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Depreciation Models and My Dream Car

InstructionsEach student will create two data points that correlate to their personal vehicle (or dream car!).  Both points will follow the format  (t, V) where  t is the age of the vehicle in years, and V is the value of the vehicle in dollars at t years.  The first point should relate to the initial value of the vehicle.  For example, if the initial value of your car is $26,000, your first point would be (0, 26,000).  Then, estimate the current value of your car (or dream car after 5 years) to create the second point.  For example, if your car after 5 years was worth 19,000, your second point would be (5, 19,000).  If you would like to have a more definite value of the car, please use the Kelley Blue Book.  Then, use the methods we learned in class to write a linear depreciation model to represent the value of your car. Last, use your equation to determine the estimated value of your car after 9 years.Post should include the following:Name of vehicle being used in the discussion.Two data points as described above.Work used to create the model (you may show your work on separate paper and then attach it to your discussion as a pdf).Linear model in either point-slope or slope-intercept form.Estimation for the value of the vehicle after 9 years (with work).

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