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The intent for this is to be a practical experience that benefits you personally. Part I (data collection) Usual Diet (the way you normally eat on a typical day)- 5 points Total. 1. Use the Calc Plus program in Connect (under Bookmarks, front page) to analyze your regular day. Make sure you include all meals and snacks for 3 days. Do not change the way you eat and choose the most typical day of your week. Exclude Saturdays and Sundays (weekend days aren’t typical). Include nutritional supplements if you consume them such as multiple vitamins and protein powders. 2. Provide the following reports: (10 points total) Food list (2 point) Bar graph report (2 point) Nutrition Facts Report (2)Calorie Assessment (2 point) Myplate report (2 point) *You should cut and paste these reports into a word document to present this information in a clear manner.**Other reports are available but not required. However, you may need them to answer the questions in part III. Part II (data collection and design)- 40 points Total- (Revised Diet)1. Follow the individually prescribed diet-based on the profile-that the dietary analysis program created for you (The Myplate report gives you the basic pattern). Plan the perfect diet for 1 of the 3 days based on the recommendations from the pyramid created by your dietary analysis program. Keep in mind nutrient density (color) in planning your diet and the four components of the healthy diet: variety, balance, moderation and adequacy. List the foods per meal and described preparation and portion size. Use your Calc Plus program in Connect (under Bookmarks, front page) to analyze your Revised day. Make sure you include all meals and snacks. Exclude Saturdays and Sundays (weekend days aren’t typical). Include nutritional supplements if you consume them such as multiple vitamins and protein powders. Do your very best here to adhere to the revised day you designed. You will have to discuss your experience in part 3. Design (30 points). The highest grade will be obtained by getting the closest to perfection. This is a huge part of Your grade so put the necessary effort to get the maximum amount of points. 2. Provide the following reports: (10 points Total)Food list (2 point) Bar graph (2 point) Calorie Assessment (2 point) Myplate Report (2 points) Two-day comparison report (2 pts) Part III (Analysis of results)- 55 points Total. Interpretation, conclusions and implications for the future. Use “question and answer format”. Make sure that the questions appear in your actual paper. Papers not following format will incur a 10% deduction. Your goal is to meet the recommendations made for you by 100%-130% for your DRIs and meet 100% of the pyramid recommendations. Interpret the results of the reports to answer the following questions. Be specific and detailed. One sentence answers are not acceptable. They will reduce your score significantly. You also need to include the questions as they are stated here in your paper. 1. Did the revised diet meet your goals for the macronutrients and Micronutrients? Use the bar graph and the 2-day comparison report to answer this questions. Are you at risk for deficiency or toxicity? Compare and contrast your regular day and revised day? What foods provided the highest nutrient density in your revised diet? Go back to your textbook and the appropriate chapters for help addressing deficiencies and toxicity risks . Be specific for each nutrient and detailed. (20 points) 2. Did you achieve your goal of consuming 8 servings of fruits and vegetables per day? What is the importance of meeting this goal in terms of health? Fruits and vegetables are high sources of phytochemicals, which phytochemicals were provided by your revised diet?. Be specific and detailed. Your answers should be based on the results of the reports. Did you utilize the principles of healthy diet planning-moderation, adequacy, variety and balance effectively? Explain your answer in detail. You should review chapters 1, 2 to answer this question. (20 points) 3. What is your BMI? Is it healthy? What are the guidelines for BMI? Use the chapters in your textbook on energy balance and weight mgt to help you answer this question. What are the health implications of an unhealthy BMI? Discuss your family history of chronic diseases. What additional changes would you have to make in the future to prevent diseases you are at risk for ? Of the changes you made in this class and/or after this project, which ones are you likely to continue practicing? If health or family health issues were identified in this question, you need to include a strategy/plan to minimize risk or treat the condition. Be specific. (15 points) When you have finished all three parts and created one paper, you need to submit it as an attachment through BlackBoard. Make sure you do this before the deadline as it closes at 11:59pm of the due date. BEFORE YOU SUBMIT YOUR PAPER, Read these carefully: Grammar and Spelling (these types of errors are unacceptable at College level) : MINUS 10% of total grade Not following format (make sure your paper is one paper with all three parts and all the questions are included to avoid this deduction): MINUS 10% of total grade Errors in data entry and portion size (review your food list to make sure your data is correct, errors here will affect all three parts of this paper) : MINUS 10% of total grade. College level presentation is expected, all work must be typed, double-spaced, and all the required reports included in the paper. Use a number 12 font. Used Question and Answers format-not essay and include all the questions). Make sure there is an attachment! No re-submissions are allowed past 11:59pm of the due date. Policy: NO LATE WORK WILL BE ACCEPTED.

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