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discussion BNS303

Select a newspiece regarding current events. This can come from a credible media source such as a newspaper, weekly journal, or online media outlet. Do not limit yourself to national news; consider headlines in world news. Be sure that your chosen news piece addresses national security in some way. Address the following questions in your initial discussion post:
Describe the event (citing the source and medium you used).
What do the actions of individual leaders or groups in your chosen event reveal about that country’s national interest (or countries’ national interests, as the case may be)?
Comment on the connections you observe between national interest and national security in your analysis of this event. Are national interest and national security in alignment, or are there any mis-alignments?


Initial Post:
Create a discussion post that responds to the following issues:
What is organizational behavior?
Why is it important to study organizational behavior?
How will learning about organizational behavior research methods (section 1.4 of your main reading) help you better understand organizational behavior concepts?
In responding, we encourage you to:
Provide examples that relate to the actual organization you work for but please do not specifically identify your organization. If you are not currently in the workplace, this can be from previous work experience or any other organization that you have information on.


Discussion 1
In economics, we usually think of capital as physical assets used to produce goods or services (for example, machinery or factories).
But humans also earn capital when they pursue education or training that increases their employability and makes them more valuable to employers. In this week’s Strayer Talk, Nicole Lapin shared her insight into recognizing your own value in the world.
Please write a few sentences describing a situation where you (or someone you know) has used their problem solving skill or agility skill to increase their human capital in order to get a better job or earn more income.
Discussion 2
Please post here a summary of a current event affecting your economic and financial decisions. You should include your sources.
This activity will be rewarded with up to 5 extra points. You will see your points in a separate column in your grade book titled “Current Events Discussion.”

presentation 3

Writing Assignment Help 1 Precambrian – development of life. What were the First life forms? Why did it take so long (4 Billion years) for the Cambrian Explosion?

2 The Cambrian Explosion

3 Paleozoic Era – timeframe, key events, ie spermavours, jaws, the first amniotic egg, extinctions, etc.

4 Mesozoic Era – time frame, key events (see above)

5 Cenozoic Era – same as above

K-T Event

6 Anthropocene Epoch

7 Punctuated Equilibrium

8 Mass Extinctions – identify all to date, % of life forms lost in each one, including the current mass extinction, (MULTIPLE) causes, etc.
choose any of these topics above and only around 12 slides POWERPOINT please
provide a separate WRITTEN PRESENTATION, but, instead, interwoven it with your slide presentation!
Bullet Points should be shorter than a sentence and limited to 3 maximum per slide. an example of how the presentation should look is attached along with the rules

Writing Question

2 skills total (they can be from the same course) which you acquired from your Foundations coursework..I choose writing 1
How those skills were acquired;
How you are applying them now/in the future;
Provide an artifact for each skill that connects to or in some way is relevant to the skill..I’m a social worker so how is it helping me with case management and with my day to day life. That means you will need 2 artifacts for the entire assignment.

When it comes to artifacts, remember that you must be explaining the relevance and connection to your skills as part of your discussion. Do not place the burden on the reader to discern the significance of your work.

Communication d3/4 M

Part one
This week I would like you to read an online edition of a newspaper and hard copy of a newspaper.
1. After reading through each section tell us what is the name of the newspaper and cited. What aspects you liked of each and what you didn’t like as much.
2. Which format are you more likely to use? Why?
3. Do you currently read a newspaper (hard copy or online) on a regular basis? Why or why not?
4. Did you grow up in a household where your parents read the paper on a regular basis?
5. Do you prefer reading an in depth report (like you might find in a newspaper) or watching a shorter version of the story (like you might find on a local newscast)?
Part 2
This week you will be reading a great article that was published in Vanity Fair Magazine and answering a few questions. This is a long article so plan accordingly so you have time to read it and answer all the questions. If you don’t answer each question thoroughly you will lose points.
You are also required to respond to two of your classmates posts. I’m looking for more than a “Nice job” or “I agree”. Put some thought into it if you want full points. Remember there is an automatic 5 point deduction if you don’t reply to classmate’s posts.
Please read the attached article published in Vanity Fair Magazine and answer the following questions on the discussion board.
1. How has the media changed the “American Dream”?
a. Give a minimum of 3 specific examples from the article you read.
b. Give a minimum of 2 specific examples from what you have seen in today’s media.
c. Give a minimum of 2 examples of what you have witnessed in the priorities and dreams of those around you. (Can be friends, family, co-workers etc…)
2. What is your American Dream? Please share a detailed description not just a sentence.
Link to article:

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