, figures, list of references, tidy, correct English, concise, no repetition. 20 Use of Literature Shows wide and detailed reading of the key scientific references and balanced us of evidence 15 Content Detailed, logical presentation; critical analysis of all relevant information; construction of a coherent, logical case, based on evidence and theory. Clear explanation of key principles. Critical evaluation of any differences between different references (use the latest full APA referencing system). Clear conclusions and recommendations. 50 Total 100. Get Pharmacy homework help today

Accounting Assignment | Custom Assignment Help college essay help online free

Scenario: You have been hired as a financial analyst at Morgan Corporation. Your responsibilities are to assist in the construction and interpretation of the financial statements and communicate on the overall results of the company. You will be reporting to the senior management team of Morgan.Get accounting  assignment homework help today

Criminal Defenses and Criminal Punishments Assignment | College Homework Help college essay help online free

Assignment 2: Criminal Defenses and Criminal Punishments Worth 170 points

It is common knowledge that two controversial issues in the American legal system are the types of criminal defences and the manner of criminal punishment. In this assignment, you will explore both in their various forms.

Use the Internet or Strayer databases to research the types of criminal defences and the manner of criminal punishment.

Write a four to six (4-6) page paper in which you:

Specify the key points involved in the court determining the lawfulness of the use of force. Next, evaluate the level of objectivity inherent in each point that you have specified.
Determine the fundamental difference between the castle doctrine and stand your ground types of criminal defences. Justify the validity of each, and provide one (1) example of each to support your response.
Analyze the overall role that the double jeopardy clause plays within the trial system. Next, evaluate the general level of fairness of double jeopardy to the defence. Provide a rationale to support your response.
Specify the basic features of the adversarial system. Next, support or critique the value of the adversarial system within the criminal law system in the United States. Justify your response.
Argue for or against the right to a speedy trial, as guaranteed by the Sixth Amendment to the U.S. Constitution. Provide a rationale to support your response.
Use at least three (3) quality academic resources in this assignment. Note: Wikipedia and similar type Websites do not qualify as academic resources.

Your assignment must follow these formatting requirements:

Be typed, double spaced, using Times New Roman font (size 12), with one-inch margins on all sides; citations and references must follow APA or school-specific format. Check with your professor for any additional instructions.
Include a cover page containing the title of the assignment, the student’s name, the professor’s name, the course title, and the date. The cover page and the reference page are not included in the required assignment page length.

The specific course learning outcomes associated with this assignment are:

Describe the nature and history of American criminal law.
Explain the role of individuals and federal, state, and local government agencies in crime fighting and prosecution of criminal offences.
Analyze the essential legal elements of criminal conduct.
Contrast crimes against persons, crimes against property, and other types of criminal conduct.
Use technology and information resources to research issues in criminal law.
Write clearly and concisely about criminal law using proper writing mechanics. Get Law homework help today

Juvenile crime Assignment | College Homework Help college essay help online free

a 10- to 12-slide Microsoft® PowerPoint® presentation in which you compare two juvenile diversion, intervention, or prevention programs operating in your city or state. Include the following:

How do the programs work to reduce juvenile crime?
What are the programs’ major goals, objectives, and core beliefs?
How do community-based programs address issues related to juvenile gang violence?
What is the role of law enforcement in the programs?
Who are the key participants in these programs?
What services do they provide to juveniles?
Which of the two programs is more effective at reducing juvenile crime? Why?

Format your presentation consistent with APA guidelines. Get Law homework help today

Accounting Assignment | Custom Assignment Help college essay help online free


On January 1, 20X3, Gaudreau Enterprises sold goods in exchange for a $200,000, fiveyear interest-free note from the purchaser. The note was repayable at $40,000 per annum, with the first payment due on December 31, 20X3. The market rate of interest for similar notes was 6% per annum. Gaudreau Enterprises only records adjusting entries at year end. What amount of interest revenue should Gaudreau Enterprises accrue at its December 31, 20X3, year end?
On July 1, 20X3, Clear Water Corp. received a $45,000, three-year, 6% note receivable from a customer for services performed. Interest is payable annually, with the first payment due on June 30, 20X4. The market rate for similar notes is 8%. Clear Water has a December 31 fiscal year end. How much interest revenue should Clear Water recognize in the December 31, 20X3, fiscal year?Get accounting  assignment homework help today

Officer Tim Bronson Assignment | College Homework Help college essay help online free

Read the attached case study “Officer Tim Bronson”; in 1,500 -2000 words, discuss the following:

Explain the process of arrest, how are they placed under arrest, what does it mean to be arrested
Explain the process of arraignment, what occurs during the arraignment process
Explain what occurs during pretrial
Explain what happens if the offender is in need of a competency hearing, including a definition competency.
Assess the role of a psychologist in a pretrial competency hearing. Describe what type of assessment tools psychologist use to assess competency for trial.

Prepare this assignment according to the guidelines found in the APA Style Guide, located in the Student Success Center. An abstract is not required.

This assignment uses a rubric. Please review the rubric prior to beginning the assignment to become familiar with the expectations for successful completion.

You are required to submit this assignment to Turnitin. Please refer to the directions in the Student Success Center. Get Law homework help today

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