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Define the term sociology in your own words and

Define the term sociology in your own words and reflect on how the sociological imagination theory plays a role in your day to day life. Explore the concept of the social world through the sociological imagination theory developed by C. Wright Mills (1959) by providing examples of the connection in your personal life. 250 words.

Organization In module one, students should have identified a healthcare organization and had an administrator approved to interview. If


In module one, students should have identified a healthcare organization and had an administrator approved to interview. If not, please contact your instructor to determine the organization and administrator that has been approved for the Capstone Project.


Students should develop 10 to 15 interview questions. The goal of the interview is to learn about a small-scale healthcare problem that can be addressed within the timeframe of the Capstone course. The healthcare problem should be an issue that the healthcare administrator would like the student’s assistance in addressing and an issue that a student’s research can potentially be impactful for the organization. The topics may include but are not limited to the following categories:

Change Management
Strategic Planning
Human Resources
Customer Service
Operations Management
Financial Management
Project Management
Global Healthcare
Quality Management
Type of Questions

The interview questions should address the following components.

Administrator’s position within the organization, including a descriiption of responsibilities
Areas of struggle, for the organization, that the student could potentially address
Information related to the problem that would assist the administrator’s role in the organization issue
Examples of areas where the administrator would like to learn more about best practices or lesson learned by other organizations
The goal of the project, per the administrator
Ethical implications if this issue is not addressed and the ethical guidelines surrounding this particular issue

Students should use the following format for their interview questions.

List the question.
Use professional language.
Use Times New Roman, 12-point font.
Categorize the questions in groups to ask all questions about a similar topic at one time.

How does symbolic interaction affect your day to day…

Symbolic Interactionism is a micro-level theory that focuses on the relationships among individuals within a society. Symbolic interactionism looks at individual and group meaning focusing on human action instead of large-scale social structures.Symbolic Interactionism has to do with our treatment of symbols and how they shape our worldview. Symbols are everything you can think of: people, places, things, time, and even dates. Describe some examples of symbolic interactionism in your everyday life. How does symbolic interaction affect your day to day functions as a student, an employee, a vital member in your community? Upload your Assignment as a Word document, 500 words.

QUANTITATIVE ANALYSIS question, read detail

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Bentham’s Utilitarianism Essay


“What might utilitarians say as regards this case, that is, should solar farms be encouraged as a way of providing electricity?” In responding to this question, you are not expected to compare solar farms to every other kind of energy, although you may want to compare it to coal insofar as some of the articles refer to solar coming to coal counties. Although you are expected to mainly rely upon the information on solar energy and on connecting solar energy to the grid that you can glean from the assigned articles that you read, you may supplement this information with information from sources not provided or with additional information of which you are aware or other consequences that you think are important to take into consideration. To answer this question, see the following bullet points.
In answering the above question, you are required to do a brief hedonistic calculus, taking into consideration all groups affected by the proposed policy, and applying some of Bentham’s parameters (such as intensity, duration, uncertainty or certainty, proximity or remoteness of pains and pleasures, and fecundity or purity of pains and pleasures – see Power Points and Video Lecture for this unit, as well as link to the reading from Bentham). Do NOT simply list the pros and cons of the policy, and do NOT simply summarize arguments of the articles. Instead, extract from the articles the groups that are affected and the benefits and harms for each of these groups, and analyze these in terms of a brief hedonistic calculus, for which you should come to a conclusion on the above question. Remember that some of the material you read might address questions of consent, or rights, or other issues that utilitarianism does not address, and which you may instead be able to address in Week 4’s discussion board on Kantian Duty Ethics.
“How easy or difficult is it to apply utilitarianism and the hedonistic calculus to this case? Do you agree with the conclusion of the hedonistic calculus that you did, and how or how not?”

Pitch presentation

You need to choose a subject for the presentation and write about it in 5 slides:
Slide 1: project goal (what does it do?)
Slide 2: audience (who’s it for? big or small audience?)
Slide 3: technology (programming language, frameworks, etc.)
Slide 4: plan (milestones, or order of creating features)
Slide 5: payoff (for this class, i.e., why would it look good on your resume?)

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