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Digital Business

200-250 words per question Only 3 of them. Question 1

Question 1
in early 2015 Spotify was valued more than $5 billion, and six years later, in 2021, 54 billion.
Discuss and analyse how Spotify shaped its business model in the music industry (digital value proposition, revenue model, advertising, marketing, competitors, etc.) in order to achieve such successful digital strategy.

Question 2

Marketing has drastically changed since the advent of digital technologies. Identify three differences between the traditional (analogue) and digital marketing, and articulate the advantages and disadvantages of each one.
Question 3

Explain in depth the two differentials of Business Model Disruption, and bring one example that illustrates the explained concepts.

Home Depot works of stakeholder relationships

1. Evaluate Home Depot’s strategy and performance with the environmental and employee stakeholders.
2. As a publicly traded corporation, how can Home Depot justify budgeting so much money for philanthropy? What areas other than the environment,
disaster relief, and affordable housing might be appropriate for strategic philanthropy by Home Depot?
3. How does Home Depot’s desire to be passionate about customer service relate to being social responsibility?


Business Assignment Help Review the following four problem statements. Select one of the problem statements, and in your initial post, rewrite the problem statement in a clear, concise format as described in Chapter 3 of your textbook.
Our process for making widgets cannot fulfill the customer order requirements.
The process for admitting patients takes too long.
The applications for loans have too many errors.
Inventory is too high and needs to be minimized.
In your response post, offer critique of your peers’ problem statement rewrites. Offer suggestions for improvement or commentary as to why it is now a well-stated problem statement.

5-6 Power point Slides

In an environment of rapid change, it is important that health care administrators are prepared to plan for and assess organizational effectiveness. By applying theories of organizational design, administrators can help shape the structure and culture of an organization, and ultimately, influence its success. For this Assignment, examine the following scenario and consider the organizational structure of the Shapiro Cardiovascular Center.
Scenario: You are a health care consultant with a thriving practice working with Boston-area hospitals. Your expertise is in organizational design and organizational behavior. One of your clients, Gary Gottlieb, of Brigham and Women’s Hospital, has accepted your proposal to work with his organization on the opening of the Shapiro Cardiovascular Center.
In your consulting experience, you have found that reviewing the history of organizational theory helps management teams creatively approach the challenges they face. In addition, it is important to be able to analyze management’s contribution to organizational effectiveness and consider how strategy shapes organizational structure.
To prepare for this Assignment:
Review the provided scenario, as well as the “Brigham and Women’s Hospital: Shapiro Cardiovascular Center” case study in this week’s Learning Resources.
As a team, begin developing a presentation on organizational theory and structure for the senior executive team of the cardiovascular center.
The Assignment
In a 5-to-6 slide presentation, your will address the following… (on slides 7-12 Only) with references on the last slide
Analyze unique aspects of Brigham and Women’s Hospital (BWH) and Brigham and Women’s Physicians Organization (BWPO) organizational structure and the design of the physical space.
Be sure to include an introduction with a clear thesis statement along with a conclusion
Be sure to use the sources that are attached. If you happen to use additional sources please be sure that they are credible or scholarly sources.
No plagiarism

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