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discuss How Ebay Uses Cloud Computing By Drawing On Its Advantages And Essay Help

Discuss how eBay uses Cloud Computing by drawing on its advantages and disadvantages.
(ex. Use a mix of academic sources such as books, journal articles and non-academic sources such as the website of the company, other sites, news, media sources etc.)
(Discuss from a theoretical perspective with advantages and disadvantages -Cloud Computing; apply to eBay)

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Assignment 1: Discussion – Job Analysis And Design


Research your local community and state emergency preparedness plan(s) and then complete an assessment paper. Address the following in 1,000 words: Emergency Preparedness Plan Assessment Title Synopsis Executive summary Introduction Details Summary Conclusion Recommendations Next, create a scenario of a potential emergency situation for your locality. You may select from the following: Major fire Infrastructure failure Flooding Disease epidemic Terrorist attack (Casualties > 200) Terrorist attack (Casualties < 20) Earthquake Hurricane Freezing rain Next create a written plan following the prescribed emergency management rubric above. You must address the above plan sections for your fictional scenario. Be sure to reference all sources using APA style.

System Work Tuesday

Parrot Palace works with TV and movie producers who need birds that can perform special tricks, such as playing dead, reciting poetry, ladder climbs, and various other tricks. Parrot Palace has about 50 birds and a list of 20 tricks from which to choose. Each bird can perform one or more tricks, and many tricks can be performed by more than one bird. When a bird learns a new trick, the trainer assigns a skill level. Some customers insist on using birds that score a 10, which is the highest skill level. As an IT consultant, you have been asked to suggest 3NF table designs. You are fairly certain that a M:N relationship exists between birds and tricks. Tasks 1. Draw an ERD for the Parrot Palace information system. 2. Indicate cardinality. 3. Identify all fields you plan to include in the birds and tricks tables. For example, in the bird table, you might want species, size, age, name, and so on. In the tricks table, you might want the trick name and description. You will need to assign a primary key in each table. Hint: Before you begin, review some database design samples in this chapter. You might spot a similar situation that requires an associative entity that you can use as a pattern. In addition, remember that numeric values work well in primary key fields. 4. Create 3NF table designs.

Gender And Aging Prof Hopkins

Respond to the following 4 questions. Responses should be approximately 400 words, and should be supported with readings. The questions are broad and students have the possibility of applying several of the readings. Students can select the readings they believe are most appropriate to supporting their response, but should integrate at least 2 readings per response Readings MUST be fully integrated and cited to support the response. Each response is worth 25 pts. Midterm is due November 27th by 11:59:59pm. All exams should be proofread and edited prior to submission. Make certain to cite sources within body of response. A reference Page should be provided. Exam must be submitted as a word document. 1. The Presidential election took place a couple weeks back. The President-Elect is Republican Donald Trump. He will be serving with a Republican majority in both the House of Representatives and Senate. The Republicans have historically had issues with social programs like Social Security, Medicare, and the Affordable care act. If the Republicans succeed in their efforts to alter these programs, what are the possible ramifications for older adults? Focus on the areas of health and Income. Also, discuss how this might affect women more than men. 2. How is health and health seeking behavior a gender experience in later life? How does ethnicity or social class affect this experience? 3. How is caregiving a gender experience? How is this experience affected by societal notions of masculinity and femininity? 4. Choose a gender other than your own. How would your retirement and elder years be different if are that gender? You must choose MALE.


. Review their filmography and select five films. . Find two reliable reviews of each film. Print out copies. **. Compose a paper on the individual’s career. Are any portrayals similar? In what ways? Check each film’s box office gross. Were the films with the highest gross the ones you liked the most? Tell why or why not. . Characterize the individual’s career based on your findings.                                                                                                                                                                     Has any part of the role or any dialogue become iconic?

Cloud Technology And Virtualization

With the merger of your company with a multinational company, you have come to realize that progressive solutions are necessary to defray some of the associated information technology costs. Company executives believe that using cloud technology and virtualization is becoming the standard for companies that are engaged in Internet-based technologies. Your company is on the verge of global marketing and competition; therefore, your company needs to make smarter decisions and improve global business performance. Cloud technology and virtualization are believed to provide business insights without enormous infrastructure enhancements. The executive board is aware of the profound benefits of cloud technology and virtualization but is apprehensive because they are unfamiliar with the look and feel of the technology. The executive team is interested in your recommendations and eagerly waiting for your forward-thinking viewpoint. Section 1: Design Document Write a four to five (4-5) page design document in which you: a. Support the need for the use of cloud technology and virtualization within the company. b. Assess expected cost savings in hardware infrastructure. c. Determine the possible reductions of human capital that can be realized from implementing cloud and virtualization technologies. d. Create a diagram through the use of Microsoft Visio or an open source alternative such as Dia to illustrate how cloud and virtualization technology could align with the company’s business processes and assist with attainment of organizational goals. Note: The graphically depicted solution is not included in the required page length but must be included in the design document appendix. e. Provide a compelling recommendation for solution providers and partners that could help the company secure a firm competitive advantage by using cloud and virtualization technologies. Your assignment must follow these formatting requirements: Be typed, double spaced, using Times New Roman font (size 12), with one-inch margins on all sides; citations and references must follow APA or school-specific format. Check with your professor for any additional instructions. Include a cover page containing the title of the assignment, the student’s name, the professor’s name, the course title, and the date. The cover page and the reference page are not included in the required assignment page length. Include charts or diagrams created in MS Visio or Dia as an appendix of the design document. All references to these diagrams must be included in the body of the design document.

Persuasive Speech Outline

Instructions Your goal in this speech is to persuade your audience to change their attitudes, values, beliefs, or actions in regard to an important social, political, cultural, or economic issue. In particular, your job is to, first, identify a pressing problem related to your project and provide evidence the problem exists and is important; and, second, offer a solution to the problem and provide evidence the solution will succeed in decreasing the problem without causing more serious damage. Finally, you should identify what tangible steps your audience can take to help solve the problem. You should make a quality argument on behalf of your perspective. This is a persuasive speech. You must attempt to persuade the class to believe as you believe on this issue. Your topic should be presented in a clear, well-organized format. It is critical to develop your ideas and provide relevant researched information. You will need to use at least 6 quality sources in your speech to support your argument. The works used must be cited verbally in your speech (Author, Publication Title, and Exact Date), as well as on a reference page turned in with the outline using APA style guidelines. Consider these questions as you craft your speech: What is the problem? How do you know it is a problem? (Could it be interpreted differently?) Who does the problem affect? (On a global, national, or local scale) What is the scope of the problem? What is causing the problem? How do you know that is the cause of the problem? What solutions to the problem are available? What solutions have been tried in the past and failed? Why did they fail? What is the best possible outcome if your solution is tried? What is the worst possible outcome if your solution is tried? What can you do to minimize the worst possible outcome? In answering these questions, you will need to do research. That research should function as the evidence you use in the speech. You must perform the speech in front of an audience of at least 5 people. The people must be shown on the video at both the beginning and end of the speech. Do not splice the video or alter it in any way to make it seem as if you have an audience when you don’t. Failure to display your audience both at the beginning and end of your speech will result in a reduction in the speech grade. This is a formal speech. You should dress appropriately and stand while delivering your speech. I should be able to see your whole body while performing your speech. Must fill out outline on a speech topic

Sociology Homework

This assignment is centered upon the definition of the sociological viewpoint toward social problems, and an identification of a social problem that we felt was one of the most significant in society. For this paper, we will expand upon our understanding of the social problem through analyzing the organizations that are committed to addressing it. For example, with respect to the problems of homelessness, we see a variety of local and national level organizations that seek to enable people the opportunity to have permanent housing. Habitat for Humanity would be an excellent example of an organization that deals with such a concern. In the same sense, we may look at the Salvation Army as a type of organization committed to helping impoverished people, or people recently released from prison or drug treatment, to find gainful employment and reclaim a quality-of-life. Your job in this paper will be to do your own independent research on two organizations that are committed to a social problem. Instructions Construct a 2-4 page paper that fully satisfies these two areas: Based upon your topic chosen in this assignment, or based upon an entirely new topic of your choice, describe two organizations (Feel free to do your own independent research on these organizations) that is seeking to address this social problem. Analyze two major ways that each organization is addressing the social problem you have mentioned. For example, are they helping to create homeless shelters, are they helping people receive drug treatment, or are they working with state and local authorities to curb suffering in some area? Use at least four concepts or theories from our text (not used in our first assignment) for each organization. Don’t forget to include proper APA-style citation and reference.

Organization That Has Chosen A Niche Market To Target

Assignment Details: (3-4 pages) Research a local health care facility or organization that has chosen a niche market to target, and address the following: Introduce the organization, and identify the overall population it serves. Define a niche market and what makes it so. What is the niche market for this facility? Explain the segmentation strategy implemented by this organization. Explain how the organization adapts its marketing programs to address that target. Do you feel that this approach is or has been effective? What tools did you use to make that decision? What would you have done differently? NOTE: You need to support your work with at least 4 academic or professional peer-reviewed sources that were published within the past 5 years.

Corporate Responsibility

Research the case Pelman v. McDonald’s in which it was alleged that McDonald’s was partially responsible for the health problems associated with the obesity of children who eat MacDonald’s fast food. Write a 2-3 page, APA style paper addressing the above issues while answering the following: Should MacDonald’s and other fast-food restaurants be judged negligent for selling dangerous products, failing to warn consumers of the dangers of a high-fat diet, and deceptive advertising? Some websites to look at regarding the McDonald’s obesity case: U.S. judge dismisses obesity suit vs. McDonald’s: U.S. District Court Southern District of New York Opinion: Food Fight: Obesity Raises Difficult Marketing Questions: Provide 3-5 APA style references both inline and at the end of the paper to support your analysis. Please write in 3rd person. Note: This is your opportunity to demonstrate your knowledge of the week’s theory linked to personal opinion and outside evidence. Your paper should reflect scholarly writing and current APA standards. Please include citations to support your ideas.

Assignment 1: Discussion – Job Analysis And Design

This assignment is designed to integrate the reflection of personal experience, and the information covered in the textbook. Assuming you are Juanita, answer the following questions: 1. What would you identify in a job analysis within an organization, which are the most important factors that would help the supervisors do his or her jobs? 2. What measures can you take to design jobs to make them more efficient? What are the most undesirable drawbacks or challenges to designing the jobs for greater efficiency? 3. How might you design the jobs to be more motivating? Apply APA standards to citation of sources.

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