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Designer Babies paper outline

You need to include one of the following ethical theories: Kant, social contract,Care Ethics’ or Virtue Ethics. This week, you will submit a detailed outline of your term paper. Your submission must include sections corresponding to the following subheadings:Technical AspectsProvides necessary medical and scientific information to understand the issue.Public PolicyDescribes current and proposed changes in public policy/law.Arguments For and AgainstInclude a summary of the arguments in favor of and opposed to specific interventions, techniques, or products and a discussion of underlying ethical principles. Discuss the public policy with two additional argumentative paragraphs- one discussing the in favor of and one paragraph discussing the opposing argumentConclusionExpresses your personal opinion regarding the importance of the topic and the strength of the pro and con arguments.Your term paper should:Discuss the technical aspects of your topic in general terms.Discuss the public policy debates relevant to the topic you choose. This section should cover arguments that favor and oppose the use of the techniques or products.Express your personal opinion regarding the topic’s importance and the validity of the pro and con arguments.Your submission must include:A title pageThe body of the paper, which includes 4–6 content pages of a professionally written textAt least three references from textbooks, websites, and articles that provide adequate justification and support your claimSubheadings (technical aspects, public policy, and personal opinion/conclusion)Appropriate in-text citations throughout the paperA reference list with only the sources used in the body of the paper (All sources should be less than five years old unless recent research is not available, and at least one reference must be a peer-reviewed article from a professional journal. Do not use Wikipedia or an encyclopedia as they are not considered reliable academic sources and will not be accepted.)APA style formatting throughout your paper

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