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Discussion #1: Thinking about Goodness

Please include citations in your Posts when referring to specific scenes from the documentary.2. For these, all you need to include is the time that has elapsed in the film. For example, you would just put the hour/minutes/seconds in parentheses (1:45:12). That shows the prof that you are being precise and it allows your classmates to look back at those scenes to better understand where you are coming from in your discussions (Thank you!)3. You will begin by posting an original written response to the question(s) or prompt(s) in the posting consisting of a minimum of 2-4 paragraphs (each paragraph should contain between 3-5 sentences).4. You will be graded on specific use, explanation, and analysis of evidence. [NOTE: you only need to write approx. 2-4 paragraphs for your entire post]

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