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Discussion #2

What are the barriers to nurses’ participation in the development of health care policy at the state or national level or in an organization in the United States? Why do you think these are barriers? Support your opinion with a rationale or example.
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Plato’s Timaeus persuasive essay help History

Plato’s Timaeus is an excellent insight into his musings on the nature of the universe, deities and human nature itself. The writings take the form of an extended dialogue, mostly composed of an extended soliloquy by the titular character. Drawing upon the ancient belief of the four basic elements: earth, air, water and fire, Plato, in the guise of Timaeus, essentially lays out a theory of the universe. In short, Timaeus is Plato’s theory on how the universe was formed.

Plato observes the orderly and carefully formed universe and concludes that it must be the work of a master craftsman, or Demiurge, who planned and developed the entirety of the known world. The introductory conversation introduces the veritable cast of characters, including the Demiurge, and lays out the introductory question, to determine the nature of the universe. The majority of the information is presented by Timaeus, the narrator, but at other points in the text other characters come into play. (Plato 360) This method allows a more personable approach that cannot be replicated through simple writing. At the same time it prevents confusion and presents the information in a clear and succinct manner.

The god consistently referred to as the Demiurge in the text, in Plato’s mind is somewhat in line with the beliefs of the Deists. As an entity, the god of Plato’s universe is outside of the universe. The word used to describe and refer to the deity, which is most accurately translated as craftsman, itself is representative of this belief. Plato observes a highly sophisticated and well-formed universe, requiring the mind and work of a master craftsman. (Taylor 1987) Unlike the biblical view of God, Plato’s deity does not intervene in the daily activities of individual mortals, nor does he perform miracles or inflict plagues. Like the Deist god, Plato envisions a god who crafted a well-formed and devised universe with predefined and determined rules, which was capable of running itself without assistance or interference. (Owen 1953)

This belief is not in line with traditional views, and would not become popularized until the Enlightenment period. In the ancient world, the gods were often personified and interactive. The best-known example is the Greek/Roman Gods. They each exemplified a specific trait or element, often coming down off Mt. Olympus, talking and fighting with mere mortals. Most famously this is shown in the story of the Trojan World. To suggest a “hands-off” approach on the part of the overarching deity was revolutionary. This entity was exogenous to the larger universe, developing an interesting perspective on the topic. (Runia 1986) The revolutionary view of deified individuals was as different as the allusions to monotheism.

The critical characteristic of the Demiurge is intellect. The beautiful orderliness of the universe is not only the manifestation of Intellect; it is also the model for rational souls to understand and to emulate. This god is a rational god, devoid of emotions, unlike the most common manifestations of divinity in the ancient world. This deity is a principle outside of the universe, impartial and not acting.

In short, the Demiurge is an unemotional, external actor that does not agree with the traditional ancient view of gods who interact with human beings and actively create and modify the world. The Demiurge is a craftsman who developed and molded a world complete with the laws of physics, chemistry and mathematics that can manage and resupply itself. This view of a diving being would not be popularized for a long time and Plato’s contemporaries may have condemned it as heretical.


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Health Policy Group 4 Project


Business analytics can provide a significant benefit to organizations. If the organization utilizes business analytics and analyzes the data correctly, they will be able to make informed decisions that will benefit the organization in many ways. They could use it to make decisions to address not only short-term company goals but also long-term strategic planning. Using the University online library resources and the Internet, research two businesses within the same industry; one that utilizes business analytics and one that does not. Select at least 2 scholarly sources for use in this assignment. Respond to the following questions: Compare and contrast the two companies in terms of their use of business analytics to improve their position in the industry. You may select an organization you currently work for or one that you worked for in the past. Provide your rationale as to whether or not the use of data analytics has helped the company accomplish its goals. Describe the challenges the company may have faced by choosing to utilize business analytics that the other company did not face. Make assumptions based on company history where required. Utilize at least 2 scholarly sources in support of your assertions. Make sure you write in a clear, concise, and organized manner; demonstrate ethical scholarship in appropriate and accurate representation and attribution of sources; display accurate spelling, grammar, and punctuation. Write a 3-4-page paper in Word format. Apply APA standards to citation of sources.

To Dr. Clover (Unit 5 Week 1 First Response Needed)

What are the components of competitive strategy? Competitive strategy- This is the plan that a company makes that is used to have a competitive advantage over the market. This is used as a long term goal. ( Zigu, 2019) Components- A: Planning- The planning of a company is the Most Vital aspect that needs to be done. This plan is created at the start of a business and is re-evaluated through out the life of the business. The plan is made up to decide where the company wants to go and any goals it wants to achieve. ( Ingram, 2016) B: Value Creation-This is the process that the company does to make sure that their product remains on top of the market. It is continually making upgrades and keeping up with the changes in the market. This is done so that the product doesn’t die out. ( Ingram, 2016) C: Customer service-this is important because keeping the consumers happy is what will keep your company running. The customer needs to have a good experience with your company to make them want to return to the company or buy the product again. They will also suggest your company to others which will increase sales for the company. ( Ingram, 2016) D: Financial Management- Being able to manage your spending and cost for the company is important. This will help the company complete their goals as well as keeping the doors open. With out this component the company will fail. ( Ingram, 2016) E: Marketing- Being able to advertise and maintain the consumers attention is crucial. The consumer must know about your company for them to shop with you. This may seem like a costly venture but in the long run it will be worth it. ( Ingram, 2016) Within competitive strategy what is the relevance of a value change framework? What are the implications for customers and the competition? The relevance of value change frameworks dictates to the company the ability of the company to be able to change with the times. This means training the workers to maintain the standards of the company as well as the market. This is important because the market is ever changing and must be able to keep up with the times. Being able to do this helps the company keep up with the competition and/or remain ahead of it. The customers will continue to return and reman happy with their purchase. Cooperative strategies are the steps taken by two or more organizations to align strategies and resources to achieve a common goal. Discuss some considerations that must be taken into consideration when planning a strategic alliance. A strategic alliance is when two or more companies decide to work together toward a common goal. They do not become one big company but remain independent of each other. (, 2019) This means that when the companies join this alliance they must be considerate of each other. No one company can have more power then the other and all companies must agree on the decisions being made. It is critical to remember that each company is as an independent company but are working together to achieve the same goal. For example, a beverage company works together with a bottling and a fruit company to produce its products. Each company is its own entity but are working to create the same product. What are the critical factors that are necessary in a joint venture to increase the likelihood of success? Joint venture- ? A joint venture (JV) is a business arrangement in which two or more parties agree to pool their resources for accomplishing a specific task. This task can be a new project or any other business activity. In a joint venture (JV), each of the participants is responsible for profits , losses, and costs associated with it. However, the venture is its own entity, separate from the participants’ other business interests. (Hargrave, 2019) The one critical factor that is necessary when entering a joint venture is making sure that every party is satisfied with the decisions being made. I say satisfied because not all the decisions are going to make the parties totally happy. Compromises must be made. But it is all for the good of the venture. References: Hargrave, M. (2019, May 08). How and When to Set up a Joint Venture (JV). Retrieved from Ingram, D. (2016, October 26). What Are the Key Components to Competitive Success in Business? Retrieved from (2019). What is strategic alliance? definition and meaning. Retrieved from Zigu. (2019). Competitive Strategy Definition | Marketing Dictionary. Retrieved 2018, from

MOHA 650 Case Study Assignment

need to be 5-7 pages APA formating, minimum of 3 references listed and used, Paper thoroughly identifies and describes multiple best practices for evaluating information systems 1) Research best practices for evaluating information system 2) Investigate current threats to privacy and security of information systems, including social medai Author a health informatics case study that focuses on best practices for evaluating information systems and the privacy and security threats related to any real or fictional health informatics issue such as: The electronic medical record Establishing Intranet capability Converting to a Picture Archiving Computer System (PACS) Establishing an Electronic Document Management System (EDOCS) Creation of a health/medical/clinical Knowledge Management (KM) capability Emerging telemedicine capability Social Media Platforms Please note that these are only examples; you may select other topics. Useful resources: How to Write a Case Study by Charles Warner, How to Write a Case Study, Emerald Publishing,

Infrastructure As A Code (Revision)

I need someone to revise a report on a network engineering paper. Using AWS and PYTHON. You will need to complete the lab I have attached and add it to the report. I have also attached the report that you will editing, and also a pdf. with the exact outline of how to assignment should look once completed.

Bloodstain Analysis

Bloodstain pattern analysis can be used to determine where the victim and suspect were located, as well the directionality of the impact. Complete the Bloodstain Pattern Analysis Activity on the Virtual Lab Companion site. The sign in information is below: Username: 0536502676_test Password: 0536502676_P Then, write a 1-1.5 page Essay that addresses the following: Explain the terms ?area of convergence and ?area of origin and explain what each term reveals to an investigator. How is the area of convergence determined? How is the area of origin determined? Be sure to address all prompts and cite your sources in APA format I WILL GIVE YOU THE LINK!!!

Socw 6060 Assignment

In this course, you will be asked to select one case study and to use it throughout the entire course. By doing this, you will have the opportunity to see how theories guide your view of a client and the client’s presenting problem. Although the case may be the same, each time you use a different theory, your perspective of the problem changes, which then changes how you go about asking the assessment questions and how you intervene. The first theoretical approach you will use to apply to a case study is systems theory. In other words, your theoretical orientation?your lens?will be systems theory as you analyze a social work case study. Different theories can be used to take a systems approach. For example, Bertalanffy’s General Systems Theory considers how a system is made of smaller subsystems that influence each other and seek homeostasis, whereas Brofennerbrenner’s Ecological Systems Theory focuses on how an individual’s experience is influenced by different system levels (micro, meso, exo, macro, and chrono). Systems theory is commonly used to understand the interrelationships of the systems (e.g., family, community, organizations, society) of the client. If you are working with families, communities, and organizations, it is also beneficial to use systems theory to get a holistic picture of all the interrelated parts of the system. To prepare: Select and focus on one of four case studies listed in the Learning Resources. You will use this same case study throughout the course. By Day 7 Focus on the identified client within your chosen case. Analyze the case using a systems approach, taking into consideration both family and community systems. Complete and submit the ?Dissecting a Theory and Its Application to a Case Study worksheet based on your analysis.


Hide Assignment InformationInstructions Submit No Later Than September 6th by 9 pm SELF-ANALYSIS ESSAY In this Assignment, you will prepare an essay on a particular problem faced in your own experience and how it should be addressed based on your current skills, knowledge and problem-solving ability. Use a reflective learning theory as a framework in analyzing the problem. ESSAY GUIDELINES Part I Decide what case you will analyze. Give background information. ?ª Use your own experience (from work, school, volunteer or personal environments). The situation may have occurred recently or in the distant past. ?ª Factually and succinctly describe the case. Part II ?ª Apply one of the theories of reflective learning from our course to the case. ?ª Discuss how application of a reflective process could make for a better outcome of the problem. ?ª Advise what one can do to handle the case; consider it as a learning experience and example for ?reflective learning ?ª You may have intuitively used reflective thinking to handle the problem at the time good for you! Explain that process. On the other hand, looking back you now realize you could have had a better result using reflective learning processes. Analyze YOUR behaviors then and now as a reflective learner. This exercise gives you a chance to “rewind” a situation. ?ª Note your personal development as a problem Your Essay shall be between 3 to 5 pages (excluding cover page and reference page) and shall have the following sections: Title page (Not included in Page Count) Introduction Narrative Conclusion Reference page (Not included in Page Count) Formatting should include: 1″ margins, double spaced, 12 point font Citations ?¦ Cite the reflective learning theory used in the case study ?¦ Use in text citations for quotes or material not your own ?¦ Use the MLA or APA format to cite ALL references. ?¦ URLs alone are not acceptable Once your essay is complete upload your document into the Assignments folder. 20% of final grade. Again, there are no right or wrong answers to this assignment. However, thoughtfulness and thoroughness do count. Please write professionally and edit before you submit to avoid grammatical and spelling errors. CONNECT course content and literature in your assignment. ALWAYS CITE REFERENCES/WORKS CITED utilizing the MLA or APA format. YOU MUST CITE REFERENCES.


Using your personal experience and what the experts in the videos say, make a case for which design element makes the most significant contribution to the creation of the “world” of the play. Back up your opinions and observations by including the names of the designers and some of their most meaningful quotes from the videos you chose to watch.



The Tempest Has An Acceleration Of 6.89 M/S/S. Suppose The Car Accelerates From Rest To A Final Speed Of 96.5…

the tempest has an acceleration of 6.89 m/s/s. suppose the car accelerates from rest to a final speed of 96.5 km/hr. how long does it take the tempest to reach its speed?

HR (Quan Methods U4_4)

I have an assignment due. I will attach the requirements needed to complete this assignment. Note: Must be delivered as a word document: 800-1,000 words.

Curriculum Delivery: Article Review Questions

Complete both articles Review the following article, Source: Combs, J. (2010). Writing your own Educational Philosophy. Retrieved from Some topics to focus on are: Why do you want to teach? Whom are you going to teach? How and what are you going to teach? Review the following article: Source: Best Practices: A Resource for Teachers: Public Schools of North Carolina. Retrieved from: Share at least three best practices that you will include in your philosophy and your teaching. Your responses should be composed in complete sentences and paragraphs and be 300-400 words in length. You should create your responses in MS Word making sure to follow APA format and cite all references used.

Health Policy Group 4 Project

Work with your assigned group and assigned question. Identify the historical perspective, current issues/ problems (include regulations), and what is currently being done to change or improve. Students will be graded as a group. Please demonstrate engagement within group work. · Review the literature and address one of the following: o Nurse Educator: Your group has been assigned to explore the competencies of a nurse educator. Your group will debate the preparation of DNPs versus PhD as nurse educators, stating the pros and cons of each preparation and include what agencies regulate nurse education. You will develop a comparison and contrast table and a narrative to explain. For the above assignment, use the following guide: § Describe the current policy/status, which organization regulates and determine if it needs to change; if opposed to change, state why. § Provide the process required to make the change with key players and parties of interest; identify the groups who are opposed § Explain how AP roles (which ones) could lead the effort to make or influence the change in policy or keep the policy the same and the impact in healthcare quality. § Demonstrate group cohesiveness Submission Details: · Support your responses with examples. · Cite any sources in APA format. · Submit your document to the Submissions Area by the due date assigned.

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