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Develop an argument that explains if the framers of the U.S. Constitution would approve of the current balance of Essay

Develop an argument that explains if the framers of the U.S. Constitution would approve of the current balance of power between of the national government relative to that of the states.
In your essay, you must:
• Articulate a defensible claim or thesis that responds to the prompt and establishes a line of reasoning.
• Support your claim with at least TWO pieces of accurate and relevant information
o At least ONE piece of evidence must be from one of the following foundational documents:
U.S. Constitution
Brutus 1
United States v. Lopez
Marbury v. Madison
o Use a second piece of evidence from another foundational document from the list or from your study of the structure of American government.
• Use reasoning to explain why your evidence supports your claim/thesis.
Respond to an opposing or alternative perspective using refutation, concession, or rebuttal

CJ-112-T2292 Intro to Criminal Justice 21EW2

CompetencyIn this project, you will demonstrate your mastery of the following competencies:
Describe the components of the United States justice system and how they are interrelated
Explain how various types of communication skills are utilized by sworn and civilian criminal justice professionals
ScenarioYou are a community outreach coordinator at your local law enforcement agency. The department has undertaken an initiative to reach out to diverse populations in your community. There is always a need in your community for support toward becoming a citizen; numerous recent immigrants, resident aliens, and documented immigrants could benefit from a outreach materials that explain how the criminal justice system works in the United States. You have been given the task of creating outreach materials for this initiative. The materials you’ll create for this project are specific to the juvenile justice system or allied professionals; choose just one for the focus of this project.
DirectionsInitiative Materials
Your initiative needs professional materials to support it. Create one or more relevant products that address all of the required elements:
Explain how your topic—either the juvenile justice system or allied professionals—relates to the law enforcement branch of the criminal justice system. Include information from one of the main bullets below.Juvenile Justice:School resource officers
School-to-prison pipeline
Juvenile rights
Status offenses

Allied Professionals:Victim’s rights advocates
Goodwill ambassadors
Counselors / psychologists
Community service professionals

Explain how your topic—either the juvenile justice system or allied professionals—relates to the courts branch of the criminal justice system. Include information from one of the main bullets below.Juvenile Justice:Restorative justice
Court process for juveniles
Diversion / alternatives to arrest

Allied ProfessionalsGuardians ad litem
Witness protection
Counselors / psychologists

Explain how your topic—either the juvenile justice system or allied professionals—relates to the corrections branch of the criminal justice system. Include information from one of the main bullets below.Juvenile Justice:Juvenile parole/probation officers
Separation from adults

Allied Professionals:Auditors
Mental health counselors
Contractors:Food services
Medical services

Explain how social media relates to communication skills that are important in your topic.Who uses social media?
For what purposes do people use social media?

Explain how active listening is a communication skill important in your topic.Who should use active listening?
Why should active listening be used?

Explain how cultural awareness is an important communication skill in your topic.Why is cultural awareness important?

What to SubmitTo complete this project, you must submit the following:
Initiative Materials
For this initiative, choose the format that works best for you. This could include one or more of the following: poster, handout, presentation slides, brochure, visual or infographic, timeline, task cards, materials for a group activity, or video.

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Hello! I am submitting multiple personal statements for different advanced nursing practice programs around me, and I need help

Hello! I am submitting multiple personal statements for different advanced nursing practice programs around me, and I need help manipulating my best one to be able to use it for a different school.

I just need help splitting my original 3 page personal statement into two different prompts. I have an idea of where I want to split the paper into two, and I will provide it in the files.

You may choose to develop a Research Report or an iSearch paper as the Signature Assignment for this class.

Writing Assignment Help You may choose to develop a Research Report or an iSearch paper as the Signature Assignment for this class.

The art work images already in the file. Need to compare the Las Meninas(Velasquez) vs. White Guise(Saar)

Both options provide the opportunity to research and then develop a comparison of two learning objects from the list of pairs.

1. The research report follows a conventional essay format in developing your comparison. This means that your report will present the topic using an introduction, and will develop the comparison using body paragraphs. A concluding paragraph summarizes what you learned or areas for further exploration. Your ideas, and arguments for this paper must be guided by/supported by facts from college appropriate research, which the student cites/acknowledges through in-text citations.

2. An iSearch paper is written in the first person, and presents a record of your research, your exploration into using books, Wikipedia, museum websites and databases, an explanation of your process, and finally, how writing this paper has affected or changed your thinking about visual culture.

Whichever option you choose, this Signature Assignment should be between approximately 1200 to 1500 words, including captions for your visual images, but NOT INCLUDING the written text for your annotations. Please save in a PDF file format.

This assignment should demonstrate your best ability in written communication, critical thinking, and information literacy.

PROMPT: Select a pair of objects from the list of pairs provided by your instructor. Provide a thorough and detailed descriiption of each object (do a formal analysis). Research each object. Based on the results of your research, with the canon in mind, establish connections between the two objects using ONE of the following ways of knowing:

1. contextual analysis– context refers to a comparison of the differing socio-political-economic conditions that are present and impacting culture in the two time periods of objects you’ve chosen

2. semiotic analysis — semiotic analysis refers to a comparison of the differing ways two diverse time periods use signs and symbols

3. gender analysis — gender analysis refers to a comparison of how the time periods define, empower, privilege and represent gender

In your conclusion, discuss new and/or unexpected insights you gained from your research and analysis of your comparison, and possibly about Visual Culture more generally.

III. Research Report/ iSearch Paper Draft

Drafting is an important part of good writing. Like any kind of art and design making, no one is really satisfied with their first attempt. Everyone wants good feedback, suggestions for improvement, glaring errors or omissions pointed out. The same is true for writing. Good writers are not born, they are the result of practice, drafting and feedback.

Getting feedback on your draft will definitely improve the quality of your written communication, critical thinking, and information literacy. Your instructor will use the rubric to grade your draft, and provide comments. This will be returned to you via email. Your revised Signature Assignment and annotations are due two weeks after the draft is returned. The due date will be stipulated by your instructor in your email.

IV. Annotations for Research Report/ iSearch Paper

Final Annotations are due and submitted with your Research Report or iSearch paper.

An annotated bibliography is a precise explanation of the relevance, authority, accuracy and point of view or purpose of your source. This is where you will justify the credibility and value of your source and demonstrate your Information Literacy (your ability to locate, identify, and evaluate information) about the sources that you are using. In an annotated bibliography, you evaluate the following:

author credentials
type of source and the intended audience
purpose / bias / points of view
relevance of source to the paper
currency of the source
You will write at least TWO ANNOTATIONS for your Research Report or iSearch paper.

Your annotation will be a comprehensive paragraph that demonstrates your ability to identify and evaluate the source that you are using.

Extremely Important I will submit this to turn it in please be careful with plagrism. Modern conjunctures For hundreds

Extremely Important I will submit this to turn it in please be careful with plagrism.

Modern conjunctures

For hundreds of thousands of years, we human beings knew solely foraging – gathering and hunting in small bands – as our way of organizing communities and providing the necessities of life on earth. About six hundred generations have now passed, however, since the appearance of Neolithic innovations, among them horticultural, agricultural, and pastoralist modes of production in some societies in many parts of the world. Whether willingly adopted, imposed by force, or resisted and evaded to whatever degree possible, these innovations have transformed conditions of life and imagination for all of us.

More recently, in roughly the past half-millenium, further changes have been brought by the emergence and expansion of industrial = and now post-industrial – societies of vast scale and power. Each of the following sources gives an anthropological account of people whose distinctive ways of organizing social life and knowing the world around them have been shaped by these larger modern social forces and historical events:

– Brody, The Other Side of Eden (hunters of arctic and sub-arctic north America);

– González, Zapotec Science (farmers of southwestern Mexico);

– Evans-Pritchard, The Nuer, and Holtzman, Nuer Journeys, Nuer Lives (pastoralists of southern Sudan); and

– Pollan, The Omnivore’s Dilemma, and Moss, ‘The extraordinary science of addictive junk food’ (post-industrial lifeways of the United States)

Answer these questions with reference to all four groups of people, and to all of the above sources:

* In your judgment, what most sharply distinguishes each group and its ways of life in the long term (as these are described by the respective authors)?

* What are the most significant social and historical forces responsible for changing these ways of life in the recent past and today?

Then, in a final paragraph or so:

* Identify a situation in your own life or in the lives of people you know in which similar social and historical forces or developments play a major role. Describe the situation and the group(s) of people involved briefly and precisely. How are the people involved affected by these forces or historical trends, and how are they working with or against or around them? What insights or conclusions do you propose from comparing this situation – and the social and historical forces involved – with those faced by one or more of the other groups you have discussed?

If you like, please use examples from class meetings (lecture, videos, slides, etc.) or recommended online sources (examples: the videos Nanook of the North, Invisible Indians, The Nuer, Lost Boys of Sudan, We Come As Friends; Michael Pollan talks) to further develop your line of thought. For at least one topic (Inuit; Zapotec; Nuer; US), please also include substantial material from library or online sources, with full citation, to add scope and detail to your paper.

Please limit your essay to 1500 words, and use the full guidelines below as a checklist before submitting your paper.


Please be specific and illustrate your points where appropriate with key details from these texts and from class notes. Feel free to write in the first person where appropriate (i.e., “I think…”, “Here I am contrasting…”, etc.). Stay focused on discussing the texts assigned accurately and in detail, and in clearly developing your example from your own daily life or the lives of people you know, rather than introducing other materials or opinions or topics or experiences in your essay. Where you state your judgment or opinion, give specific evidence and clear arguments, especially cited from the texts, for your position.

* Study carefully any comments given on your first paper and on your Blackboard posts. Fix problems noted, and review your work specifically to correct and improve it in these regards. See the Blackboard tab ‘Reading and writing’ for guides to correct punctuation, especially commas. To truly improve your writing going forward, consult, download, and archive sources there, especially the classic writer’s guide The Elements of Style, by Strunk

Creat database,Creat Er moderl and Creat all tables of the relation, Add all data in SQL,

Read carefully the project requirements
Create the ER model for the requirements
Convert the ER model to a relation model create all tables for the model of the relation
Add data in the tables in the project depend on questions
answer all question
implement all Tables insert and quires in system.
upload all you work.
note : use ( SQL)

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